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Bookyourdata: The only Business data platform where you get laser-targeted leads on demand, without subscriptions with 1/4 of cost vs other providers. Our 97% accuracy guarantee and real-time email verification ensure maximum campaign success by paying only for deliverables.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Say goodbye to expensive subscriptions and only pay for the data you need. With our pay-as-you-go model, you'll enjoy complete control over your budget and lead generation ROI.

Tiered Pricing for Greater Savings

Leverage our tiered pricing model to enjoy lower costs per credit/contact as your data needs grow. The more you order, the less you pay per contact.

Credits That Never Expire

Forget about wasted credits or the pressure to use them before they're gone. With Bookyourdata, your credits will never expire, giving you the flexibility to use them at your own pace.

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No Subscriptions, No Hassles.

Embrace Flexibility in Lead Generation: Our unique pay-as-you-go model empowers you to purchase exactly what you need, ensuring a cost-effective approach to data acquisition. Maximize your marketing efficiency with total budget control and optimized lead generation return on investment with 1/4 of cost vs other providers.

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What Data Attributes Are Included in Each Contact Record?

Our contact records provide a comprehensive set of data attributes, including:

  • Direct work or personal email
  • Email verification status
  • Mobile direct dial
  • First name, last name
  • Contact title, management level, job department, job function
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • Contact gender, country, city, state, metro
  • Contact skills, interests, school
  • Company name, primary industry, SIC code, NAICS code, company type, founded year
  • LinkedIn company URL, company social media links, Fortune ranking
  • Company address, zip, county, country, metro
  • Revenue, employee count
  • Company HQ phone, fax, website
  • Technographics, last funding rounds, job posting data
  • Company description, company specialties, and more

Please note that our primary focus is on providing direct, deliverable email contacts. With our Prospector tool, you have the flexibility to select or unselect any data points, allowing you to filter and customize the information according to your specific needs. Although not all records may have every data attribute listed, our comprehensive database ensures that you receive the most accurate and detailed information available.

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What’s a credit?

A credit represents a single "full" contact that you can download to Excel or export to your CRM. Additionally, a credit can be used to reveal a contact's email address or mobile direct dial. Accessing both the email and mobile direct line for the same contact only consumes one credit. In essence, one credit equals one "full" contact. You can use the credits to pay only for deliverables(don't waste your dollars on the invalid group).

Why Pay More for Less?
Get the Full Enterprise Experience for Free with Bookyourdata!

Competitors' Limitations
Pricing Model
100% Pay-as-you-go with no subscriptions games, 1/4 of cost vs other providers
The average subscription plan engagement lasts 12 months, including a 1-2 month learning period. To estimate the true cost, multiply the monthly rate by 12, contrasting with Bookyourdata’s hassle-free, non-subscription service.
Commitment / Obligations
No long-term commitment
Bookyourdata’s pay-as-you-go service stands in stark contrast to competitors' offerings, which often trap you in rigid annual or monthly contracts that are notoriously difficult to cancel.
Volume Discounts
Tiered pricing with volume discounts with best price guarantee
Limited or no volume discounts
Credit Expiration / Locked Credits
Credits never expire, and they are not locked or removed if you stop paying subscription fees (since there is no subscription)
Credits may expire or be locked(!) if subscription is not renewed; some may lock or remove unused credits if you stop paying subscription fees (viola!)
Data Accuracy
97% accuracy guarantee or refund the credits. Pay only for deliverables, don't waste your dollars for invalid records!
Varying data accuracy levels(industry average is around 50-60%, no refunds
Unrivaled Data Scale and Coverage
500M+ Profiles, 250M+ B2B Contacts, 150M+ Work Emails, 50M+ Personal Emails, 50M+ Mobile Direct Dials, 30M+ Global Companies, 200+ Countries.
Limited data coverage and fewer deliverable B2B contacts, restricting your ability to target all relevant personas.
Real-Time Email Verification
Built-in, robust 8-step real-time email verification is included with every export. Game changer alert: We verify catch-all emails, ensuring you get leads that nobody else has access to!
No built-in real-time email verifications. Missing many relevant contacts due to the inability to verify catch-all emails.
Advanced Job Functions
Extensive job department hierarchy and advanced predefined job functions to ensure no missed opportunities or lost contacts. 250k "unique" contact titles have been categorized.
Limited job department categorization and lack of comprehensive predefined job functions, leading to missed opportunities and difficulty targeting contacts.
Global Reach and Localization
Multi-language data support with millions of categorized contacts in the most common 10 languages worldwide, making it easier to target international contacts without language barriers or localization issues.
Limited global reach and lack of localized data, making it challenging to target and connect with contacts from different countries and cultures. Struggling to tag a CEO in German or French? They might not have it covered.
Data Points / Attributes
100+ data attributes for contacts and companies
Varying number of data attributes (usually 10-15)
Advanced API Access
May require additional fees or specific plans
Data Enrichment
Enrich your existing data with new attributes
Not always included or available at an additional cost
Actively Hiring Companies, Job Posting Data
Access to actively hiring companies and their job posting data for laser-targeted prospecting
May not offer job posting data or may require additional fees
Funding Rounds
Access to company funding rounds information
Not always included or available at an additional cost
Direct CRM Integrations
Seamless integration with popular CRM platforms
Limited or varying CRM integration options
Unlimited team accounts
Included in main account
Extra fee for each additional seat
Maximum number of team seats
Limited, with additional fees per seat
Scalability for Teams
Scalable team sizes
Fixed team sizes with extra fees per seat
60k+ Technologies being tracked
Not always included or available at an additional cost
Customer Support
Dedicated Custom Success Manager
Varying levels of customer support
Best price guarantee

