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Managing a qualified database with tens of millions of entries can be a difficult task. But for a skilled database administrator, nothing is impossible. Our database administrators are in charge of our important assets, including maintaining their security and administration, so this is a crucial position with our company that carries a lot of responsibility.

Job Description

Database administrators at Bookyourdata.com are responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, administration, security, and monitoring of our massive database. Specific duties include:

  • Installing and upgrading our database server and applications
  • Administrating, monitoring, configuring, and maintaining the database
  • Planning future storage requirements for the system
  • Modifying the database structure as necessary according to requirements from our Web developers
  • Closely working with Web developers to ensure that the contact list-builder tool operates at its best performance
  • Ensuring the security of the database
  • Maintaining archived data
  • Making sure data remains consistent across the database
  • Monitoring database performance and modifying it as needed
  • Controlling access permissions
  • Maintaining data standards
  • Backing up and restoring the database
  • Generating reports as needed


Our database administrators need to have a thorough understanding of database systems. Our database administrators must have:

  • Excellent knowledge of database systems and current technologies
  • Good knowledge of database theory and database design
  • Good knowledge of various database languages
  • A general understanding of popular operating systems
  • A general understanding of storage technologies
  • The ability to perform under stress
  • The ability to work alone or in teams
  • Good written and oral communication skills


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