Redefining Direct Marketing: Gary Taylor's Strategic Board Leadership at

Meet Gary Taylor, an integral board member of, who is steering the direct marketing realm towards unprecedented horizons. His ambition? To democratize the industry with accessible, cutting-edge solutions and targeted lead lists that serve as catalysts for business success worldwide. For Gary, this role transcends professional duty; it's a deep-seated dedication to excellence and transformative innovation.

Based in the bustling heart of New York, Gary is part of a vibrant team of trailblazers at Together, they're setting new benchmarks in B2B marketing, crafting innovative tools and services that go beyond fulfilling clients' needs—they're designed to astonish and inspire. This collective genius is not just enhancing the industry; it's revolutionizing it.

With a foundational education in computer engineering from the University of San Francisco, Gary exemplifies the spirit of a self-made entrepreneur. He's fervently passionate about pushing technological boundaries and equally committed to cultivating a positive, thriving company culture. In his multifaceted role at, Gary is instrumental in formulating marketing strategies, driving their implementation, and forging influential partnerships within the industry.

Yet, Gary's influence is not confined to the boardroom. He's a vigorous proponent for pivotal social causes, dedicating efforts to animal welfare, civil rights, economic empowerment, education, and child safety. Outside of his altruistic endeavors, he's an enthusiastic swimmer, a water polo aficionado, and conversant in Japanese.

Gary's journey to Silicon Valley was more than a career move—it was the commencement of a visionary quest. Today, through his strategic acumen and leadership, stands as a beacon in the ever-evolving landscape of B2B marketing!

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