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Need email leads? We help you reach people with Event Planners with our Event, Meeting Planners email list database of 136,800 direct contacts(100% verified only) which you can buy and download right here on BookYourData.com.

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Event Managers Email Database

Email Contacts
It starts at $99 for 250 leads. The more leads you order, the less you pay for each. Please visit our pricing page for all tiers.
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Event Managers Email Database

Email Contacts
It starts at $99 for 250 leads. The more leads you order, the less you pay for each. Please visit our pricing page for all tiers.
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If you are in a business that needs organizers' support, your targeted audience is likely event professionals. Hence, an event manager email list will give you exclusive access to organizers, helping you improve your marketing efforts. BookYourData has been in the database business for years. We build industry and job role-specific email marketing lists that will help you connect with decision-makers in the industry.

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Event and Meeting Manager Email List Features

The event and meeting managers are in charge of many things, from ideas, marketing strategy, and coordinating logistics to the realization of the event itself. Any of these steps performed by event planners can have benefits for your business, products, services, or solutions you may offer. Event and meeting manager email lists can help you collaborate with experts in the industry. 

However, not all email lists are the same, and many providers are just there to scrape information from the Internet. To retain an audience and preserve your reputation online and offline, purchasing an email list from a verified provider that will transparently disclose what you are getting with these lists is essential. This includes all possible features that the list and the platform have. Your decision on whether you need such a list may depend on them. Features are like frameworks that can help your business optimize communication with leads.

Segmentation capabilities of the mailing list or B2B platforms such as BookYourData are an essential part of that framework. They allow you to categorize your customers based on specific criteria, such as marketing professionals' email databases. Creating diverse categories such as these helps create highly targeted and personalized communication. Being relevant in your email content increases the possibility of engaging the people you are contacting.

Additionally, the BookYourdata platform offers automation tools that help you schedule and send emails without your intervention. You can send registration confirmations, reminders, event invitations, or requests for post-event feedback. Tools like these help you stay on schedule and be consistent in your communication. 

Speaking of tools, one tool is always essential for your business. BookYourData allows you to utilize your email list with seamless integration options. Whether it's management software or a CRM system, it's important to manage your contact details and maintain the integrity of communication across multiple platforms. 

That said, analytics tools are specifically important so businesses like yours can track the performance of email campaigns. BookYourData offers options to track email open rates and conversion rates and see how your communication is going. 

Lastly, there is always little time to create templates for brand-cohesive emails. We offer different pre-designed layouts that your team can use to reflect the theme or branding of your event. That means an aesthetically cohesive message and better chances of outreach success.

  • Segmentation Capabilities: Ability to categorize subscribers based on factors like past event attendance, location, and preferences to tailor communication more effectively.
  • Automation Tools: Facilities for setting up automated emails for registration confirmations, reminders, post-event feedback requests, and promotional announcements for upcoming events.
  • Integration Options: Compatibility with various event management software and CRM systems to streamline data management and improve efficiency.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Advanced tools to track email open rates, click rates, and conversion metrics to gauge the effectiveness of email campaigns and refine strategies.
  • Customizable Templates: A range of pre-designed and customizable email templates that can be adjusted to match the event’s theme or branding requirements.
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Customize Your Exhibition Professionals Email List

A customized email list of exhibition professionals can be a decisive tool for marketing and networking with event organizers. By customizing lists, you can target professionals in precise areas or demographic information such as age, specific job roles like the CMO email list, or education. Past event attendance segmentations can also help you determine whether these individuals are interested. 

On the other hand, behavioral data can give you contact information on their interests and preferences. And purchase data can give you a glimpse into exhibitors buying behavior, which can help you gauge whether they would be interested in what you offer. With so many options, you can delve deep into your client's segments and accurately address their needs. 

