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Our most important assets are our customers, and that’s why we place a lot of importance on the quality of our customer support specialists. They help customers to have a better understanding of our products and help them decide if our solutions fit with their problems.

Job Description

Our customer support specialists answer all of the questions that our potential customers have and assist our existing customers. They must:

  • Analyze existing customers’ complaints and provide necessary solutions
  • Develop creative strategies with customers for their needs
  • Identify recurring customer issues and notify the responsible team
  • Provide excellent customer service and technical support via email, chat, and phone
  • Track, follow up on, and resolve customer problems
  • Prepare reports about general customer inquiries, responses, and feedback


Customer support specialists interact with people, so they must be good communicators. Our customer support specialists must have:

  • At least three years of support experience
  • At least one year of industry experience
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and listening skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Office programs
  • A problem-solver personality
  • Strong attention to detail


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