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It starts at $99 for 250 leads. The more leads you order, the less you pay for each. Please visit our pricing page for all tiers.

Buy our doctor database to find physician email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and more. Bookyourdata.com offers a simple way to get in touch with knowledgeable physicians across the US. To connect to the medical community like never before, download our national physician database today!

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Physicians in the US Email List Details

Find out why you should buy physician email list. This video shares expert tips on generating leads for your B2B business.

Do you need a prescription for your medical or pharmaceutical marketing campaign? How about an extensive list of doctors from hospitals, clinics, and offices across the United States? Download this easy-to-implement directory to find the accurate, direct contact information of your target audience. Physician email lists from Bookyourdata.com have been created so you can reach out to the qualified people who would be most interested in your product. Form stronger B2B connections with a directory of premium contacts that have all of the valuable information you need to connect. This downloadable directory can serve as a physician mailing list, call list, and email list; whichever method you're using to market to these professionals, we can help.

Equip your sales team with a physicians database that's accurate and full of relevant contacts. It truly makes marketing to doctors that much simpler. This entire ready-made doctor email list is easy to download and can be integrated into your CRM within minutes. It's also affordable, allowing you to market your pharmaceutical or medical product without having to blow your entire budget on unqualified leads. It's one of the best tools out there for finding doctors' email addresses and connecting with this influential community.

We're not just talking about physicians in the United States, either. We also offer lists of national physicians database, UK doctors, UK physicians, naturopathic physicians, nuclear medicine physicians, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, hematologists, speech pathologists, internal medicine specialists, occupational medicine doctors, pathologists, thoracic surgery specialists, allergy immunology experts, family practice specialists, pulmonary disease specialists, ENTs, clinical doctors, Canadian physicians and more!

Our doctor database is comprised of physician contacts for medical offices. It includes not only email addresses, but phone numbers, postal addresses, and other relevant information about the physicians who work there. This isn't just a regular list of doctors' emails—it's an incredible resource for savvy marketers like you. All of our databases are updated every month so you can be confident that the information is current and accurate. Our doctor database can be filtered by specialty or location, so whether you're looking for MDs, DOs, DMs, or something else entirely, we can download the list of doctors' contact information in minutes. We also make sure we're complying with all applicable laws when we gather and present this data, so you never have to worry about getting into trouble if you use our lists.

The physician email addresses are perfect for any healthcare business or organization that wants to connect with doctors and medical professionals. We know that finding physicians' contact information is hard work—or it used to be anyway. But now we've made it simple by creating a physician email list that is easy to download as an Excel file. We've also included all kinds of additional information about each physician's specialty, practice location, and more. When you purchase our physician database today, you're doing more than buying information on doctors. You're ensuring that your investment pays off in the long run. This is because we guarantee the accuracy of our data. If anything becomes outdated within 30 days after purchase, we'll give you more data for free.

You don't have to worry about those pesky marketing regulations that make it hard for businesses to get in touch with physicians. We're compliant with all HIPAA regulations and CAN-SPAM laws so that our doctor database can be used by everyone safely and securely. Bookyourdata.com is your one-stop shop for finding physicians across the nation.

This verified physician email list is also location-based; the sales leads within it are specific to the United States. Keep things local and get in touch with those affected by the specific laws and policies of their country. You can market to and network with those affected by said laws using this directory of physicians in the United States. Buy this ready-made doctor mailing list with email addresses and direct contact information, or narrow your search further with our customization tools.

Email leads, conduct better pharmaceutical campaigns, and promote your business with our doctor database today!

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Our data is verified by automated processes and human eyes. We're so confident about our contact lists that we provide a 95% accuracy guarantee. If more than 5% of your emails bounce, you'll get credits to make up the difference.

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FAQ Regarding to Physicians Email List

Who is the best provider for doctors email lists in the US?

Look no further than bookyourdata. We're the most trusted source of doctor contact lists on the internet. We make it easy to purchase a doctor database that meets your needs. No matter what type of doctor you're looking for, we have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can narrow down your search by specialty, state, or any other special selection criteria.

Where to buy physicians email list online?

