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Download email lists comprised exclusively of contact information for the people you want to market to. Find your leads by their title, and build connections only with people who have the relevant industry knowledge or decision-making power to make changes.

Business Contacts

You can select a ready-made list from below or create your own list.


74,730 Contacts
Connect with the highest-ranking people in the business world: chief executive officers. Yes, you can contact them directly!


38,118 Contacts
Chief financial officers (CFOs) influence almost every aspect of a business with their accounting and financing expertise.


24,411 Contacts
Directly contact a chief information officer (CIO) or chief technology officer (CTO) to implement company-wide IT changes.

Canadian CTOs, CIOs

2,424 Contacts
Contact Canadian chief technology officers (CTOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) with our ready-made targeted email list.


4,776 Contacts
Get in touch with chief marketing officers who have real influence in the marketing functions of companies.


31,382 Contacts
Obtain the contact information of chief operating officers (COOs), who are responsible for day-to-day operations of companies.


76,834 Contacts
Contact the person who had the creative spark to create a company or organization. Email founders directly!

Owner, Partner, Shareholder

406,440 Contacts
Those who own a share of a company can have a huge impact on its processes.


183,854 Contacts
Market your product or service to the president of a company or nonprofit organization with our verified list.

Board Member, Board of Director, Member of the board

15,213 Contacts
Download a directory of decision-makers who sit on a business or organization's board.


6,186 Contacts
Do you want to reach out to potential investors? This organized, targeted lead list has the information you need for your next campaign.


25,366 Contacts
Often presiding over an influential board, a chairman is important to talk to about making changes.


178,706 Contacts
Do you want to talk to major influencers in a company? Contact those who partially own it!

General Manager

70,353 Contacts
General managers affect revenues and operations of businesses in many industries, including hospitality, retail, and more.

Canadian CEO

5,903 Contacts
Connect with influential Canadian chief executive officers (CEOs) and close more deals with our targeted, human-verified business mailing list.

Canadian CFO

2,582 Contacts
Download our ready-made Canadian chief financial officers (CFOs) email list to break into the Canadian market and leverage new sales leads.

Chief and VP of Financing

68,584 Contacts
Contact VPs of finance within minutes using our ready-made, human-verified senior and c-level finance leads list. Connect with financing professional today.

Chief and VP of Accounting

4,674 Contacts
Start accounting for a more effective sales campaign with a list of accounting VPs' email addresses and chief accountant phone numbers.

Chief and VP of Risk

1,659 Contacts
Mitigate your own potential business risks by contacting the decision-makers you're looking for. It's not risky business when you have a qualified lead list of risk management VPs for your email marketing campaign!

Chief and VP of Audit

1,089 Contacts
This human-verified email list of vice presidents of auditing includes emails, numbers, and more. Contact VPs of auditing and other C-level executives today.

Chief and VP of IT

46,493 Contacts
Connect with the "it" crowd: the high-ranking IT crowd, that is. This vice presidents of information technology email list will help you contact top decision-makers at a variety companies.

Chief and VP of Software

4,521 Contacts
Contact and email VPs of software engineering, development, and design with this consolidated email list. Get started today!

Chief and VP of HR

18,934 Contacts
Taking the reins of their organizations' human resources departments, these VPs of HR are powerful contacts to have.

Chief and VP of Administration

12,174 Contacts
Download and leverage the direct contact information and emails of vice presidents of administration today and start marketing to VPs and senior administrators.

Chief and VP of Training

401 Contacts
Connect with vice presidents of training, learning, and organizational development to teach them about your educational product or service.

Chief and VP of Compliance

1,635 Contacts
Download this VP of compliance email list with direct contact information of important senior executives. Help compliance chiefs keep their companies in line!

Chief and VP of Operations

57,716 Contacts
Contact VPs of operations now! A chief of operations is responsible for making decisions that affect several departments within a company.

Chief and VP of Sales

44,790 Contacts
Sell your product or service to VPs of sales with this verified leads list. Download the direct contact information of chief sales officers and vice presidents!

Chief and VP of Marketing

23,867 Contacts
Contact chief marketing officers (CMOs) and vice presidents of marketing with our human-verified senior advertising executives email list.

Chief and VP of Sales Marketing

6,097 Contacts
Contact vice presidents of sales and marketing departments and reach out to key decision-makers at numerous companies and organizations.

Chief and VP of Business Development

9,554 Contacts
Vice presidents of business development are in charge of fostering sales and growth. Tell business development chiefs how you can help with this business development VP email list!

Chief and VP of Purchasing

2,754 Contacts
Download a mailing list of purchasing VPs and c-level executives in one business contact database. Connect with a VP of purchasing in moments.

Chief and VP of Communications

2,054 Contacts
Vice presidents of communications tell the public about their company's work. Use this targeted VP of communications email list to tell them about yours!

Chief and VP of Media

859 Contacts
Download a VP of media email database full of verified contact information for c-level media executives and those in senior media management positions.

Chief and VP of Engineering

23,801 Contacts
Download this email list of vice presidents of engineering to build great relationships with senior engineers and c-level engineering professionals!

Chief and VP of Manufacturing, Production

1,743 Contacts
Vice presidents of manufacturing and production are easier to find since we've produced this all-in-one manufacturing and production executives email database for you

Chief and VP of R&D

8,199 Contacts
Using our R&D VP email database, tell chiefs and vice presidents of research and development that their search is over: Your product is the solution they need!

Chief and VP of Quality

1,925 Contacts
Find vice presidents of quality assurance and quality control in this one email directory, full of VPs and chief quality officers.

