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Learn how Bookyourdata surpassed Lusha and Zoominfo, delivering warm leads and driving sales growth

Explore the remarkable journey of Creative Edge Australia, as Bookyourdata revolutionized their lead generation process, helped them acquire high-end clients, and elevated their sales growth.


Creative Edge Australia


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Generating warm leads


Bookyourdata’s 97% Accurate Leads

Alternatives Considered

Zoominfo, Lusha

The Company

Creative Edge Australia

Creative Edge Australia serves as a vital bridge between businesses and the healthcare sector in Australia, connecting hospitals and aged care facilities with essential products and services through their innovative online platform.

The Challenge

Generating Warm Leads
  • Generating warm leads for the sales team
  • Limited success with cold calling
  • Lack of sales growth

Before partnering with Bookyourdata, Creative Edge Australia struggled to generate high-quality leads, relying heavily on cold calling. This inefficient process led to a lack of sales and hindered their ability to effectively target the healthcare sector in Australia.

"The challenge we were mainly facing before using Bookyourdata was finding leads. Our sales team was spending countless hours on cold calling without much success."
"Before discovering Bookyourdata, our sales team relied solely on cold calling, which proved to be an inefficient and frustrating method for generating leads."
"Cold calling as your only way of generating leads can be tough and time-consuming, making it difficult to achieve consistent sales results."
"Without an effective lead generation tool like Bookyourdata, our sales team struggled to connect with potential clients in the healthcare sector, limiting our growth opportunities."

The Solution

Bookyourdata 97% Accurate Leads
  • Quick and easy access to warm leads
  • User-friendly interface for efficient lead generation
  • Superior lead generation capabilities surpassing competitors

Daniel Anderson-Jones, the Managing Director of Creative Edge Australia, found the solution to their challenge of generating leads in Bookyourdata's powerful database. The platform's ease of use and quick access to warm leads transformed their business, increased clientele, and helped them secure high-end clients with ease. Bookyourdata's superior lead generation capabilities surpassed competitors Lusha and Zoominfo, helping Creative Edge Australia achieve their sales goals and improve their bottom line.

"Ever since using Bookyourdata, we've been able to generate warm leads for our business, which makes it a lot easier and has obviously increased sales."
"Bookyourdata really stands out to me because it's really easy to use within five minutes. I can go on and get a database so that I can obviously use to market my company."
"Without book your data, we wouldn't have been able to have booked some of our, some of our large high end companies that we were able to access through this company."
"To any other companies looking to use, Bookyourdata, I would say give them a go. They're really easy to use. Um, and they built my trust up relatively quickly and I will be using them on a long term basis."
"Bookyourdata really helped us outperform competitors like Lusha and Zoominfo in providing warm leads for our business, significantly boosting sales and helping us secure high-end clients with ease."

"Bookyourdata has been the game-changer we needed, outshining competitors like Lusha and Zoominfo with its user-friendly interface and rapid access to invaluable leads. It has become an indispensable tool for our lead generation efforts, paving the way for greater sales success and business growth."

Daniel Anderson-Jones
Managing Director Creative Edge Australia


The Result

Unleashing the Power of Bookyourdata - How Creative Edge Australia Achieved Record Sales and Growth

Bookyourdata helped Creative Edge Australia achieve significant growth in their sales performance by providing warm leads and transforming their lead generation process. By leveraging Bookyourdata's powerful lead generation capabilities, Creative Edge Australia was able to secure high-end clients and expand their business outreach, ultimately driving their sales growth and achieving unparalleled success.

"With Bookyourdata, we were able to generate warm leads, significantly boosting our sales performance and helping us secure high-end clients with ease. The ease of use and quick database access sets Bookyourdata apart from its competitors, and their solution proved to be the perfect fit for our lead generation needs. Bookyourdata's accuracy and efficiency played a pivotal role in driving our business forward and elevating our sales growth to new heights."

Daniel Anderson-Jones, Managing Director, Creative Edge Australia