Why create an email list? What other kind of campaign results in a 4300 percent return on investment on average, according to the Direct Marketing Association? With email list building tools, you can leverage the growth of your business in a big way. Let's explore the answers to common questions.

With low costs and high conversion rates overall, it's clear that may business owners understand that getting the right email leads is important, but haven't really grasped the whys, whens, whats, wheres, and hows of pulling a good database together.

What is email list building?

Email list building is the practice of collecting customers' and potential customers' emails together into a list, often to conduct marketing and outreach campaigns to engage subscribers. Usually, one creates an email database using CRM software, though many still may rely on spreadsheets or home-grown databases to help them keep track of their emails.

How are email lists made?

Say that your boss has designed that you're the new email list builder. How do you get the job done? Usually, these emails are aggregated using several different methods:

Collecting the information of current customers or subscribers upon checkout
Creating a form on one's site to attract new emails
Grabbing emails from other sources, such as social media
Buying a targeted lead list with available (email list building tools), like those on Bookyourdata.com

Why bother collecting emails?

Those considering email list building software wonder what having a list like this will do for their business. Simply put, it provides you direct access to engaging with a very niche business market using a very affordable type of marketing campaign.

Emails campaigns result, on average, in more than $43 dollars of ROI for every dollar spent.
56 percent of marketers believe that email is the most effective online marketing tactic for retention, according to Gigaom Research

How long will it take to get a good list?

It depends on the methods you use, but with Bookyourdata.com's custom contact list builder, you can download the kind of direct emails you need within a few minutes.

For a startup, getting a large, highly qualified, premium mailing list of reliable sales leads only using the traditional methods of forms and checkout tools might take a few years. With an email list builder, you can buy emails in the exact audience that would be most interested in your products or forming a B2B relationship.

Use our build-a-list tool or shop through our ready-made contact lists to give your email database the boost it needs.