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LinkedIn Premium vs. Sales Navigator: Features & Price Compared

Boost your email outreach and professional development with relevant data. Explore this insightful guide to learn about two services that help you get information from LinkedIn. Get a detailed LinkedIn Premium vs. Sales Navigator analysis comparing top features and prices to determine which service best suits your needs.

Read the article and discover:

We’ve wrapped a nice takeaway gift of the article’s main points and provided straightforward answers to frequently asked questions. You'll know everything about LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator to choose one based on your professional needs and budget.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a paid and upgraded form of LinkedIn made to improve job seeking and networking. Subscribing to LinkedIn Premium allows you to use special tools that people with free accounts can't. These features include: 

  1. InMail messaging, which lets LinkedIn users directly contact anyone on the platform
  2. Advanced search tools to narrow down the results
  3. Detailed information on who has looked at your profile
  4. Access to online courses for professional growth

This upgraded version of the largest professional networking platform in the world exists for people who want to find work faster, gain knowledge, quickly expand their contact network, and improve their brand image.

LinkedIn Premium offers excellent tools for direct contact. If you're looking to enhance your email outreach strategies, learn more about how to find emails on LinkedIn to connect effectively with your prospects.

How Does LinkedIn Premium Work?

LinkedIn Premium is a subscription-based service with several categories tailored for different requirements, including those of recruiters, owners, business professionals, and job searchers. Those who subscribe get greater visibility and profile viewing options and can instantly access exclusive features like sending InMails, seeing more detailed profile data, and using advanced search. Because LinkedIn Premium is so advanced and all-inclusive compared to the free version, users can take better and more strategic advantage of LinkedIn's massive network. 

Who Should Use LinkedIn Premium?

Anybody with a LinkedIn account can subscribe to LinkedIn Premium. However, this service pack is the most suitable for the following groups: 

  1. People actively looking for a new role: People looking for work can use the service to contact companies directly and receive personalized job tips that help them stand out in job markets.
  2. Recruiters who want the best possible candidates in their company: Recruiters and hiring managers are often LinkedIn Premium subscribers because it helps them find the best candidates and see their complete profiles. 
  3. Marketers looking to improve networking initiatives: LinkedIn is a huge database with precious information that goes far beyond emails and phone numbers, and as such, it’s a robust foundation for different marketing campaigns.
  4. Company owners looking for partnerships and business opportunities: Entrepreneurs can use advanced networking tools to find new customers, make connections in their field, and learn more about their competitors.
  5. Professionals who want to improve their skills: People can sharpen and enrich their knowledge with access to exclusive LinkedIn Learning courses.

LinkedIn Premium can be a game-changing tool for people who want to invest in their professional growth, reach highly targeted prospects or job applicants, and find better jobs.

Advantages of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium has a set of tools that can help you connect with decision-makers and move up in your career. This improved version of LinkedIn makes it easier to communicate with others and gives you information about job markets and businesses. Here are 6 main benefits that come with LinkedIn Premium’s enhanced job search tools:

1. Advanced Search Filters

One of the main benefits of LinkedIn Premium is its advanced search filters, which allow users to contact the most relevant people. Those search filters include the following:

  • Job Function
  • Seniority Level
  • Company Size
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Past Company
  • Current Company
  • School

With these advanced search options, LinkedIn Premium users can narrow their searches to particular people. This makes it an excellent networking platform with personal branding and profile optimization tools, and it is also attractive to managers looking for candidates with specific qualifications.

2. Unlimited People Searches

LinkedIn limits your people search user limit based on your previous activity on the platform. LinkedIn Premium bypasses this limitation by providing limitless searches and the ability to see as many profiles as needed. For users actively creating connections, looking for possible customers, or recruiting across several sectors, this unrestricted access is essential to making the most of LinkedIn.

3. Business Insights and Company Insights

LinkedIn Premium is priceless for those working in advertising, competition analysis, market research, or company development. It provides details on employment procedures, business development patterns, and other information that might be essential for making strategic decisions. This feature is highly appreciated across several departments because it provides valuable data to help make informed big decisions.

