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Connect with the right people with our industry-specific, pre-built contact lists. Buy a mailing list by industry that’s verified and accurate, and market to businesses in relevant industries, such as hospitality, construction, marketing, or any of the industries listed below. When you buy email lists by industry, you’ll get premium, targeted sales leads!

Business Contacts

You can select a ready-made list from below or create your own list.


82,082 Contacts
Market your medical product to hospitals: Connect with the right people to implement changes using our verified list.
$ 4,283

Canadian Hospitals

2,946 Contacts
Let Canada's medical community know about your product or service with this Canadian hospital email database from Bookyourdata.com.
$ 402


7,249 Contacts
Medical facilities can be contacted easily using our list, which is full of emails, numbers, and contact information.
$ 779


8,497 Contacts
Innovators need innovative tools. Find contact information for this specific audience and start emailing within minutes.
$ 879


64,756 Contacts
The pharmaceutical industry is full of high-value contacts. Luckily, Bookyourdata.com offers this information at an affordable price.
$ 3,590

Canadian Pharmaceutical

574 Contacts
Download a focused Canadian pharma email list you can use to reach decision-makers in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry.
$ 134


34,609 Contacts
Get an accurate database and start marketing to businesses and individuals in the fascinating industry of biotechnology.
$ 2,384

Canadian Biotechnology

1,269 Contacts
Contact professionals within the Canadian biotechnology industry to engineer success using our quality Canadian biotech email list.
$ 245

Nursing Homes

11,942 Contacts
Nursing homes, in their efforts to improve care, may be able to use your product or service.
$ 1,129


8,595 Contacts
Conduct business-to-business (B2B) marketing campaigns with this helpful list of pharmacy companies and retailers.
$ 887

Canadian Healthcare, Medical

19,683 Contacts
Contact members of the Canadian healthcare community and tell them about your product or service with this Canadian healthcare industry email list.
$ 1,645

Elementary and Secondary Schools

286,571 Contacts
Contact public, private elementary and secondary schools and get in touch with important teachers and administrators.
$ 10,731

Colleges Universities

838,532 Contacts
Use our list to network with key people in higher education: staff, department heads, professors, and more!
$ 21,770

Canadian Colleges Universities

54,752 Contacts
Your marketing efforts will rise to the top of the class when you use our Canadian university email list for your next B2B campaign!
$ 3,190

Finance and Banking

140,443 Contacts
Download a verified directory of contacts within the finance and banking world for an affordable price.
$ 6,346

Depository Institutions

140,443 Contacts
Marketing to foreign banks can be tricky, but not if you have this verified national commercial banks email list.
$ 6,346

Nondepository Credit Institutions

25,657 Contacts
Find sales leads at mortgage and loan brokers, credit agencies, and other nondepository credit institutions with this mailing list.
$ 2,026

Security, Commodity Brokers

60,251 Contacts
Make more transactions with commodity brokers, security dealers, and others who work in the investment industry with this email list.
$ 3,410

Holding, Investment Offices

54,868 Contacts
Talk to influential figures in investment offices with this holding companies email list and make your mark on the financial industry.
$ 3,194


121,453 Contacts
Hammer your message home by contacting businesses in the industry of construction. Build strong relationships with our product.
$ 5,714

Building Construction, General Contractors

40,348 Contacts
Connect with construction contractors and builder today and become a trusted resource when you buy this comprehensive building contractor email list.
$ 2,613

Heavy Construction, Contractors

14,268 Contacts
Heavy construction professionals make buying decisions every day, and this contractors email list can get your company involved in those decisions.
$ 1,284

Special Trade Contractors

66,837 Contacts
Contractors need reliable vendors, and this contractor email list is your key to finding people who need your services.
$ 3,673

Medical Surgical Dental Equipments

23,719 Contacts
Help medical professionals to provide better care to patients when you market to their suppliers with this medical equipment industry email list.
$ 1,915

Electronic, Electrical Manufacturers

121,581 Contacts
When you download and use this verified electrical equipment industry mailing list, you can make your sales sizzle!
$ 5,718

Food, Kindred Products Manufacturers

37,128 Contacts
Buy this accurate food and drink manufacturers email list and start finding quality sales leads in the food production industry.
$ 2,485

Tobacco Products Manufacturers

472 Contacts
Don't let your marketing efforts go up in smoke: Get accurate contact information with this cigarette manufacturing email list!
$ 114

Textile Mill Manufacturers

5,452 Contacts
Don't waste time trying to stitch together a list of solid sales leads: Just buy this textile industry email list!
$ 636

Apparel, Clothing Manufacturers

6,647 Contacts
Outfit your sales staff with accurate contact information for key figures in the apparel industry with this clothing production email list.
$ 731

Lumber, Wood Manufacturers

7,343 Contacts
Get the wood product manufacturing contacts you need when you buy this comprehensive and verified lumber industry email list.
$ 787

