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Explore our extensive email list directories, tailored to connect you with pivotal contacts across diverse categories. Dive into our verified lists and establish meaningful connections with your target audience today!

Job levels

Job Levels

Get right into the decision-makers’ inboxes with our accurate, verified email lists by job level. By getting in touch with the right people at the right job levels, you make immediate, direct contact with those who have the power to make decisions and help your business move the needle and hit your marketing goals.

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Job titles

Job Titles

Need to reach CFOs? Or maybe project managers? Then get your emails directly to CFOs and project managers--and dozens more job titles--with our verified email lists by job title. Our email directories comprise hundreds of thousands of accurate contacts. All you need to do is choose those relevant to your business.

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Job function

Job Functions

Build a network with contacts who are most relevant to your business. We provide accurate, ready-to-download directories of contacts in more than 100 different job functions…from management to accounting, design, engineering, just to name a few. Get in touch with people in the departments that can make an impact.

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Market to contacts in the industries that would be interested in your services or products. By purchasing an accurate, verified business email list by industry, you can create a network of premium, targeted sales leads with professionals in industries as diverse as foodservice, hospitality, insurance, medical, marketing, retail, and dozens more.

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States & Provinces


Focus your marketing efforts in the US and Canada with a verified list of direct email contacts from Our comprehensive email lists can get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of executives and professionals in all 50 states as well as all 10 Canadian provinces and the country’s three territories.

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Streamline your international B2B marketing with reliable email lists full of the important information your business needs. With millions of contacts from dozens of countries across the globe, our international directories help you conduct business overseas with accurate company emails, phone numbers, and more information.

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Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

If your company provides services or products to the medical field, you need an accurate email list of doctors and healthcare professionals with whom you can contact directly. Our verified healthcare email database provides a list of email addresses and phone numbers of nearly 2 million professionals in nearly every medical specialty so you can find the right sales leads.

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Real Estate

Get your message right into the inbox of real estate professionals throughout North America with our leads for sale. Our targeted real estate agent and Realtor leads give you the upper hand when marketing your products or services. When you purchase a real estate email list, you can market confidently knowing your list is full of accurate, verified contacts who can boost your business.

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