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Need email leads? We help you reach Growth Marketers with our Performance Marketers email list database of 79,500 direct contacts(100% verified only) which you can buy and download right here on

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Growth Marketers Email Database

Email Contacts
It starts at $99 for 250 leads. The more leads you order, the less you pay for each. Please visit our pricing page for all tiers.
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Growth Marketers Email Database

Email Contacts
It starts at $99 for 250 leads. The more leads you order, the less you pay for each. Please visit our pricing page for all tiers.
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Buy Growth Marketers and Demand Generation Professionals Email Database

Email lists are a direct line to the industry's top-performance marketers and generation professionals. Although they are somewhat notorious due to the negligence of a few providers, choosing the right one can have immense benefits for your business. BookYourData's performance marketers and demand generation professionals email list offers accurate, reliable, and verified contact information of key decision-makers who are ready to engage with your brand.

Preview of Growth Marketers Email Database

Performance Marketing Professionals Contact List Features

Performance marketing professionals devise business strategies by suggesting ideas for online advertising, conducting analytics, and using content and resources to promote brands effectively. If your targeted audience is this group of marketing professionals, then you need access to exclusive leads, such as the BookYourData performance marketing professionals contact list.

Our proprietary lists are curated to provide B2B engagement and help businesses overcome the challenges of finding the right contact for their email marketing campaigns. It's more than having access to customers' names; each list contains emails, phone numbers, and job titles. Having contact details of your potential clients helps you connect with prospects across multiple channels. It creates flexibility for your marketing efforts when considering a cold-calling strategy alongside email outreach.

That said, any list can contain industry professionals. However, BookYourData has dedicated time and effort to create a highly targeted email database that focuses solely on a specific group of people. For example, based on their job roles, we have created a digital marketing professional email marketing list that offers insight into many contacts in this branch. The performance marketers and demand generation professionals email list focuses on specialists only in performance marketing.

Additionally, our platform is developed to give you control over what you are looking for. While our database contains millions of contacts, we provide you with filtering options so you can segment email lists and focus on specific criteria. For example, you might need a contact from a specific location with more than 100 employees who are digital marketers. Therefore, BookYourData has a predefined digital marketers' email list that you can use immediately. 

However, our commitment to high-quality data does not end here. It's a fact that people often change companies, or the company itself changes email addresses. Hence, lists usually get outdated and irrelevant. That is why at BookYourData, we commit to updating and refreshing your email list even after you have made a purchase. We perform updates every month, while the refresh occurs once every two weeks. It guarantees your email leads are clean, up-to-date, and relevant to your campaign. 

Finally, our platform ensures compliance with data regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. We handle personal data responsibly, respecting individuals' rights. This approach can impact your company tactics since compliance allows you to operate in regions where the regulations are strictly enforced. It builds trust and reliability, opens a new market for your business, and increases conversion rates. 

  • Comprehensive Contact Details: Includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, and job titles.
  • Highly Targeted: Focuses specifically on professionals in performance marketing, such as affiliate managers and digital marketers.
  • Regularly Updated: Ensures the most current contact information to maintain relevance and effectiveness.
  • Customizable: Allows users to segment the list by criteria like geographic region, company size, or specific marketing role.
  • Compliance with Data Regulations: Adheres to GDPR and other privacy laws to ensure ethical usage of the data.

Customize Your Performance Marketers Email List

Each business has different goals and needs when it comes to prospecting. Some industries might focus on the individual expertise of performance marketers, while others focus on company size. The BookYourData platform allows you to customize your performance marketer email list by utilizing automation tools that help you define specifics such as the marketer's industry sector, geographic location, expertise, and more. 

  • Job Title
  • Industry Sector
  • Company Size
  • Geographic Location
  • Experience Level
  • Specialization

Our Demand Generation Professionals Email List Includes:

While building a generation professionals email list, having some insight into your contacts' information is essential. The BookYourData platform is easy to use, and the list clearly indicates different details about your contacts. This is especially important during segmentation, for example, based on the industry sector. 

Therefore, with our database, you can expect an email address alongside the full name, job title, company size, sector, location, segment by industry, and experience level of a specific individual. For example, your business might require a particular job role, such as a CMO email marketing list. Since having a highly targeted list such as this is essential, BookYourData has developed an entire database based on specific job roles. That way, when you export the list to your CRM, you will have a clean email list containing all your relevant prospects.

