What Are the Advantages of Direct Mail Advertising?

While many companies have jumped ship on this form of classic outreach, there are many different benefits of direct mail marketing that still make it a viable option. A business shouldn't ignore these direct mail advantages if they're hoping to increase brand recognition and connect with new sales leads.

Departments are very quick to make the argument against direct mail: It can be costly and often goes unread. But what are some of the often ignored and unappreciated reasons for printing and sending mail? Here are some of the top benefits of direct mail marketing:

Increased Authenticity

When someone sends a spam email, sometimes, they're not just meaning to pester; they're launching a direct attack on the recipient's information, computer, and livelihood. This insecurity means that bad email spam is much different from even the most spammy direct mail. Benefits you could reap as a result of this mistrust include an increased trust in your brand, comfort that you're a real company with a real address, and a label of being more authentic than competitors who only focus on their email database. Something with your logo that's physically felt rather than only seen conveys an unspoken trust and belief that's so important in a mostly digital world.

Better Brand Recognition

One of the top advantages of direct mail advertising happens whether or not the potential customers open it: the valuable brand recognition, which puts your brand name in the customer's home. Mail simply takes more time to handle, open, and glance at and is often remembered more than its digital counterpart. There are less "eyeballs" but more time with those eyeballs.

A Personal Approach

There are many different opportunities for personalization with direct marketing. Advantages of direct mail advertising include the ability to narrowly target your users in an intimate way, as one could do with email leads. Friendly, personalized direct mail can do very well.

A Different Audience

More often, tech-fearing groups, services agencies, and numerous B2B audiences tend to prefer mail, which is why so many businesses focus on direct mail with these types of contacts.

A Higher Response

Some studies have shown that direct mail results in more responses than emails. According to the Digital Marketing Association (DMA), emails have an average response rate of 0.12 percent and mail boasts a response rate of 4.4 percent. It's well worth the investment. Even if it doesn't result in the exact action you're going for, it can result in other effects. According to the U.S. Postal Service, 21 percent of mail recipients visit the sender's website, 12 percent call a listed number on the piece of mail, and 23 percent will visit the sender's store when it's near their location.

These are some of the advantages of direct mail marketing. If you now need to download a mailing list of targeted, accurate, verified business leads, buy one of our premium lists today! Our email lists also contain addresses, which are perfect for leveraging a B2B direct mail campaign!

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