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Direct vs Generic Email Addresses in E-Mail Marketing

Marketers today need to consider and start smart email marketing campaigns. Smart email marketing includes accurately targeting and designing emails to consider customer engagement. In the end, customers will have an improved experience and marketers will be able to clearly analyze which of their campaigns are successful and which of them are not. In marketing, it is important to know exactly who you are aiming to reach. Direct email addresses as opposed to generic email contacts give a clearer idea on exactly that: Who is it that you are dealing with here?

What is a direct email address?

A direct address looks very similar to a regular email address, is based on existing email standards, and can be issued to individuals and organizations. Direct email marketing is defined as emails that are sent to a specific customer or potential customers in order to promote a business. These emails usually contain one of three things: promotion of a new product, new information about or a discount on a particular product, or a special deal that the company is offering.

Generic email addresses, on the other hand, are used for departmental email purposes, and the owner is entitled to grant other users access to the account as well. This means that you don't know exactly who your recipient is.

Why do we favor direct email addresses?

The luring effect of direct email comes from its targeted nature and the information it holds. It enables you to appeal to your customer as an individual and cater to their needs by using the data about the buying habits and demographic of that particular person. The advantages of direct email campaigns are becoming clearer to more and more companies each day. These days, every dollar spent on direct email marketing nets a return of around $45!

Not having a unique email address for each contact effectively eliminates email as an option for communication and as an option for identification. While ads sent to generic email addresses may be seen by a customer, they do not incite a personal response. This, combined with the fact that no ad sent to a group of people can be specific enough to meet a customer's needs, will most likely lead to your email being marked as spam.

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