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Taking Business to New Heights: How Bookyourdata Helped The Idea Integration Thrive During Challenging Times

See how Saul Colt, CEO of The Idea Integration, overcame the challenge of finding new customers during the pandemic with the help of Bookyourdata. With accurate data and targeted outreach, the company was able to expand its reach to previously unexplored markets and achieve unprecedented success.


The Idea Integration (USA)


Marketing and Advertising


COVID-19 hinders business growth


Bookyourdata’s Laser-Targeted Lists

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The Company

The Idea Integration (USA)

The Idea Integration is a non-traditional marketing and advertising agency that works with brands to create edgy and daring marketing campaigns. They have been in business for 14 years and specialize in working with challenger brands.

The Challenge

Business growth during pandemic through B2B outreach.
  • Business development stagnation due to pandemic restrictions.
  • Difficulty finding new customers in previously unexplored markets.
  • Lack of bandwidth and resources for cold outreach.
  • No effective solution for generating targeted B2B leads.

When the pandemic hit, Saul Colt's non-traditional marketing and advertising agency, The Idea Integration Co., faced significant challenges. With most of their clients cutting back on marketing activities, the company had to reimagine their business development strategy to reach new clients and explore new markets. However, they lacked the accurate and targeted data necessary to succeed in this effort.

"One of our biggest challenges was, you know, we do marketing stunts, we do events, we do a lot of things in the real world to create a lot of traction and, you know, for, for, for brands and when the pandemic hit a lot of our, almost all of our clients really, you know, turned off their activities with us."
"We had to completely reimagine our business. And by reimagining our business, we had to really go out and find brand new customers and, and really, um, readdress who we worked with and what we offered."
"When it comes to finding new customers from scratch and new industries and places that, you know, you're not necessarily networked into or have contacts, um, it's, it's enormous help to be able to lean on a service that, you know, has all that information and, and can get it to you, you know, in a heartbeat."

The Solution

Revolutionize Your B2B Outreach with Bookyourdata
  • Accurate targeting with high-quality data
  • Ability to reach untapped markets
  • Cost-effective and efficient B2B outreach
  • Streamlined business development strategy

Bookyourdata provided The Idea Integration Co. with accurate and targeted data, which allowed the company to focus its business development efforts and explore new markets. With Bookyourdata's help, The Idea Integration Co. was able to reach new clients and improve its B2B outreach strategy. The company's success serves as a testament to the power of accurate data in scaling and growing a business.

"Bookyourdata allowed us to take a targeted approach to our business development efforts."
"The accuracy of the data we received from Bookyourdata was crucial in expanding our reach."
"We were able to reach new clients and explore untapped markets thanks to Bookyourdata's data."
"Bookyourdata's data helped us craft effective pitches and messages to potential clients."
"Bookyourdata proved to be an invaluable partner in growing our business during challenging times."

"We were able to target exactly who our niche is and get accurate information that helped us save time, resources and prevented us from buying outdated lists. Bookyourdata's reliable and targeted data was the perfect solution to our problem. It allowed us to focus on crafting the right messaging and approaching our ideal clients, rather than wasting time sifting through irrelevant information. This helped us to reinvigorate our BD process and scale our business in ways we never thought possible."

Saul Colt
Founder The Idea Integration


The Result

Transforming B2B Outreach: The Idea Integration Co. and Bookyourdata Success Story

Bookyourdata proved to be an essential partner in helping The Idea Integration Co. achieve significant growth and expansion, even during challenging times. By leveraging Bookyourdata's targeted and accurate data, the company was able to reach new clients and explore previously untapped markets, leading to unprecedented success. The solution provided by Bookyourdata not only helped the company reimagine their business development strategy, but it also enabled them to scale their efforts and achieve remarkable results.

"At a time when our business was hit hard by the pandemic, Bookyourdata provided us with a lifeline. Their targeted data allowed us to identify and reach new clients, expanding our reach and creating opportunities for growth. Thanks to Bookyourdata, we were able to keep our business moving forward and even achieve unprecedented success. I can confidently say that they have been an invaluable partner in our journey towards business expansion."

Saul Colt, Founder, The Idea Integration Co.