Furniture, Fixtures Manufacturers

9,905 Contacts
Buy this furniture manufacturing email list to develop the sales leads you need to reach your revenue goals.
$ 992

Paper Products Manufacturers

15,216 Contacts
Wrap up more sales and sign on more clients when you give your sales staff this paper manufacturer email list!
$ 1,347

Printing, Publishing Manufacturers

78,945 Contacts
To be successful selling in the commercial printing industry and ink more deals, you need this publishing industry email list.
$ 4,157

Chemicals Manufacturers

131,920 Contacts
Need to speak to the people who turn chemicals into the products we use every day? Buy this chemical production email list.
$ 6,062

Petroleum Manufacturers

11,809 Contacts
Make sure your marketing campaign is firing on all cylinders with this petroleum and coal industries mailing list.
$ 1,120

Rubber Plastic Manufacturers

16,628 Contacts
Sell your products to important people in charge of making everything from tires to toys with this rubber and plastics email list.
$ 1,442

Stone, Clay, Glass Manufacturers

9,466 Contacts
Give your sales staff the raw materials they need with this stone, clay, glass, and concrete manufacturers mailing list.
$ 957

Primary Metal Manufacturers

11,969 Contacts
Forge new B2B connections with the sales leads in this primary metal manufacturing email list to get ahead.
$ 1,131

Fabricated Metal Manufacturers

29,178 Contacts
Hammer out more details in the metal goods industry when you use this fabricated metal products email database.
$ 2,167

Machinery, Computer Equipment Manufacturers

71,390 Contacts
Every industry needs machines. Reach the people who make them and keep your business humming using this commercial machinery production email list.
$ 3,855

Car Bodies, Parts, Accessories

9,913 Contacts
To talk to those who make purchasing decisions at auto parts manufacturers, you need an accurate automotive parts industry email list.
$ 993

Aircraft, Engine, Parts

20,960 Contacts
Buy this aircraft manufacturing email list and watch your profits soar! We have the verified sales leads you need.
$ 1,731

Shipbuilding Boatbuilding

1,405 Contacts
When you buy this boatbuilding and shipbuilding industry mailing list, it'll be smooth sailing for your sales team.
$ 257

Automotive Dealers, Gasoline Service

25,371 Contacts
Rev up your marketing efforts by using this automotive dealers and gasoline service stations email list to make B2B connections.
$ 2,014


677,544 Contacts
Show off your manufacturing solutions to staff at several manufacturing companies via email or phone with our directory.
$ 18,550


262,166 Contacts
Clothing, food, and specialized retail companies can be communicated with easily using this human-verified database.
$ 10,243

Apparel and Accessory Stores

15,614 Contacts
Try this apparel stores mailing list on for size: It's the accessory you need for a successful marketing campaign!
$ 1,374

Building, Hardware, Garden Dealers

18,129 Contacts
To become a reliable vendor in the building materials industry, you need an accurate hardware and garden supply email list.
$ 1,542

General Merchandise Stores

8,260 Contacts
Sell your product to retailers across the country with this verified department store email list and get results!
$ 860

Home Furniture, Equipment Stores

38,755 Contacts
Buy this comprehensive, human-verified home furnishings store email list and get strong email leads you can use right now.
$ 2,550

Food Stores

16,904 Contacts
Send an appetizing pitch to purchasers at food stores with this grocer email list, which contains contact info for butchers, bakers, and candy-stick makers!
$ 1,460


32,088 Contacts
Now you can connect with the fast paced restaurant industry with our list of culinary contacts.
$ 2,283


236,625 Contacts
Wholesalers require a lot of software and equipment to stay organized. If your company can help, contact them!
$ 9,549

TV and Radio Broadcasting

18,284 Contacts
Buy an email list of successful professionals in TV and radio broadcasting and contact individuals who can help move your business forward!
$ 1,552

Cable, Pay TV Services

8,604 Contacts
Make sure your marketing message gets a good reception when you reach out to cable and pay TV services using this list.
$ 888


134,109 Contacts
The fast-paced industry of communications is ever-changing. Stay on top of the world of communications with this database.
$ 6,135


44,838 Contacts
To make meaningful contacts in the telecommunications industry, you need to buy this verified telephone communication services email list.
$ 2,793

Freight Forwarders Brokers

7,672 Contacts
Ship your ideas to some of the most important B2B contacts in the transportation community: freight forwarders and brokers.
$ 813

Local, Suburban Passenger Transport

6,213 Contacts
Get your marketing campaign rolling with this local passenger transportation email list, which includes taxicabs and bus operators.
$ 697

Motor Freight Transportation

24,799 Contacts
Once you buy our courier services industry email list, you'll have more business rolling in in no time!
$ 1,987

Water Transportation

3,340 Contacts
Successfully navigate the waters of the marine cargo transportation industry and talk to passenger ferry operators with this email list.
$ 440

