This month we're launching a new feature here at Bookyourdata around the Web Technologies your prospects are using!

Now, you can sort based on systems in place and gain more insight into who your target market may be.

To use the tool, first navigate to Advanced Features

email lists by web technologies

From here you should see that you can select Web Technologies as the last option under advanced


Because there are so many technologies, the function is set up as an "auto-suggest" function instead of a drop down. Here you can either write the whole technology name and press ENTER or select from suggested items and click to "include" button


If you're looking to view all available 5k web technologies, you can do so by clicking below Click Here link for it to appear as a list


That's all you need to do to integrate the web technologies into your search!

Once you've completed search you can use the web tech filter and export/order a list. This list will have an extra field at the end of all other standard fields, shown below. This field will list all available web techs for related domain name.


Simple as that! If you have any questions, know that we are available by phone, email and chat. Just let us know what you need.