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Industry Sector
  • Geographic Location
  • Company Size
  • Experience Level
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Our Categories of Demand Gen Professionals Email List

Demand generation is responsible for developing solutions that will effectively communicate the product's message. Marketing is a broad term, and there are many specialized job roles within every department. Each plays a vital role for businesses seeking to promote their products and services. 

SEO PPC professionals' email list is crucial for someone looking to expand the reach of their brand on the market. That said, within our marketers and demand gen professionals lead list, there are different categories of professionals working in this sector. Our list covers four of them to help you connect to top-tier experts in the industry. 

Growth - covers specialists focused on things like scaling the business and driving growth through data-driven decisions.

Performance marketing - are experts in campaign optimization to help businesses achieve the best possible ROI. 

Demand - professionals dedicated to creating and increasing product demand to help businesses grow.

Trade marketing - consists of top-notch strategists promoting products through retail and trade channels.

Growth Performance Marketing
Demand Trade Marketing

Better Lead Generation with Our Authentic Performance Marketers Email List

Creating interest in a product or service is an art in itself. That said, lead generation success starts with a reliable contact list in email marketing. Where contacts come from depends significantly on where the provider collects data about these professionals. It's as essential as verifying each contact and authenticating its activity.

BookYourData email lists come from credible sources that are connected to the industry. For instance, a marketing email list is a collection of contact data from industry-related conferences, webinars, seminars, professional social media sites, trade associations, landing pages, and more. Extracting email contact from credible sources increases your opportunity to contact and collaborate with experts such as performance marketers.

  • Industry Conferences and Seminars
  • Professional Networking Sites
  • Public Records and Corporate Filings
  • Trade Associations
  • Opt-in Email Campaigns
  • Business Directories and Listings
  • Subscription Services

Why Choose Book Your Data for Your Performance Marketers Email List

An email journey is similar to a buyer's journey, and the very significance of an email list is its ability to lead nurturing through targeted emails, often triggered by specific actions. The entire cycle or process starts with the initial mail. However, those messages have to be sent to the correct email address, or every team effort is in vain if something like your brand promotion ends in the darkness of the digital abyss. That said, one way to ensure you have the correct email address is to find a reputable and high-quality email list provider.

You might think the provider's reliability does not matter since you are buying an email list. But it makes all the difference if you seek high-ranking contacts such as sales directors' managers' email lists or business development directors' managers' email databases. In the past few years, thousands of diverse providers and automated processes have gathered the lists. Hence, some gather from public sources only, while others crawl social media networks. Whether testing their services is worth the dollar you are paying is debatable. 

Regardless, the list quality depends on the sources from which they are gathered. BookYourData has a policy and gathers target audiences from credible sources, such as industry-specific events, professional networks, and websites. It's also important to mention that each address is verified; BookYourData has a proprietary tool that checks each contact detail in stages and real-time, ensuring 97% accuracy. We update the list regularly, providing valuable contacts you can use immediately.

Assuming you are interested in optimizing and customizing your email list, BookYourData has different filters you can choose based on your specific business needs. These give you the power to be specific about what you seek. Each industry has a particular need; for example, recruiters might focus more on individuals and industries than companies. Filtering on our platform makes your targeting much more accessible than what you would get with non-tailored lists. 

Finally, there is the question of data protection and whether the contact lists adhere to regulatory laws. It's important to consider this feature, as the email list that abides by these laws is complying with GDPR and CCPA. In simple terms, it means that you can be sure that the list you pay for is safe to use in different parts of the world and will provide security that your campaign will not have regulatory drawbacks. 

FAQs About Performance Marketers and Demand Generation Professionals Email List

What types of professionals are included in the list?

The email list of performance marketers and demand generation professionals includes different sectors related to growth, performance marketing, demand, and trade marketing.

How is the Performance Marketing professionals email list sourced?

The performance marketing email list is sourced via credible platforms, including industry-specific educational and other events, company websites, professional networks, and more.

Can I customize the email list based on specific criteria?

Yes, you can customize the email list based on any criteria your business deems vital for targeting an audience.

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Growth Marketers Email Database

Email Contacts
It starts at $99 for 250 leads. The more leads you order, the less you pay for each. Please visit our pricing page for all tiers.
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