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It starts at $89 for 250 leads. The more leads you order, the less you pay for each. Please visit our pricing page for all tiers.

If you want to make stronger connections with other businesses, your goal should be to get in touch with the real decision-makers at companies. Luckily, you can do that with this list. Find CEOs, CFOs, and many other C-level employees in one directory!

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  • Last Update 02/27/2023

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C-Level Email List Details

Wouldn't it be great if you could cut through the red tape and speak to people who would be most likely to make a decision regarding your product? With this pre-built list from Bookyourdata.com, you can. These are some of the most highly sought-after contacts out there: an extensive list of C-level executives in one reliable, downloadable database. It's a database that you can pull, integrate into your CRM, and start using today. This is one of our customers' favorite ready-made data products, with all of the information you need to get started, from C-level executives' emails to phone numbers to addresses to company hierarchy information.

When people say "C-level," they often mean the key decision-makers at a company with the title "chief." A chief executive officer, or CEO, for example, is the head of a company. Other chiefs often either sit on the board of a company or have major influence over company functions. Some of the important people on this email list include CEOs, chief financial officers (CFOs), and chief operations officers (COOs). Chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) are also important, especially in select industries. (Please note that if you are targeting one type of C-level executive, such as CEOs, you can find a separate list for them under the job title section.) Pull this great list of the top people in the corporate world today!

Imagine the most frustrating scenario possible. You've taken the time to create a killer email campaign, but the only people responding are secretaries and interns—the people who aren't making any decisions. Sure, you can keep talking to them, hoping someone from the C-suite will notice your email in their inbox and respond. But how much time are you really willing to waste? With our C-level contacts email list, you'll have access to the email addresses of people who really matter. You can market directly to a CEO or any other type of executive-level manager by purchasing a list of all the C-suite execs you need.

It's time to cut out all gatekeepers from your contact list and get straight to the C-suite execs using our C-level contacts email database. Bookyourdata allows you to create targeted email lists in seconds. If you want to make stronger connections with other businesses, your goal should be to get in touch with the real decision-makers at companies. Luckily, you can do that with this list. Find CEOs, CFOs, and many other C-level employees in one directory.

We Guarantee Over 95% Email Deliverability With Complete Vcard Information

95% Deliverability Guarantee

Our data is verified by automated processes and human eyes. We're so confident about our contact lists that we provide a 95% accuracy guarantee. If more than 5% of your emails bounce, you'll get credits to make up the difference.

Instant Download

Get an email list in minutes and download it instantly as a .csv file! Both file types can be integrated into your CRM application quickly and easily. So you can get started with making new connections right away.

Email, Phone, Company Information, & More

We provide direct, detailed, specific information to help you make more valuable connections with your future business contacts: emails, names, phone numbers, postal addresses, business titles, company/industry information, department information, fax numbers, revenue, and even employee information.

Unlimited Usage Rights

Once you order the list, you own it! Our pricing is transparent; we don't charge extra fees for using the contacts we give you. There are no hidden fees or contracts. We charge the same low price regardless of if you're a small start-up or a large enterprise!

Best Price Guarantee

For sure there's no another supplier that can provide better pricing with the same 95% email deliverability guarantee. Even if you find, we beat it directly!

FAQ Regarding to C-Level Email List

Which C-suite types does your email database include?

We've got everyone you could possibly want to contact and pitch your product or service to executive-level managers, C-suite execs, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, CAOs, CCOs, CHROs, COOs, and CSOs. That's right—you'll be able to find every single top executive in our directory.

How fresh is your C-suite email list?

We're not just going to hand you a list of emails and call it a day. We're dedicated to helping you actually use this data—and we know it has to be up-to-date to do that. So our team updates our directory monthly and verifies the data weekly. So you can have confidence that everything on the list is accurate—we guarantee it with a 95% accuracy rate.

Can I download only a few thousand of your C-level business mailing contacts?

Sure you can! With our list-builder tool, you can select the location, contact info, and amount of contacts that you need. You can even choose to focus on C-level executives or a different job title!

Is it legal to buy a C-level bulk email list?

Of course, it is legal to buy our bulk email lists, as long as you follow the CAN-SPAM Act and other relevant regulations. Bookyourdata has taken care of all of the legalities for you so that all of the contacts in our directory are legitimate, verified email addresses with names attached to them (no fake addresses here).


Fredrick Towne - Palmetto Industries

"I recently started my own business and found the Bookyourdata email list to be very useful in finding other companies I might be able to partner with. I was able to find C-level contacts at other businesses and send them emails about my company and our services! Bookyourdata saved me a lot of time by finding these contacts for me, rather than making me search for them on my own. I would definitely recommend using this list if you need C-level contacts quickly!"

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