Communication technologies continue to evolve at an overwhelming pace. With powerful computers that can be carried around easily, smartphones, and now wearable devices, people use electronic communication in their daily lives much more today compared to ten years ago. Despite being one of the older means of electronic communication, emails are still a popular option, if not the most popular. Apart from their use in personal communication, they also serve pretty well for businesses that want to reach out to their customers. It is cheap (nearly free of charge) and effortless to create and send a promotional email to a large number of customers.

However, such an advantage also comes with a disadvantage: Emails are prone to misuse and abuse. The ability to send a message to a massive amount of people with just a click unfortunately caused some companies to abuse the email system, and such emails sent are today called spam, which nearly every single Internet user hates. The problem is monstrous: Two out of three emails sent in 2014 were spam! Yet it is possible for you to use emailing strategies to avoid becoming a spammer. One precaution is to target your emails to the people who actually have the potential to be interested in your product. If you define your target market properly and send your product promotion emails to an appropriate mailing list of potential customers, you can stop wasting your resources and your emails may avoid ending up in spam folders.

targeted emails in digital marketing

So what is targeting?

Targeting, in the most basic sense, is to determine who may actually be interested in your product. Let's say you own a software company that works on one product for construction companies and another for doctors. You may have contact information for people from both industries in your hands. The logical decision here is to send your construction software's promotional email to construction industry contacts and your medical software's promotional email to doctors. If you send your promotion for construction software to all of the contacts you have in your hand, thinking that at least one or two doctors may also be interested in your product (and probably you are right), the majority of doctors will mark you as a spam sender and will fail to receive your further emails, even if they are about your medical software. However, if you filter your construction industry contacts and send your related software's promotional emails only to them, this will result in interested customers, as the emails they receive have the potential to offer a solution to one of their own problems.

But how?

If you keep your contact lists in an organized manner, you may already be able to filter your contacts parallel to your product/service. Yet most companies have insufficient contact data on their hands. Even if they have sufficient data, it is not suitable for appropriate filtering. The problem is very common in many industries, so there are direct marketing email providers on the market. These businesses sell contact information from different industries, and the data can be directly used for marketing purposes.

It is really important to select the right company to provide such a service. A bad email list provider may result in wasted resources and may even bring you a bad reputation. Also, many of the providers do not present you the data in a file, so it may take extra effort to integrate the contact information to your system. provides you the easiest way to create customized contact lists. With our signature online list-builder tool, you can create your own lists of potential customers from millions of contact information entries with just a few clicks. We present you the actual data files, so you can use the data however you please. It's premium-quality information, and we offer affordable pricing for everyone!

Mass emails sent with the right strategy end up in potential customers' inboxes, which in the end enables businesses to effectively convey their messages to the right people. Hence, in digital marketing, specifying the right target audience is among the most important things to do. To get the highest return on investment, increase sales, and maximize the efficiency of product promotions, businesses should work with targeted mailing lists.