Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our comprehensive FAQ to understand how Bookyourdata empowers you with real-time prospecting, superior data accuracy, and instant access to the leads you need to scale your business.

Celeine Easdon - CSM
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How does Bookyourdata differ from other sales intelligence platforms like Zoominfo?

Bookyourdata stands out by offering seamless real-time prospecting, accurate data enrichment, and instant access to your data via immediate downloads. Unlike some other platforms, we do not limit your data access through a web-based application. We guarantee a 97% accuracy rate, provide real-time email verification, offer tier-based volume discounts, and there is no requirement for a subscription. We offer a free trial with 10 free leads, our credits never expire, and we operate on a pay-as-you-go basis. Bookyourdata provides robust enterprise features for free, further enhancing the value of our service.

What kind of data does Bookyourdata supply?

Bookyourdata specializes in supplying data for B2B Contacts, Healthcare Professionals, and Real Estate Agents/Realtors. Our data is rigorously verified and includes diverse professionals across these fields.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, our entire data pool is GDPR compliant. For more information, visit our GDPR Ready page on our website.

How accurate is the data I will get from Bookyourdata?

Bookyourdata guarantees a 97% accuracy rate for the provided B2B prospecting data.

How do I know I can trust the accuracy of the data?

If you encounter data that doesn't meet our 97% accuracy guarantee, rest assured that our customer relations team is here to resolve the issue promptly. In such cases, we will credit your account with free credits, affirming our commitment to quality and your success. We stand by our service with what we proudly call our Bounce-Back Guarantee.

Can I download leads into Excel from Bookyourdata?

Yes, you can download leads from Bookyourdata directly into a .csv Excel file.

Is this service subscription-based or is it a one-time fee?

Bookyourdata operates on a pay-as-you-go model, which means you only pay for the credits you need without any ongoing subscription commitments.

Can I exclude contacts that I already have in my database?

Yes, you can exclude contacts that you already have by uploading your own suppression list or excluding contacts manually during your search.

What does one credit represent in Bookyourdata?

A credit represents a single lead that you can reveal, transfer to your CRM, or save to an Excel file.

Does Bookyourdata offer a free trial or free credits to test the platform?

Yes, Bookyourdata offers 10 free credits for you to try the platform without any credit card requirements or subscription commitments.

Do credits expire if they are not used, and are any credits locked?

No, credits in Bookyourdata never expire, and there are no locked credits. You can use them at your convenience without worrying about any time constraints or limitations.

Are there volume discounts available for purchasing credits in bulk?

Yes, Bookyourdata offers tiered pricing with volume discounts. The more credits you purchase, the lower the cost per credit/contact.

What kind of support will I have when using Bookyourdata?

Bookyourdata provides comprehensive and dedicated support to users, including assistance through email, live chat, phone and an extensive knowledge base.

What data attributes are included in each contact record?

Our contact records provide a comprehensive set of data attributes, including direct work/personal email, mobile direct dial, first name, last name, LinkedIn profile URL, contact location, job title, company name, industry, revenue, employee count, technographics, last funding rounds, job posting data, and many more.

Does Bookyourdata offer an API?

Yes, Bookyourdata offers an API for customers who want to integrate our data directly into their systems.

How long does it take to get my contact list after I order online?

You can instantly download/export your data once you have credits.

Can I feed your files into CRM software easily?

Yes. Our .csv files are supported by all CRM platforms.

Can I use email lists to contact other firms to market my company’s products?

Yes, you can use our B2B email lists for your marketing needs.