4. Limitless Search

A free LinkedIn account will reach its commercial use limit after around 300 searches per month. You cannot search on LinkedIn after you have reached the limit. The unlimited search feature available to Premium members is attractive to individuals who often exceed this limitation. While this might be irrelevant for occasional users, those who actively use LinkedIn for daily outreach, networking, and prospecting love this perk.

5. Insights of Company

We mentioned that LinkedIn Premium provides information on job opportunities, recent hiring, and other activities, giving Premium users deep insights into companies' various characteristics and activities. If appropriately used, these details can help businesses develop strategies based on their competitors' activities and development. There might be more popular features than this, but company insights can be highly beneficial for long-term business strategies.

6. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning brings thousands of valuable courses to LinkedIn users, allowing them to improve their skills and add them to their profiles. This huge knowledge database will make professionals more attractive to recruiters. LinkedIn Learning brings customized learning suggestions determined by the user's skills, job function, industry, and professional goals. Thanks to industry professionals who make these courses and LinkedIn, which offers them to all Premium users, people can improve their knowledge anytime, anywhere, with mobile accessibility and flexible learning schedules.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a complex sales management tool that was developed to make LinkedIn a more efficient networking platform. It was designed exclusively for sales professionals with advanced lead generation features and detailed company and industry insights. Finding sales prospects and consumers, establishing connections with them, and maintaining those connections are some of the platform’s top benefits. This tool allows users to reach highly targeted decision-makers and communicate more successfully. Here are some of LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s top characteristics:

  • It relies on LinkedIn’s immense database.
  • It offers customized lead recommendation algorithms.
  • The tool has advanced search filters and targeting options.
  • Advanced tools allow better targeting, easy management, and higher engagement.
  • Increased InMail credits help organizations reach more leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can benefit sales departments of all sizes because it offers comprehensive networking capabilities, informs users of important updates related to prospects’ activities, and provides valuable tools that help improve engagement.

How Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Work?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides sales management services, bringing multiple benefits. Here’s how this tool can help you:

  • Search and Discovery: Users can set specific filters, such as job role, company size, or industry.
  • Customized Recommendations: The platform provides automatic lead suggestions based on users’ past contacts and sales preferences.
  • Lead Tracking: Users could set up alerts for specific businesses or people to get prompt information about important events like new announcements, job changes, or corporate updates.
  • Integration with CRM Systems: Sales Navigator can connect to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.
  • InMail Messaging Capacity: Sales Navigator offers InMail credits to contact prospective people outside of one's immediate network. These credits let users send messages directly to any LinkedIn member, not simply those they are linked to.
  • Engagement Insights: Information about prospects’ hobbies, interests, and activities allows personalized messages to boost engagement and conversions more effectively.

After mastering InMail, take your email strategies further by exploring effective cold email outreach techniques, complete with templates to boost your success rates.

Who Should Use Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is a powerful tool used by many sales professionals and other sectors, such as marketing, recruiting, and research. It is a suitable solution for organizations and sales professionals seeking to maximize sales efficiency. It benefits business-to-business (B2B) relations by letting users understand client requirements and helping them create personalized connections. 

Additionally, the insights provided by Sales Navigator can assist marketing teams in customizing their strategies for better efficiency. Recruiters and HR professionals often use it to locate potential candidates more precisely. Sales Navigator is a highly effective platform that can be used by people whose responsibilities include professional connections, sales, marketing, and recruiting.

Advantages of Sales Navigator

This sales management supertool has many advantages for small and big organizations. We decided to focus on the six most powerful ones. Let’s explore them all and see 6 reasons to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

1. Targeting Potential Customers and Leads

Thanks to LinkedIn's complex database, Sales Navigator helps salespeople contact potential customers and personalize communication with them. It uses user preferences and precise filters to find the most suitable prospects, assisting people in achieving fruitful communication with them and maintaining business relationships.

To complement your LinkedIn lead generation efforts, discover the best email search engines that can help you expand your email list and reach a wider audience.

