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We're Redefining B2B Intelligence with Unrivaled Accuracy and Accessibility

Bookyourdata is more than just a B2B data provider. We're your reliable partner in success, offering an unprecedented 97% accuracy guarantee, real-time email verification, and a pioneering pay-as-you-go model. Our mission is to democratize access to high-quality, real-time business intelligence across the globe.

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A Candid Message From Our Ceo Data

Data Precision Isn't Our Goal, It's Our Standard

“In my early career navigating the complex and often frustrating landscape of B2B prospecting, I encountered the same obstacle time and time again - bad data. Perhaps you've experienced something similar.

Hours were spent trudging through inaccurate datasets, precious time that could have been spent driving business growth was wasted on sifting through erroneous information. The problem was clear, yet as technology advanced, the solutions offered by most sales intelligence platforms merely scratched the surface.”

Merely collecting and offering data wasn’t enough. It wasn't about the quantity, it was about the quality. It was about accuracy, accessibility, and adaptability. This realization drove me to steer the vision of Bookyourdata.

Our mission at Bookyourdata isn't about merely scraping data faster or building the largest database. Our goal is to redefine B2B intelligence by focusing on precision, verification, and user-centric design. Every piece of data in our platform is rigorously tested and validated, ensuring you spend less time filtering and more time connecting with potential leads.

We've designed Bookyourdata to be more than a tool—it's a solution, an ally in your business growth. We aim to provide a platform that allows you to directly import high-quality leads into your CRM or outreach tools with confidence, knowing your efforts won't be wasted on bounced emails or dead-end connections.

Our commitment is not just words. It's backed by an industry-leading 97% data accuracy guarantee. Because we're not just solving the problem of bad data—we're transforming the entire B2B data industry.

And we're ready to prove it.

Bookyourdata's CEO Baris Zeren
Baris Zeren
CEO at Bookyourdata
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Relentlessly Pursuing Data Excellence

1. Leading the Pack with Extensive and Precise Data

We pride ourselves on offering the world's most extensive and meticulously curated dataset. Our database is not just broad; it's handpicked for the utmost precision. From refining lists to verifying contacts, we understand the challenges in prospecting and strive to provide the most accurate, ready-to-use lists. Our database includes over 250 million B2B contacts and 30 million global companies, serving major players like IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon.

2. Industry First - 97% Accuracy Guarantee

Our commitment is unambiguous: unmatched accuracy. We don't just set high standards for data quality, we insist on them. Any data that falls short of our stringent criteria is not included in our offering. As trailblazers, we stand out by presenting an industry-first 97% data accuracy guarantee. If the data quality ever slips beneath this mark, we uphold our pledge and promptly replenish your credits. In a world where data is power, we provide the assurance that the power you wield through Bookyourdata is reliable and potent.

3. Real-time Data Verification on the Fly

At Bookyourdata, we turn claims into actions. We've embedded features into our product to verify data in real-time, ensuring its accuracy before it lands in your CRM. Each prospect's email you access gets instantly verified, leading to cleaner lists, fewer bounces, and more genuine leads.

4. Ensuring CRM Efficiency

A CRM system is only as good as the data it holds. At Bookyourdata, we rigorously vet our leads to ensure only the highest quality data populates your CRM. We maintain an unwavering commitment to data accuracy to ensure your CRM stays efficient, productive, and devoid of erroneous entries. With our meticulously curated data, you can focus on strategic decisions rather than data clean-up, thus maximizing your CRM's potential.

5. Customization and Flexibility at Your Fingertips

We cater to your unique business needs with our highly adaptable platform. Our advanced filters allow precision targeting while our pay-as-you-go model ensures you only invest in the data you need. Plus, our capacity to deliver custom datasets based on unique criteria sets us apart. With us, you control your B2B prospecting efforts, driving efficiency, effectiveness, and precision to supercharge your outreach.

6. Transparency and Trust: Our Core Values

At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to transparency and trust. We pride ourselves on cultivating enduring relationships with our customers, built on clear communication and genuine value. With a vast database of over 250 million B2B contacts spanning 30 million global companies, we set the industry standard by guaranteeing 97% data accuracy. Our pioneering pay-as-you-go model, devoid of obligatory subscriptions, ensures you get the utmost value from every credit, which seamlessly carries over month-to-month.

Bookyourdata Customer Reviews

Check out customer reviews Check out our customer reviews to see why businesses of all sizes trust us as their go-to source for business data.

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Charting a Trail in Data Intelligence

We're not just a group of data enthusiasts, we are innovators who see the enormous potential of data in shaping the future of B2B prospecting. Bookyourdata was founded on a single mission: To revolutionize sales and marketing technology with a robust and precision-focused data intelligence platform. Our story begins in 2014, when our CEO, Baris Zeren, perceived a massive gap in the B2B data market. He envisaged a platform where precision triumphs over quantity, creating Bookyourdata with a pioneering spirit. In our early days, we focused on meticulously curating and refining our data, ensuring superior accuracy from the outset. Our continuous commitment to excellence earned us the trust of industry leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Throughout our journey, we have remained steadfast in our mission. We became the first in the industry to introduce a pay-as-you-go model, offering unparalleled flexibility to our users. We have relentlessly improved our platform to offer real-time data verification and an unprecedented 97% data accuracy guarantee. Today, with over 200,000 active users and 20,000 satisfied paying customers, we stand at the forefront of sales intelligence. Our comprehensive data includes 250M+ B2B contacts, 30M+ global companies, and 3B+ data points, making us the largest B2B data platform in the world. As we look ahead, we remain devoted to empowering revenue teams with transformative data solutions, driving predictable lead generation, and improving conversion across all sales engagements. At Bookyourdata, we are turning the art of prospecting into a science, pushing boundaries and charting new territories in the data intelligence world.

Expanding Horizons


The Genesis

The inception of Bookyourdata by CEO, Baris Zeren, aiming to fill a critical gap in the B2B data market.


The Dedication to Precision

An intense focus on data curation and refinement began, establishing our reputation for superior accuracy.


Earning Trust

Garnered trust from industry leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon due to our unwavering commitment to data quality


Breaking New Ground

Introduced the first pay-as-you-go model in the industry, prioritizing user flexibility.


Verifying the Future

Implemented real-time data verification features in our platform, a step further in our dedication to data precision.


The Accuracy Pledge

Offered an industry-first 95% data accuracy guarantee, reinforcing our position as a data quality pioneer.


Steady Growth

Crossed 100,000 active users and 10,000 satisfied paying customers, a testimony to our product's success.


Setting the Bar

Became the largest B2B data platform globally, with 200,000 active users, 20,000 paying customers, and a database that includes 250M+ B2B contacts and 30M+ global companies.


Expanding Horizons

Kept expanding our global presence and continued innovating our platform to meet the evolving needs of B2B prospecting.


The Pursuit of Perfection

Raised the bar in data accuracy by offering an unprecedented 97% data accuracy guarantee, driving our commitment to excellence even further.


Pioneers in B2B Data Innovation

Our leadership team is the force driving Bookyourdata's unrelenting quest for data excellence. They are visionaries shaping the future of B2B prospecting and sales intelligence, and are dedicated to delivering unrivaled value to our clients. Across diverse geographies, our team collaborates seamlessly to redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the sales intelligence domain.

Baris Zeren - CEO
Baris Zeren
CEO at Bookyourdata
Gary Taylor - Board Member
Gary Taylor
Board Member at Bookyourdata
Mark Giz - EVP
Mark Giz
EVP at Bookyourdata
Celeine Easdon - CSM
Celeine Easdon
CSM at Bookyourdata

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