Meet Baris Zeren: The Visionary Leader of Bookyourdata

Baris Zeren is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bookyourdata and an author. He is the leading big data supplier to the largest Fortune 500 companies, such as Pepsi, Bank of America, Nestle, Manpower, Amazon, CBRE, Allstate, First Advantage, McKinsey & Company, JBS, Oracle, The New York Times, Harvard University, and Google.

He supplies big data primarily for marketing and sales purposes. These big data typesinclude data lists such as cold emailing, lead generation, prospecting lists,email lists, direct email, and direct dial.

Baris is invested in achieving Bookyourdata's one goal: to create the world's simplestand most usable platform to deliver the highest quality data to all marketers, salespeople,HR recruiters, and paid advertisers in the cheapest and easiest possible way.

Baris Zeren received his Material and Metallurgical Engineering lessons from Istanbul Technical University. He was always a technical person, good with mathematics and data science, liked sociological sciences at every stage of his life, and discovered his interest in marketing studies during his university years.

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Baris Zeren: Celebrating 20 Years as a Leader in the Sales Intelligence Industry with

In January 2024, Baris celebrated his 20th year in the data industry as the leader of Bookyourdata, the world's first pay-as-you-go B2B prospecting platform with a unique, robust infrastructure and a 97% accuracy guarantee. It is also more affordable than its closest competitors in the sales intelligence industry.

All providers in the sales intelligence industry offer one unique product as a service: a "business email list," which was invented by Baris in 2005. He is the original and most reputable expert in the data supply industry.

Baris Zeren: Pioneering Data Entrepreneur in the Automotive and Mobile Phone Industries

Baris Zeren started his data career in 2004 by single-handedly creating the world's first car specifications database and providing monthly updates to his private clients, many of whom were leading tire manufacturers and OEM parts providers in the automotive industry.

The database contained three types of car specs data: US cars, UK cars, and international cars. He arranged the data sets this way because some car models were produced differently in each region. At the time, he was the only one in the world offering this type of data, which made it extremely popular. As a result, his one-person business experienced significant growth within just a few months.

Following his success as the world's first car specifications data provider, he pivoted to creating a mobile phone specifications database. This database included every single detail of all mobile phones in the world. As with the car database, he was the only one offering this type of data at the time. Many of his clients were well-known and popular news websites focused on mobile phones. Like the car database, he offered monthly updates to his private clients via a subscription model.

Baris Zeren: Data Angel and Innovator in the Marketing Industry

In 2005, Baris worked as a data angel in the industry for various data sets, including car specifications, mobile phone specifications, international hotels, golf courses, and attorneys.

As his clients aggressively requested marketing lists for the entire US with all industries and job titles, he built his own data pool by crawling the web. In a few months, he created the first database in the US with 15 million records as business listings (without emails yet). It was the most extensive dataset on the planet at that time.

As his product was unique and the only one in the industry, Baris quickly gained popularity as a list supplier. In 2006, cold emailing became very popular, and he decided to focus solely on email addresses associated with companies and spent all of his time building email contact lists for entire US companies.

At the end of 2006, his first product with direct B2B emails was ready, with 9 million records for the whole US. As cold emailing proved very effective, Baris's life changed, and he focused on building the best B2B prospecting datasets in the industry for the US and globally.

Baris Zeren: Leading the Way in the Development of Business Listings and Email Contact Databases

Baris invented three new terms in the industry: business list, business email list, and business database.

  • In 2005, he built the world's first US business listing database in the industry with 15 million records and became the leading supplier to big corporations for their telemarketing purposes. In addition, he promoted the terms "business list," "business email list," and "business database" on search engines at that time, as there were no other references.
  • In 2006, he built the world's first US business email contact list when cold emailing was on the rise for the first time.
  • In 2008, he built the world's first international B2B prospecting lists. As a result, many global marketers, the majority of whom were unaware of cold emailing then, were introduced to his data set for cold emailing due to his contributions to the industry.
  • At the beginning of 2008, he built the world's most stable and highly accurate global B2B email contact pool.

Baris Zeren: A Commitment to Quality in the B2B Prospecting Industry

How can Baris provide the best B2B email and direct dial lists, and why are his contacts the best and most in-demand?

Because to this day, he is the only one who has consistently followed these quality standards since 2005, in contrast to others in the industry who are more likely to prioritize making revenue quickly by using outdated and low-quality data.