Chief and VP of Design

1,430 Contacts
Design the best B2B email marketing campaign with this email list of VPs of design. Find the creative leads you need today.

Chief and VP of Maintenance

375 Contacts
Great marketing is not just about maintaining relationships; it's about fostering new ones! Leverage our email list of chiefs and VPs of maintenance to improve your targeted outreach.

Chief and VP of Facilities

595 Contacts
Facilitate growth in sales as you contact facilities vice presidents using this human-verified, ready-made VP of facilities email marketing list.

Chief and VP of Security

766 Contacts
Security chiefs have critically important jobs. If your product can make their lives easier, contact VPs of security with this email list.

Chief and VP of Safety

411 Contacts
Feel a bit safer with your marketing campaign by leveraging a qualified lead list of vice presidents of safety.

Chief and VP of Technical

1,297 Contacts
Get technical with vice presidents of technical services and operations with this qualified contact list, full of technology-focused sales leads.

Finance Directors, Managers

282,599 Contacts
Find finance managers' and directors' verified, direct contact information all in one place with this helpful finance management and financing directors email database.

Accounting Directors, Managers

128,552 Contacts
Are you hoping to talk with directors of accounting? Connect with a number of accounting specialists using this accounting managers email database.

Risk Directors, Managers

16,217 Contacts
Download a risk manager email database and get the direct contact details you need to begin marketing to these influential professionals today.

Audit Directors, Managers, Auditors

38,309 Contacts
Contact auditing managers and similar professionals using our audit directors email list to show them how you can help them balance the books!

Compliance Directors, Managers

19,771 Contacts
Employ best practices in marketing, download this compliance directors email list and start contacting compliance managers and directors now!

Controlling Directors, Managers

9 Contacts
Directors of controlling and comptrolling are easy to find with this controlling directors email list. Connect with finance and comptrolling managers within minutes!

IT Directors, Managers

Over 1M Contacts
Pull a verified email marketing database of directors of IT and target information technology gurus to build better B2B connections.

Software Developers, Engineers, Directors, Managers

374,522 Contacts
Find software development managers and directors all in one place with this organized software engineers and software managers email list of the programming pros.

HR Directors, Managers

335,410 Contacts
Show how resourceful you are to human resource directors and managers with this ready-to-download HR directors email list.

Payroll Directors, Managers

20,281 Contacts
Count on this payroll directors email list to contact payroll managers, directors, or others within positions of payroll management, who need to calculate pay and benefits reliably.

Administration Directors, Managers

198,109 Contacts
Connect with office managers and directors of administrative departments with this verified email database of administrative professionals.

Training Directors, Managers

25,424 Contacts
Use this training managers email list to teach training managers and directors how you can help them get their employees up to speed.

Sales Directors, Managers

727,217 Contacts
Sell to sales managers and directors with this qualified, human-verified, B2B email list full of accurate contact information.

Marketing Directors, Managers

288,423 Contacts
Need to buy email lists so you can market to marketing directors? Pull this list of directors of marketing and advertising now.

Sales Marketing Directors, Managers

22,220 Contacts
Directors of sales and marketing departments are organized into one email database here, so you can pull data from numerous institutions.

Business Development Directors, Managers

68,925 Contacts
Download this human-verified directors of business development email list now to connect with and market to business development professionals.

Purchasing Directors, Managers

102,402 Contacts
Go straight to the managers with purchasing power! Pull this ready-made purchasing management email list of directors of purchasing and procurement managers.

Communication Directors, Managers

36,660 Contacts
Buy our communication director email list to share the news of how your product can help them achieve their goals.

Public Relation Directors, Managers

6,470 Contacts
Use this public relation directors email list to connect with the PR directors and managers at numerous companies and institutions.

Media Directors, Managers

14,900 Contacts
Contact directors of media and media managers with our affordable, human-verified media directors email list and get your message out!

Manufacturing, Production Directors, Managers

96,137 Contacts
Contact directors of manufacturing using this production and manufacturing management email list, featuring the direct and detailed information needed for effective B2B marketing.

R&D Directors, Managers

176,718 Contacts
Pull our R&D mailing list of research and development directors and managers to email them directly about a new engineering solution.

Engineering Directors, Managers

282,066 Contacts
Buy a targeted email list of directors of engineering to engineer a better campaign and market to powerful decision-makers.

Quality Directors, Managers

96,555 Contacts
Download our Quality Assurance (QA) management email list of QA managers and directors responsible for QA/QC within a variety of industries and companies.

Design Directors, Managers

54,317 Contacts
Introduce your brand to directors of design: Pull our design directos email list full of art and creative managers and engineers.

Operation Directors, Managers

240,488 Contacts
Find a director of operations who will buy your product or service with this easy-to-use, organized operations management email database.

Maintenance Directors, Managers

53,858 Contacts
Use our verifed maintenance management email list to get the attention of maintenance managers and directors of maintenance and repairs with this targeted maintenance director email database.

Technical Directors, Managers

67,454 Contacts
Buy a technical directors email list if you want to talk to knowledgeable managers in charge of highly skilled staff.

Facilities Directors, Managers

30,201 Contacts
Leverage a contact list of facilities directors and email facility managers with this consolidated facilities management contact and email database to connect with powerful sales leads.

Security Directors, Managers

20,638 Contacts
Market to security directors with our security directors email list. Our downloadable email database of security managers and directors has the information you need.

Safety Directors, Managers

20,159 Contacts
Download our directors of safety email list to access the human-verified contact information you need for your B2B marketing campaign.

Project Directors, Managers

267,583 Contacts
Download our project director email database to access the direct, human-verified contact information of influential management professionals across the country.

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