The pandemic has been tough and it is fair to say that all industries across the world will have felt the strain, with some sectors significantly more affected than others.

The unemployment statistics alone show how hard it has hit the global economy; over 20 million people lost their job in the US since that start of the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of these cuts (37.5%) were seen in the leisure and hospitality sector with 7.5 million cuts. This was followed by the education and health sector (2.6 million cuts), the retail trade (2.3 million cuts) and those in professional and business services (2.2 million cuts)*.

Canada also saw unemployment double between February and April, with it now at the highest rate (13.7%) since this data became available in 1976**.

In the UK jobless claims increased by 1.6 million during lockdown, while job vacancies dropped to their lowest since records began in 2001 (295,000)***.

We also conducted a survey of 3,100 working adults in the US and discovered that two in five (42%) are still concerned about their job security. The highest level of concern was seen in the retail sector where more than half of the employees believed that their jobs were still at risk (56%), followed by leisure and hospitality (47%) and those in manufacturing (44%).

We also found out that those aged 60 and over were most concerned about losing their job (51%), followed by those between the ages of 16-25 (46%).

With the situation as it currently is across the world, we wanted to give a helping hand to those who have recently lost their job. This is why we are making an email list of opted-in hiring managers and HR pros freely available to jobseekers.

If you have lost your job during the pandemic and would like to access this list once it goes live, then please register your interest below by entering your name, email address, industry and location.

If you are a hiring manager, HR pro, or anyone who is currently hiring and would like to help get people back to work then please fill in the below form by entering your name, email address, industry, location and whether you have roles currently available. Please do check the terms and conditions as well.

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Gary Taylor, CEO of Book Your Data, said

“The pandemic has been devastating for millions and while at first it may have seemed like this downward spiral wouldn't end, there are signs that we are slowly bouncing back. As a company, we have access to hundreds of thousands of relevant and up-to-date contacts which we realised could be really helpful by putting job seekers in direct contact with the people that can help get them back to work.

“To any hiring managers or HR professionals that opt-in to the list, we greatly appreciate your decision and even if we only help a handful of people find work, that is still a handful of families that no longer have to worry about making ends meet."