In addition, Baris's approach to maintaining the quality of his data sets positions him apart from others in the industry. He follows the following processes to ensure the accuracy and relevance of his data:

  1. Contact updates: Data decays quickly for B2B contacts, as people change jobs frequently. Baris doesn't rely solely on social media to keep his contact information updated. He also crawls related company websites and works with reputable data partners to cross-check and validate data points in real time.
  2. Company updates: Company data can also become outdated over time. Therefore, Baris updates company information simultaneously as he searches for updates at the contact level.
  3. Finding new contacts: Crucial for replacing outdated ones. Baris uses a unique approach by crawling the web to find new profiles to add daily to his unique data pool.
  4. Finding new companies: Baris tracks company registries in each country to identify new companies and follows social media channels to find additional information if more than data from other partners is required.
  5. Removing outdated contacts: Baris removes contacts once they leave their companies, regardless of whether their email addresses are still active (unlike other suppliers).
  6. Removing inactive companies: Baris tracks social media, websites, and company registries to identify dissolved companies in the real world.
  7. Real-time email verification: "Email verification" is a common term in marketing but often refers to a one-time verification per year. Baris uses a "real-time email verification" method, meaning that he must instantly verify the data set delivered as a final product in real time for top-notch accuracy. This method, however, is not sufficient on its own and must be combined with other special data hygiene layers to ensure a 97% accuracy guarantee.
  8. Validating direct dials: Direct dials are becoming increasingly popular for lead generation, and Baris follows two additional, deeper validation layers that are unique to the market:
  9. He verifies that the corresponding phone number is still in use.
  10. If it is, he confirms that the phone belongs to the related contact.
  11. These two checks are necessary to ensure the accuracy of direct dials, a common pain point in the market.

Baris's sigma-8 approach sets him apart as the most trustworthy list provider in the B2B prospecting industry. That's why he has helped over 20,000 clients since 2004.

Bookyourdata: Solving Common Pain Points in the B2B Prospecting Industry

Baris Zeren, CEO of, has analyzed and reviewed all similar platforms and found the following pain points:

  • Forcing all users into a subscription: Baris has implemented the world's first "pay-as-you-go" platform in the market, with no subscription plan obligations.
  • Removing credits if the user wants to be inactive for a while, even if they purchased under a plan before: Baris uses a "credits never expire" approach, which is unique in the market.
  • Forcing users to use X credits in X period: Baris decided not to limit users for a period. Because there are no subscription plans, there is no time to use credits - it's as simple as that!
  • Forcing users into an annual contract: Baris doesn't use contracts or long-term deals.
  • Old-fashioned sales cycle, with mandatory demos to be a user: Baris' unique aim was to let users pull the trigger themselves online when they want to act instantly, so demos are unnecessary for clients.
  • Lack of accuracy, outdated data points, and no guarantee policy: As mentioned above, Baris follows 8-sigma approaches for data hygiene layers.
  • No real-time email verification in place: Baris implemented this must-have mechanism as one of the main features before delivering the list.
  • No direct dial validations: Baris uses two different hygiene layers for this part.
  • Guessed emails in place: Baris' platform does not include guessed emails.
  • Old school, not innovative filters: Do you know if "Chief People Officer," "CHRO," and "Chief Heart Officer" are the same job titles? You shouldn't need to know it, but your B2B prospecting platform should. Otherwise, you will miss potential leads. Baris spent six months creating the most advanced job functions breakdown logic globally to implement into the live platform at Bookyourdata.
  • No support for international titles: Do you have to know how to write "CEO" in German while targeting EU-based CEOs? While creating job title logic, Baris also generated the industry-first international language-supported job title segmentation.
  • Lack of international b2b data coverage: Baris decided to serve direct business leads in over 200 countries.
  • Extremely high pricing per contact, no discount on volume-based tiers, or minimum order amount is too high to afford: Baris offers the most affordable rates in the market while providing the highest guarantee accuracy policy at 97%. Baris also has different tiers for volume-based deals, in contrast to competitors. The leading sales intelligence platform's starting level is less than one hundred dollars.
  • Asking for separate pricing tiers for direct dials versus emails: Baris advises using only a straightforward pricing tier for whether you will export data with or without direct dials—1 credit = 1 contact. It's as simple as that!
  • Forcing users into higher plans for advanced functions like CRM integrations, technographic, intent data, additional team members, and data enrichment: Baris has decided to offer enterprise-level advanced functions, such as CRM integrations, technographic, intent data, additional team members, and data enrichment, at startup-level pricing tiers as standard, free of charge. That means users will not be forced into higher plans to access these advanced functions.

Baris has solved all the problems listed above, which almost all currently available B2B prospecting platforms have, by building the one and only platform: Bookyourdata.

Bookyourdata: The Only Pay-As-You-Go B2B Prospecting Platform with Advanced Features and a 97% Accuracy Guarantee

Have you recognized similar pain points from the above list, and would you like to try Bookyourdata with free credits without obligation? If your answer is yes, please start building your business email, mailing, and contact list database with Bookyourdata today!

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