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Revolutionize Your Cold Outreach with Bookyourdata: BME's Success Story

Discover how Bookyourdata helped Gabe Arnold, achieve a significant boost in lead generation and sales growth through their exceptional customer support, accurate data, and customized targeting. Learn how their partnership transformed cold outreach campaigns into one of the most profitable lead generation approaches.


Business Marketing Engine (USA)




Difficulty in finding quality contacts


Bookyourdata’s 97% Accuracy

Alternatives Considered

Other expensive tools, paid ads

The Company

Business Marketing Engine (USA)

Business Marketing Engine is a company that specializes in marketing and sales. They provide services to help businesses increase revenue and grow through effective lead generation and targeted outreach strategies.

The Challenge

High bounce rate with cold outreach campaigns
  • High bounce rate from purchased lists
  • Difficulty manually scraping leads from various sites
  • Lack of good data for the right contacts

Gabe Arnold and his team at Business Marketing Engine were facing a significant challenge when it came to their cold outreach campaigns. The high bounce rate of their emails and calls was a major obstacle in generating leads and closing deals. The team was frustrated with the lack of quality contacts and wasted resources in their previous attempts at lead generation.

"We were paying for things that weren't performing. It was definitely very frustrating to the team because despite being persistent and cold calling, sending out good cold email, they just weren't getting the response rate that they needed."
"Everything we bought either was lacking good information, like good data for the right contacts, or there was a really high bounce rate when we were sending cold email."
"We weren't sure if we were contacting the right person. It really just frustrated me because we were paying for things that weren't performing."
"It was really challenging to either have to manually scrape leads from different sites or try purchasing from big national lead companies or smaller platforms. Everything we bought either lacked good information or had a high bounce rate."

The Solution

Bookyourdata's Customized Targeting and Accurate Data
  • Targeted lists with specific criteria.
  • Exceptional customer support for customized targeting.
  • Consistent feed of new contacts and leads.
  • High-quality lists for profitable lead generation.

Bookyourdata provided a comprehensive solution for Business Marketing Engine's challenge of high bounce rates in their cold outreach campaigns. With accurate data and exceptional customer support, Bookyourdata helped Gabe Arnold and his team to achieve significant results.

"Bookyourdata is not just a list broker, but a comprehensive solution that helped us to achieve high-quality lists and consistent feed of new contacts and leads."
"Their customer support is outstanding, and I'm able to target very specific things, chat with support and add additional criteria and filters that aren't available on the main platform."
"With Bookyourdata's customized targeting, we were able to contact new folks, continue to build great lead generation and ultimately more revenue."
"The accurate data provided by Bookyourdata made it certain that this was definitely the right route, as far as purchasing the right data for our sales team."
"Working with Bookyourdata was risk-free with their excellent data, accurate contact information, and outstanding customer service. They have multiple flexible options and very low minimum if you want to give them a try."

"Bookyourdata has truly been a game-changer for us. Their exceptional customer support, combined with the accuracy and customization of their data, has completely solved the challenges we faced with our cold outreach campaigns. We are now able to target very specific criteria and filters that were not available on other platforms. With Bookyourdata, we can consistently feed high-quality leads to our sales team, resulting in a significant boost in our lead generation and sales growth. They have become a long-term partner for us, and we highly recommend them to anyone who wants to achieve similar success with their marketing campaigns."

Gabe Arnold
Founder Business Marketing Engine


The Result

Unleashing the Power of Cold Outreach: BME's Remarkable Results

By partnering with Bookyourdata, Gabe Arnold and Business Marketing Engine achieved a significant boost in lead generation and sales growth. Their cold outreach campaigns became more successful due to the accurate and customized targeting provided by Bookyourdata's high-quality data.

"After using Bookyourdata for our lead generation campaigns, we saw a significant increase in our response rate, which ultimately led to more sales and revenue. Their accurate data and customized targeting played a big role in our success."

Gabe Arnold, Founder, Business Marketing Engine