With bookyourdata, it's easy. Just navigate to our website, type in your criteria (maybe you want to find all-female cardiologists in Ohio), and we'll generate a list based on what you've asked us. You can choose whether or not you want us to include email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses (or all three). Once you have your list ready to go, download it onto your computer and start getting in touch with doctors via multiple channels—all of them targeted directly at the physicians who are most likely to return your emails.

Are records of doctors email database categorized by specialties?

Yes, the data you download will be categorized by specialties of doctors/physicians, so you can easily sort your list to target the right providers. Whether you want to reach out to doctors directly or are targeting individuals by their specialty, bookyourdata.com makes it easy for you to get in touch with knowledgeable physicians across the nation.

Can I use your physician database with Mailchimp?

Yes, you can use our contacts with any email service company in the world because we put all of our data into a .csv format. This means you can use it with any database or email program you like. You can upload it directly into your favorite email marketing platform including Mailchimp.

There are more contacts in real life, why there are fewer in your physicians email database?

This is a database of verified doctor contacts that we've compiled by combining our own records with those of our partners. We verify each email address and phone number to ensure that the data we provide is of the highest quality possible. There may be more doctors in real life, but there are fewer verified contacts for sale—and we're only selling what we know to be true. All of our doctor contacts are validated and confirmed through social signals.

I want to place a test order for your doctors list, then want to go for a much bigger one. How can I be sure if there won’t be any duplicates?

If you want to place a test order for our doctors email list and then move on to a much bigger one, we can help make sure you don't get any duplicates. Our online tool has a special function called "deduping," which will ensure that all of the contacts in your test order are net-new, and not included in any orders you place later. Just place your first order using our platform. We'll enable the deduping feature for you so all future email lists will only include contacts that weren't included in your previous orders.


Gerald Satterfield - Benedict Health

"When we decided to start a new marketing campaign, we knew one of the first places we'd have to start was by building a list of doctors who might be interested in our new product line. It was going to take forever, though… or so we thought. That's before we discovered Bookyourdata.com, that is! We were able to build a targeted emailing list for our new product in seconds using their incredibly user-friendly website and database of over 1 million physicians. And the best part? It was actually cheaper than if we'd tried to do it ourselves! We were able to contact more people faster, without having to spend hours manually digging through online records—and in a way that wasn't going to break the bank. We've saved so much money on marketing costs with Bookyourdata.com."

Sedrick Brekke - Trio Clinic

"I started my wellness clinic a few months ago. I was having trouble getting in touch with the right doctors to get them to refer their patients to me. I tried googling for a physicians email list and came across Bookyourdata.com. They offered me a list of over 2000 doctors and gave me the option to download it in an excel spreadsheet. I was shocked by how easy it was to find the email addresses and contact information for physicians in my area, and for the price that I paid, I got access to so much more than the website prices. You can use the tool to get data to send emails, make phone calls, text messages, or even mail postcards!"

Tiffany Reed - Anuma

"I'm a recruiter for pharmaceuticals, and I've been using BookYourData for a little over a year. My team is constantly looking for physicians to participate in clinical trials, and we need to be able to reach out to them efficiently. The first time I used BookYourData was when our company was testing out a new drug that treats diabetes. We needed to get in touch with endocrinologists, so the fact that they have a database of doctors sorted by specialty was incredibly useful. We also needed to find doctors who worked in clinics and not hospitals, so the ability to select by practice type made our recruitment efforts go much faster than when we used other providers. BookYourData has become one of my favorite tools and I recommend it to all my friends in the industry."

Maria Dean - Vibralign

"When I saw bookyourdata for the first time, I thought "Wait a minute. We don't have time for stuff like this." Our business is about bringing products to market for doctors and hospitals, so we have to be fast. Like, now-now. We don't have time or money to waste on a process that takes forever and costs a fortune. But then I realized that Bookyourdata was the answer to my prayers! It's just so easy—I can build an email list in seconds. And with a fair price. How could I say no? The best part? When we're done with one campaign, it's easy enough to build another list right away. We're not stuck in some long-term contract with some other vendors, only able to get what we need when our term is up—we can be as flexible as we want with the email list, and that's the kind of freedom we need on our team."

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