Air Transportation

29,462 Contacts
Help your business aspirations take wing when you use this air transportation industry mailing list to find sales leads!
$ 2,178

Railroad Transportation

5,248 Contacts
It can take time to make contacts in the railroad industry, but our railroad transportation email list can speed up the process.
$ 619


115,289 Contacts
Follow the constantly moving transportation industry with this list. Communicate with managers, movers, truckers, and more!
$ 5,509


14,858 Contacts
Do you have a tool, safety product, or service for electricians? Use our current data to tell them!
$ 1,324

Small Business

in the US
448,423 Contacts
The easiest way to reach startups and/or small businesses with human-verified direct email contacts.
$ 13,968

New Business Leads

in the US
230,273 Contacts
Yes, you can directly reach with new businesses, startups by using our new business leads here.
$ 9,338

Mailing Lists by Zipcodes

in the US
943,267 Contacts
If you're looking for senior and top executives in the US by zipcodes, this product is the best for you!
$ 23,865

Local Marketing Lists

497,395 Contacts
Now you are able to filter all our direct email contacts by your desired countries, counties, cities, zipcodes or etc.
$ 14,947

Hospital and Medical Insurance

15,072 Contacts
Connecting with decision-makers in the hospital and medical insurance field is simple when you use this email list!
$ 1,338

Life Insurance

9,310 Contacts
Most people need life insurance, and people in this industry need tools that your business may provide. If so, tell them with this business email list.
$ 944


182,078 Contacts
Ensure that your marketing efforts are reaching insurance companies with our verified, accurate contact database.
$ 7,733

Employment Agencies

13,421 Contacts
Market your product with the help of an up-to-date email list of executives, managers, and other decision-makers at employment agencies.
$ 1,228

Architectural Services

18,325 Contacts
This email database provides you with access to professionals in architectural services so you can establish profitable business connections.
$ 1,555


47,315 Contacts
Communicate directly with engineers and their teams to find engineering companies that may be interested in your product!
$ 2,892

Night Clubs, Bars

2,325 Contacts
Make an impact on the world that comes alive at night. Connect with bars and nightclubs using this list of high-quality contacts.
$ 343

Hotels and Motels

24,653 Contacts
Use our list to contact companies within the hospitality industry, including hotels and motels.
$ 1,977

Canadian Hotels Motels

7,740 Contacts
Download our Canadian motel email list to contact Canadian hotel owners and managers running hotels in Canada.
$ 819

Advertising Marketing Agencies

27,049 Contacts
Pull the highly prized contact information of advertising and marketing firms and start communicating within minutes.
$ 2,081

Metal Coal Mining

13,812 Contacts
Brief those within the metal and coal mining industries about your safety product or organizational service.
$ 1,254

Oil and Gas

46,237 Contacts
Market to companies in the oil and gas industries: Purchase this product to download the file.
$ 2,849

Tour Operators, Travel Agencies

16,446 Contacts
Take your product or service on tour: Market it to tourism companies, including travel agencies!
$ 1,429

Mortgage Brokers

11,673 Contacts
Reach out to those in the mortgage industry, including brokers, agents, and loan officers. Find their emails, titles, and more.
$ 1,111

Barber, Hair Salon

5,887 Contacts
Let hair salons and barbers know about your cutting-edge company with our clean, trimmed email list.
$ 670

Jewelry Stores

3,562 Contacts
Make sure your message reaches the right people in the jewelry business by downloading an accurate contact list.
$ 461

Computer Programming Software

136,299 Contacts
Computer programmers and software designers can be contacted easily with our reliable directory of contact information.
$ 6,208

Automobile Repair

16,809 Contacts
Send your riveting marketing materials and emails to car dealers, automotive repair companies, and body shops.
$ 1,454

Fitness Spa Clubs

5,593 Contacts
If your service or product is perfect for health-conscious communities at spas, clubs, and fitness centers, download this.
$ 647

Museums, Art galleries

11,062 Contacts
Use this museums and art galleries email list to show off your products to these important cultural institutions.
$ 1,070

Golf Courses

2,804 Contacts
Pull this file to let employees at golf courses and clubs know about your specialized product or service.
$ 389

Motion Pictures

28,177 Contacts
Find those who produce and distribute motion pictures and build B2B relationships with this movie production email database.
$ 2,127


45,091 Contacts
Connect with temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious institutions with the help of our human-verified directory.
$ 2,803

Accounting, Bookkeeping

99,838 Contacts
Get accurate contact information of accountants, bookkeepers, and their companies, and start marketing to them in minutes.
$ 4,993


46,090 Contacts
Consult consultants in several industries about your unique product or services by using our targeted email list.
$ 2,843

Civic, Social Association

24,138 Contacts
Buy our civic and social associations email list to get access to the valuable contact information of civic and social association leaders.
$ 1,943

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