Best Price Guarantee!

We're confident in our competitive pricing and 97% accuracy. If you find a better rate from a US-based provider with 95% accuracy or more, just send us the proposal or screenshot, and we'll not only match it but beat it. Get the best value with Bookyourdata!

No hidden fees

No Hidden Fees, Contracts or Commitments

Experience transparent pricing with no hidden fees or long-term commitments. Get started with 10 free credits, no credit card required, and discover the power of accurate, laser-targeted B2B data.

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4.9/5 Stars
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Momentum Leader - Spring 2024
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Easiest To Use - Spring 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered.

Navigating the world of B2B data prospecting can be intricate, but at Bookyourdata, we believe in transparency and clarity. Our commitment to you goes beyond providing unparalleled data accuracy; it's about ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned user, our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are designed to address the most common queries and concerns you might have about our platform, pricing, and features.
Understand how credits give you access to detailed lead information, which you can easily export to Excel, and how our platform offers free trial credits to new users. Discover our extensive support options, data exclusion feature to avoid duplication, and our API for seamless system integration.

Empower Your Decisions.

Knowledge is power, and we want to empower you every step of the way. By understanding the ins and outs of our platform, you can optimize your prospecting efforts, ensuring maximum ROI. Dive into our FAQs to uncover insights, learn about our unique offerings, and discover how Bookyourdata stands out in the realm of B2B data solutions. Your journey to data-driven success starts with the right information.

Still have question?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please send us a message. Contact Us.

What does one credit represent in Bookyourdata?

A credit represents a single lead that you can reveal, transfer to your CRM, or save to an Excel file. With one credit, you gain access to the details of one individual contact.

Is Bookyourdata's pricing based on a one-time fee or an ongoing subscription?

Bookyourdata operates on a pay-as-you-go model, which means you only pay for the credits you need without any ongoing subscription commitments.

Can I download leads into Excel from Bookyourdata?

Yes, you can download leads from Bookyourdata directly into an Excel file for easy access and organization of your contact data.

Does Bookyourdata offer a free trial or free credits to test the platform?

Bookyourdata offers 10 free credits every month for you to try the platform without any credit card requirements or subscription commitments.

How does the 97% accuracy guarantee work, and do you refund credits for inaccurate data?

Bookyourdata guarantees 97% accuracy for the provided B2B prospecting data. In the rare case that you encounter inaccurate or outdated information, Bookyourdata will instantly refund the credits used for that specific contact, ensuring you only pay for accurate and reliable data.

Are there volume discounts available for purchasing credits in bulk?

Yes, Bookyourdata offers tiered pricing with volume discounts. The more credits you purchase, the lower the cost per credit/contact.

Do credits expire if they are not used, and are any credits locked?

No, credits in Bookyourdata never expire, and there are no locked credits. You can use them at your convenience without worrying about any time constraints or limitations.

What kind of support will I have when using Bookyourdata?

Bookyourdata provides dedicated support to users, including assistance through email, live chat, phone and an extensive knowledge base. Additionally, Bookyourdata offers a dedicated customer success manager to help you make the most of the platform and its features.

Can I exclude contacts that I already have in my database?

Yes, you can exclude contacts that you already have by uploading your own suppression list or excluding contacts manually during your search. This ensures that you are not purchasing duplicate contacts and that you are using your credits efficiently.

Does Bookyourdata offer an API?

Yes, Bookyourdata offers an API for customers who want to integrate our data directly into their systems. Our API allows for real-time data enrichment, ensuring that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information at all times.

Real Success, Real Stories

Hear directly from our clients about the transformative impact of Bookyourdata on their businesses.

“Discover how Bookyourdata transformed our business by outperforming competitors like ZoomInfo and Lusha in lead generation and sales. I trust Bookyourdata for our ongoing success.”

Daniel Anderson-Jones, Managing Director, Australian Health and Aged Care.

“Thanks to Bookyourdata's targeted lead generation, we successfully sold condominiums to the right clientele, making a huge ROI impact for our business!”

Tarik Gidamy, Broker of the Record, IRise Realty Corp.