2. Industry Trends and Unlimited Searches

Sales Navigator informs companies about their markets and industries by offering priceless insights on current industry trends. The platform also provides extensive search options for salespeople who do a lot of prospecting and research. This function makes complete market penetration and lead generation possible by allowing salespeople to explore profiles and possibilities continuously without exceeding search limits.

3. Sales Team Tool for Professionals Networking

TeamLink is a tool within Sales Navigator that lets users connect with a broader range of relevant leads outside your hard-core audience. It uses the entire team's connections to expand your own. Anyone who can access a Sales Navigator Advanced or Advanced Plus account can use this tool.

TeamLink Groups, a cross-contract TeamLink tool that lets you link many contracts and significantly increase the number of high-quality leads, is also available for Sales Navigator Advanced and Advanced Plus users.

4. Search Saving

One of the best things about LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that it lets you save searches and set up alerts for specific criteria. Once you set up a search with the parameters you want, Sales Navigator will automatically let you know when new profiles match your criteria. This feature cuts down on the time and work needed to keep an eye on the platform for new prospects, which speeds up the sales process.

5. Filtering Options

It’s challenging to find people who need your products and services, even though many are on LinkedIn. When salespeople are looking for prospects, LinkedIn Sales Navigator's powerful filtering tools let them get down to the specifics. Users can narrow their search by job function, seniority level, location, industry, and company size, among other professional and demographic factors. A high level of accuracy lets you reach out to leads that fit the exact profile you want.

6. CRM Connection

Another great advantage of Sales Navigator is that it works well with CRM systems. With this integration, all of your interactions and data about LinkedIn prospects will be synced automatically with your CRM. This connectivity saves time, improves data accuracy, and gives sales teams up-to-date and relevant information necessary for managing relationships and following up on sales.

LinkedIn Premium vs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The main difference between LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator lies in their target audience and their distinct features. Although both services improve the LinkedIn experience, they serve various professional demands. Both tools offer prioritized customer support to their subscribers. 

Let's compare these two tools by presenting their strongest points and functionalities.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium is primarily tailored for people actively seeking employment, recruiters, and professionals who want to improve their image and broaden their professional connections. It provides functionalities such as the following:

  • LinkedIn Premium users enjoy unlimited profile searches.
  • InMail Messaging allows users to message anyone on LinkedIn, even people they are not connected with.
  • LinkedIn Learning brings many professional courses, allowing users to improve their skills and become more attractive to recruiters.
  • Access to private browsing and profile viewing history allows users to learn about people who have visited their profiles and view prospects’ profiles without being noticed.
  • Premium users can search for jobs or profiles with more filters, which means they get relevant and precise results.
  • Job posting and applicant tracking features help candidates find new roles faster.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator was made to make sales processes more efficient and engage clients. It has powerful features that are designed to meet the needs of sales teams:

  • Users can make and manage their lists of leads and accounts.
  • Team collaboration tools allow sales departments to stay connected and informed.
  • Sales insights deliver news and updates about leads and accounts to help plan a better sales strategy.
  • People can add notes and tags to their accounts to make them easier to find and keep track of for follow-up.
  • Smart links let people share material with prospects and track their interactions with it.
  • Users enjoy real-time sales updates and alerts (role, company, new products, etc.).
  • The advanced search filters let you target prospects more accurately based on certain factors.
  • Access to a broader range of profiles improves companies’ chances of higher engagement and conversions.

LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are business tools designed to meet different needs. 

LinkedIn Premium is an excellent tool for professionals, job hunters, marketers, and individuals who want to improve their image. It focuses on networking and career development through tools like InMail chat, LinkedIn Learning, and greater profile information. LinkedIn Premium offers analytics and tracking for profile engagement, allowing users to know who saw their profile and analyze interaction patterns to improve visibility and networking strategies.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers networking and outreach tools specific to sales professionals, like custom lead lists, customizable dashboard and reporting sales insights, and more advanced search options. These features make sales processes easier and keep customers more interested, which makes them valuable for focused marketing and effective sales management.

LinkedIn Premium helps people advance in their careers, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives sales teams the tools they need to carry out their sales strategies effectively. Each service provides different features to help its users be successful at work or improve their careers.

