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Who is Baris Zeren?

Baris Zeren is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bookyourdata, New York. Today, he is the main supplier of big data to the largest Fortune500 companies such as Pepsi, Bank of America, Nestle, Manpower, Amazon, Google and so on and also data companies in the world. Baris Zeren of Bookyourdata supplies big data primarily for marketing and sales purposes. These big data types include data lists such as prospecting lists, email lists, direct email, and direct dial. Baris Zeren supplies data in many prospecting tools that are used on a daily basis. After compiling B2B data for a long time, he was appointed as the CEO of Bookyourdata at the beginning of 2022. Following the appointment, Baris Zeren has spent all his energy on Bookyourdata.


How Old is Baris Zeren?

Baris Zeren was born on June 7, 1981. As of July 2022, Baris Zeren is 41 years old.

Where is Baris Zeren From?

Baris Zeren was born in Istanbul, Turkey.

What is Baris Zeren's Educational Life Like?

Baris Zeren graduated from Istanbul Technical University. Baris Zeren was fun of playing games--Doom, Quake, Starcraft, etc. which later on made him fall behind in his classes at school because of playing a lot. He wanted to be in the computer engineering department of the university that he also wanted, but unfortunately, he was not able to do so. Instead, he took and finished his degree in Bachelor of Art in Material and Metallurgical Engineering. During his senior years in high school, he was introduced to the thing called the Internet, which he happened to hear on a computer fair. The internet was just developing when Baris Zeren was in his first year in the university, but the Internet caught his attention already at that early onset. All of a sudden, he found himself curious and hooked on the internet world. Following his fascination with the Internet, it has shifted and started to change his life. Baris Zeren decided to enter the web hosting sector, it was his first trial of venturing into entrepreneurship, that was during his second year at the university. With no commercial experience, it was new for Baris Zeren, he does not know accounting either. Together with his uncle, he launched his 50% joint web hosting business.

What Education Did Baris Zeren Get at Istanbul Technical University?

Baris Zeren got Material and Metallurgical Engineering lessons from Istanbul Technical University. He was always a technical person. Baris Zeren, who is good with mathematics, later did research on data science. In addition, Baris Zeren liked sociological sciences at every stage of his life. He discovered his interest in marketing studies during his university years.

How is Baris Zeren's Perspective on Marketing?

Baris Zeren thinks that direct marketing is more efficient than traditional marketing methods. For this reason, he is always looking up to develop new strategies for marketing but taking advantage of mass data. If we need to specify his own marketing perspective with the words of Baris Zeren, we can try to understand the following sentences.

“Direct marketing is growing rapidly, and marketers should be able to reach the best tools for their lead generation quickly. Cold emailing is the one which every company gets in touch with at their first stage because it's much more affordable than other channels like paid ads, and social media and can bring your first clients with a quick turnaround.”

Who is Baris Zeren's Favourite Marketer?

Baris Zeren’s favourite marketer is Gary Vaynerchuck. It was rooted in the late ‘90s because Gary Vaynerchuch was the one who started to push businesses to online space while nobody was aware of it. Moreover, Baris Zeren’s favourite marketer, Gary Vaynerchuck, was one of the early-stage investors of today’s well-known and well-established companies Facebook and Twitter with no intention of slowing down is still digging for the same. A shared interest in digital space was a factor why Baris Zeren is a fan and Gary Vaynerchuck is his favourite marketer. Realising the fact that digital space would be the most powerful marketing channel in the ‘90s was a crazy smart move which touched and fuelled their curiosity and eagerness to succeed in the online space of Baris Zeren.

What is Baris Zeren's family life like?

Baris Zeren was born to a civil servant family. His family was not into the marketing and digital world, thus, there was no one around to guide Baris Zeren’s passion and fascination to know and learn more about the industry. At the early stage of his childhood, the parents of Baris Zeren has seen his interest in technology. It was evidence of how a fan he was to play games. That he remembered having no opportunity in owning a Commodore 64 in the ‘90s. But he was patient enough to wait and got the next generation Amiga500. Baris Zeren, later on, found himself in the game world. With an aim of building success in the online world and leveraging the internet to his favour, Baris Zeren then ventured into a 50% web hosting business with his uncle. It then sparked his career in the online space.

Who is Baris Zeren's Father?

Baris Zeren’s father is Zafer Kemal Zeren who was a retired construction engineer. Zafer Kemal Zeren was born in Samsun, Turkey. Baris Zeren’s father, Zafer Kemal Zeren is already 76 years old.

Who is Baris Zeren's Mother?

Baris Zeren’s mother is Nazan Zeren who is a housewife. Nazan Zeren, the mother of Baris Zeren was born in Ordu, Turkey. She is already 66 years old.

Who is Baris Zeren's Wife?

Baris Zeren is happily married to Sevgi Zeren. Just like Baris Zeren, his wife, Sevgi Zeren is also an entrepreneur who was born in Aydin, Turkey. Baris Zeren’s wife, Sevgi Zeren is already 33 years old.

What is Baris Zeren's Profession?

Baris Zeren is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bookyourdata. Baris Zeren is invested in achieving Bookyourdata’s one goal: to create the world’s simplest and most usable platform to deliver the highest quality data to all marketers, salespeople, HR recruiters, and paid advertisers in the cheapest and easiest way possible. The entrepreneur assures its clients that Bookyourdata is moving forward today and will continue to grow rapidly. Connect to Baris Zeren LinkedIn and follow Baris Zeren Twitter to be updated and get to know more about Baris Zeren.

Is Baris Zeren an Investor?

Yes, Baris Zeren is an internet investor and an entrepreneur. It is innate for an internet investor like Baris Zeren to follow new business ideas at the startup stage. For him, before investing, he checks for the following factors: it must be early stage, but it must have gained its first customers, the founder and his team have the necessary experience, should the market have such a product, is there a need for such a product, who are the competitors, what is its growth strategy, where does the founder spend his time, is the product digital and is the initial cost within the budget and acceptable. It can be understood that Baris Zeren is a keen-to-detail type of investor. He ensures that before investing, everything about the business, its founders, the offer/product, and the team itself is intact and competitive enough to go against the increased market competition.

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