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Gary Taylor is the founder of Bookyourdata.com. He aimed to change the world of direct marketing into one that's accessible, with targeted lead lists and better solutions for everyone. He was responsible for the company's success and growth, and he tooked that job very seriously. Gary focused on building strong connections and producing the best products possible for clients. His small team of Bookyourdata.com employees working out of the company headquarters in Wilmington, DE, continue to innovate and amaze clients by coming up with revolutionary tools and services that all business-to-business (B2B) marketers can find useful.

A graduate of the University of San Francisco with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, Gary is a self-made entrepreneur who is passionate about building a positive company culture while his business continues to grow. As the founder of Bookyourdata.com, he has conceptualized much of our mission, marketing plans, strategies, and evaluations. He also has been involved with finding partners and making industry connections. He came to Silicon Valley to bring his unique vision to fruition, and today, his company has begun to change the B2B marketing industry!

Gary is devoted to important social causes like animal welfare, civil rights, economic empowerment, education, and child safety. He's also a swimmer and an avid fan of water polo, and he can speak some Japanese.

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