Cost Comparison Between LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator

Cost for LinkedIn Premium: A LinkedIn Premium account costs $29.99 a month or $239 a year. There is also an elite level on LinkedIn for companies called LinkedIn Premium Business. This plan costs $59.99 a month or $575.88 a year. 

Cost for LinkedIn Sales Navigator: There are two plans for LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Core and Advanced. The Core plan is a good starting point for beginners because it only costs $99.99 monthly or $959.88 annually. The Advanced plan costs $149.99 per month or $1799.88 per year and has extra features and functions.

When comparing cost and pricing structure differences, we must consider each tool's benefits and intended users. LinkedIn Premium's basic plan is more affordable for individuals who want to connect with prospects, find better jobs, and advance their careers. The LinkedIn Premium Business plan is still pretty reasonable for small to medium-sized companies.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs much more but benefits companies and sales departments. The Core plan comes with many tools for managing relationships with customers and finding new sales opportunities. The Advanced plan gives experienced salespeople a complete set of tools for more complex sales tasks.

Which one to choose should depend on your work goals and how much you hope to get back from using these tools.

Linkedin Premium Career vs Linkedin Premium Business

LinkedIn Premium Career and LinkedIn Premium Business are two products in the LinkedIn Premium package that meet different needs.

LinkedIn Premium Career is for people looking for professional development and skill-building resources. It has features such as:

  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Job Insights
  • InMail Messages
  • Who Viewed Your Profile

LinkedIn Premium Business is for business owners who want to expand their networks and learn more about running a company. It provides:

  • InMail Messages
  • Unlimited Browsing
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Business Insights
  • Relationship Tracking and History Tools

LinkedIn Premium Career is better for people looking for work. Its tools can help you get noticed by employers, learn about job market trends, and gain the skills you need to advance.

LinkedIn Premium Business is perfect for marketers and business professionals who want to make more business connections and learn more about the market and their competitors.

How to Choose LinkedIn Subscription Options for Your Sales

Choosing the proper LinkedIn account for your sales team should depend on your sales goals, how important LinkedIn is to your sales processes, the time and money you have to handle the platform, and how quickly you need to reach your sales goals. Let's find out how to choose the best LinkedIn account to boost sales.

How Do You Plan to Use LinkedIn for Prospecting?

Make sure you know your LinkedIn marketing goals so you can pick the most applicable LinkedIn tools. Are you mainly interested in finding new leads, keeping in touch with people you already know, or a mix of the two? LinkedIn Premium Business has enough tools for networking and lead generation, like advanced search options and unlimited browsing. If your plan calls for more in-depth marketing, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has features like custom lead lists and lead tips based on your sales tastes that will make it much easier for you to find possible customers and connect with them.

The Role of LinkedIn in Your Sales

Think about how important LinkedIn is in your general sales plan. If you use LinkedIn frequently to find new leads and keep in touch with old ones, you should get a tool that can do more. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can make you more productive and organized. It gives teams whose main sales activities are on LinkedIn useful information about lead activities, integrates with CRM systems, and lets them keep track of contacts. Suitability for different professional roles and objectives is another quality that comes with Sales Navigator.

Human Resources for the Tool

Check how many people in your team will use LinkedIn for sales and see if they have the skills to use this platform effectively. Make sure that everyone in your team knows how to use the tool well or has enough time to learn. LinkedIn Premium Business might be better if your team is small or unfamiliar with advanced sales tools. It is easier to use and can still help you grow. Still, if your goals are high and you don’t mind investing more money, Sales Navigator can bring faster results.

Do You Need Faster Results?

Think about how quickly you want to see the effects of what you do on LinkedIn. If getting leads and improving sales as soon as possible is crucial, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has features that can speed up these processes. You can get real-time alerts when leads change and send direct messages straight to decision-makers. LinkedIn Premium Business might be enough for businesses that don't have to stick to strict sales timelines or use LinkedIn as a secondary tool for sales. It has robust networking features that can help companies to build relationships and develop leads over time.