  • Geographic Location
  • Demographic Information
  • Past Event Attendance
  • Behavioral Data
  • Interests and Preferences
  • Job Role and Industry
  • Membership Status
  • Engagement Level
  • Purchase History
  • VIPs and Loyalty Program Members

Our Conference Marketing Manager Email List Includes:

Like in any email marketing list, you get basic contact details such as name, phone number, email addresses, industries, experience, and company they work for. You can segment the email lists based on criteria that will speak directly to the interests of any of the groups. For example, event-specific targeting allows marketers to tailor their approach to conference event lead-generation email lists

We regularly update and verify contacts to maintain lists' accuracy and relevance, and customization options offer you enough flexibility to adapt to diverse marketing needs. Finally, opt-in data ensures compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR. 

  • Comprehensive Contact Information
  • Segmented Lists
  • Regular Updates
  • Verified Contacts
  • Opt-In Data
  • Event-Specific Targeting
  • Customizable Options

Our Categories of Event Manager Email List

Having an organized and targeted list that is specific helps you save time and have effective communication with your clients. That said, our email leads are sorted according to specific job roles. For example, we have an advertising and media manager email marketing list. There are different types of events, and people specialize in different gathering types. 

Hence, we divided our lists into event categories, encompassing gatherings such as workshops and large-scale events. Meetings refer to smaller gatherings, conferences with more significant, more formal events, and exhibitions where individuals and businesses showcase their products or services in the trade.

Event Exhibition
Meeting Conference

Reliable Event Marketer Email Database

Reliable email lists are the ones that come from credible sources. It also means that these lists have the consent of the individuals to contact them. BookYourData offers lists such as event marketer email databases from industry-related and relevant sources, such as event attendees registration, professional social media sites such as LinkedIn, public records, industry associations, and subscription services. 

  • Event Attendee Registrations
  • Professional Networking Sites
  • Public Records and Corporate Announcements
  • Industry-Specific Associations
  • Opt-in Email Campaigns for Event Notifications
  • Business Directories and Event Listings
  • Subscription Services for Event Newsletters
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Why Choose Book Your Data for Your Event and Exhibition Marketer List

BookYourData is a seasoned email list provider committed to data accuracy, compliance with data regulations, and improving algorithms so that our clients receive accurate, verified contact databases.

We know that marketing strategies depend on clean email lists containing correct email addresses. That's why we perfect our algorithms that search the Internet for industry-specific sites and credible channels. For example, you might be looking for partnerships with event marketers to promote the gathering, and you can offer specific products for them, their speakers, delegates, or sponsors. 

In essence, the event marketers are looking to streamline their work and execute the event in the best possible way with all the elements and steps required to do so. If you can offer them specific products and services to help them reach their goal, they are your target audience.

You need access to their contact details but want to ensure they are verified, relevant, and come from credible sources. BookYourData email lists are dedicated to collecting reliable information, so you don't have to have questions about its source. We gather information from industry-specific events, trade associations, professional networking platforms, and opt-in subscriptions. 

Once you have a list of contacts, you must specify something relevant and unique to your business needs. For example, you might need certain companies with specific revenue or segments based on event type. Our platform offers more than a hundred filters, which you can use to narrow down the characteristics of your audience and get access only to the contacts you need, for instance, the lead generation professionals' email list. This customization lets you personalize content later when you export the list into your dedicated CRM. 

Even after purchasing the database, the platform will maintain an updated email list by performing several checks three times per month. Additionally, with BookYourData, you get a secure and data protection laws-compliant email marketing list that allows you to maximize lead generation and establish relationships with stakeholders. 

FAQs About Event Manager Email List

What types of events can benefit from an event manager email list?

If you are an event organizer but lack the capacity or knowledge to coordinate all the necessary processes and departments to complete the gathering, you can benefit from the event manager email list. This may include a variety of gatherings, such as meetings, conventions, exhibitions, special events, and corporate events.

How often should I update my event marketer email list?

Email contacts are prone to change due to company changes or fluctuations in people. BookYourData updates email lists once a month, while we refresh them every two weeks. In the end, with us, you have accurate, reliable, and correct contact details. 

Can I segment my event and exhibition marketer email list for different types of events?

Using our platform, you can segment event and exhibition marketer email lists for different types of events, including larger events, exhibitions, meetings, and conferences.

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Event Managers Email Database

Email Contacts
It starts at $99 for 250 leads. The more leads you order, the less you pay for each. Please visit our pricing page for all tiers.
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