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It starts at $89 for 250 leads. The more leads you order, the less you pay for each. Please visit our pricing page for all tiers.

Find funding with this targeted, accurate investor email list, full of information you need to make more personable business connections. Pulling from numerous companies and industries, this pre-made list contains those with the job title of investor.

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Investors Email List Details

One of the most difficult parts of going into business in the first place is finding the right investor or funder. Email lists from Bookyourdata.com can help connect you with those powerful decision-makers. Today, even within a few minutes, you can download a directory full of hard-to-reach angel investors' contact information: direct emails, phone numbers, names, postal addresses, titles, and more! Shortly after downloading, you can pull the information into your CRM and start calling, emailing, or otherwise connecting with this lucrative group of investors!

BookYourData.com's investor email lists will help you build a perfect, targeted marketing campaign. Our investors' list is full of the information you need to make more personable business connections. If you're looking for a specific type of investor, we can help you narrow down your search and meet your goals. You can even choose the types of companies and industries that are represented in the list. The whole point is to find investors with whom you already have something in common. Our investor email address lists are perfect for any business that wants to find funding for its next project—from small local businesses to large international corporations. We've done all the hard work of creating the list for you, so all you have to do is purchase it, download it, and start using it!

Email lists from Bookyourdata.com are human-verified, highly qualified, and at a much more affordable price than many of our competitors offer. We give you the tools to build stronger connections with the people who are important to your business. In this case, you can reach out to investors who decide whether or not to fund other businesses! This is the perfect tool for a well-recognized business looking to market their service or product or a new entrepreneur. Email list products can also be further narrowed with our customization feature, which allows you to build a list based on location, industry, function, or job level.

When you're looking for funding, it's important to make connections that will be more personal than just a cold email out of nowhere. This targeted and accurate investor email list is full of the information you need to make those connections, so you can send emails to those who matter most—and get results. Our carefully constructed database pulls from numerous companies and industries including investment companies, investment offices, venture capital, VC, and private equity. There are plenty of options for everyone. It contains all the job titles you're looking for, including the investor. One of the qualities that set us apart from other companies is that we've already vetted all our data sources for you—no more time wasted on leads that don't pan out! All our data is constantly updated, so you can be sure your list is accurate and relevant at all times. We also offer instant lookup tools; no more long waits while your request is processed (or worse yet, rejected). So what are you waiting for? Purchase your investor email list now and get started!

Create a customized list of potential backers, or just download this pre-made list to get started pulling investor contact information right away. Try it and get funding now!

We Guarantee Over 95% Email Deliverability With Complete Vcard Information

95% Deliverability Guarantee

Our data is verified by automated processes and human eyes. We're so confident about our contact lists that we provide a 95% accuracy guarantee. If more than 5% of your emails bounce, you'll get credits to make up the difference.

Instant Download

Get an email list in minutes and download it instantly as a .csv file! Both file types can be integrated into your CRM application quickly and easily. So you can get started with making new connections right away.

Email, Phone, Company Information, & More

We provide direct, detailed, specific information to help you make more valuable connections with your future business contacts: emails, names, phone numbers, postal addresses, business titles, company/industry information, department information, fax numbers, revenue, and even employee information.

Unlimited Usage Rights

Once you order the list, you own it! Our pricing is transparent; we don't charge extra fees for using the contacts we give you. There are no hidden fees or contracts. We charge the same low price regardless of if you're a small start-up or a large enterprise!

Best Price Guarantee

For sure there's no another supplier that can provide better pricing with the same 95% email deliverability guarantee. Even if you find, we beat it directly!

FAQ Regarding to Investors Email List

Where can I find email lists of investors?

If you're looking for an email list of investors to help you make more targeted, professional connections with potential funding sources, bookyourdata is the place to go! Our pre-made lists are based on real data from companies and industries across the globe, so you can use them to make personable connections that will help your business thrive.

Why should I get Investors email database?

Our pre-made email lists contain highly specific information that will help you make more targeted connections with potential clients or customers. Our investor email list contains verified contact information and job titles so you can easily reach out to the right people: investors!

I’m interested in Investors contact list but we have an external suppression file. How can we avoid having duplicates?

If you have a list of emails that you'd like to suppress, we can help! Just contact us and let us know what information you have on hand, and we'll start the process of importing your list into your account for the deduping process. This will ensure that we don't send your new list out with any duplicates or suppressed emails.

What advanced segments do you have for Investors mailing list?

While you are able to filter any industries, job titles, job levels with a combination of employees, revenue ranges, there are also some other special filters available such as targeting specific domains, domain types, company types, founded years, countries, technographic, etc.


Sarah Howe - Erdman Inc

“We just got our first round of funding! Thanks to BookYourData.com, we were able to connect with the right investors and get them interested in what we're doing, instead of wasting time talking to people who weren't going to help us grow. The investor email list is accurate and updated regularly—you can't beat this service!”

Trudie Moen - Remodel Health

"When I first ran into Book Your Data, I was working as a security consultant. One of my clients owned a small business and needed to reach investors to try and get some funding. He was optimistic that with their new technology they would have no problem finding investors, but the only way to do so was by getting the contact details of the potential investors. I knew that this would be a difficult thing to do manually and I did not have time to be spending on gathering investor emails, so I turned to Book Your Data. I had deployed a lot of data-scraping software in the past and they had all been rubbish. Book Your Data, however, is an exception. It has a very easy interface and was very fast at gathering investor email lists. And the quality of the information gathered was great too! My client got his funding from investors in no time!"

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