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Maximizing ROI and Effectiveness

To maximize your return on investment (ROI), use LinkedIn tools strategically and know what the platform can do. Here are some short tips on how to use LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help your career:

Tips for Success with LinkedIn Premium

  • Profile Optimization: Your profile is like a digital resume, so make sure it looks professional and is fully filled out.
  • Engagement: To stay visible in your network, you should regularly post, write articles, and interact with your prospects' materials.
  • InMail: Use InMail effectively to reach employers or influential people, creating new opportunities.
  • Education: You can add certifications to your resume using LinkedIn Learning to learn new skills or improve and legitimize ones you already have.
  • Check Who’s Watching: You can use this function to find out who is interested in your profile and maybe get in touch with them.

Tips for Success with Sales Navigator

  • Goals: Set clear, measurable goals for what you want to achieve with Sales Navigator.
  • Advanced Search: Use advanced search tools to find prospects based on specific variables.
  • List Updates: Focus on the most engaged prospects and keep your lead and account lists fresh.
  • Insights: Pay attention to the information that Sales Navigator gives you to make your outreach more specific and get more people to respond.
  • CRM Integration: Link Sales Navigator to your CRM to streamline sales and keep track of all customer contacts.

LinkedIn Premium vs. Sales Navigator: The Article’s Highlights

  • Target Audience: LinkedIn Premium is for individual career growth; Sales Navigator is for sales professionals.
  • Key Features: Premium offers InMail and LinkedIn Learning; Sales Navigator provides advanced sales tools like lead tracking and CRM integration.
  • Pricing: Premium is more affordable for individuals; Sales Navigator offers more robust tools at a higher cost.
  • Plans: Premium includes career-focused and business plans; Sales Navigator has Core and Advanced plans.
  • InMail: Both services provide InMail, which is created for different purposes.
  • Search Functionality: Premium supports unlimited searches; Sales Navigator offers more detailed search capabilities.
  • CRM Compatibility: Only Sales Navigator integrates with CRM systems.
  • Professional Development: LinkedIn Learning is a significant Premium feature for skill enhancement.
  • Service Selection: Choose Premium for career services or Sales Navigator for targeted sales activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part, you’ll get simple and concise answers to frequently asked questions to further enhance your knowledge before opting for LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth the Cost?

LinkedIn Premium is worth the cost only if its features help solve your problems. For example, if you’re looking for work, want to recruit the best talents, or want more effective networking, LinkedIn Premium has tools that can help you. Some of LinkedIn's best features are InMail chat, which lets you talk to any user directly, and LinkedIn Learning, which gives you access to thousands of professional courses and certificates. Seeing who has looked at your page can also help you get in touch with the right people. 

LinkedIn Premium can be a good investment for people who are actively trying to get a better job or grow their business network. However, the free account may be enough if you only occasionally use LinkedIn to promote your brand and sometimes connect with professionals or partners from your industry.

What is the Cheapest LinkedIn Premium Plan?

The LinkedIn Premium Career plan, made mainly for people looking for work or effective networking, is the cheapest of the Premium plans. It costs $29.99 per month or $239.88 per year. That means that if you decide to pay for your annual subscription, you'll save $120. 

How Do I Get LinkedIn Premium for Free?

These are the ways to get LinkedIn Premium for free:

  • Use LinkedIn’s one-month free trial, which is often available for new Premium users.
  • Some universities and schools let their graduates use LinkedIn Premium for some time. Check with your former school to see if they offer these perks.
  • LinkedIn sometimes collaborates with other businesses to offer special deals, including free LinkedIn Premium for a few months.
  • Some programs that help people find jobs and get training offer LinkedIn Premium for free.

These are the ways to get LinkedIn Premium for free for a while. However, if you want to be a Premium member for longer than a few months, you’ll probably have to pay for membership.

Final Thoughts on LinkedIn’s Premium and Sales Navigator

The choice between LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator depends on your professional goals. LinkedIn Premium is excellent for career development because it has tools for job hunters and professionals who want to improve their brand. On the other hand, Sales Navigator is made for sales professionals and has advanced tools for in-depth recruiting and CRM integration, making it perfect for simplifying sales processes and getting possible clients more involved.

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