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How to Master Cold Email Subject Lines with 100 Examples

Cold emailing is an effective strategy for businesses to reach potential clients. However, with impactful cold email subject lines, the possibility of prospects opening and reading the messages may increase. 

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Learn how to construct an attention-grabbing cold email subject line and discover ways of assessing its performance. Go through the most commonly used subject lines that can help you start reaching potential leads immediately.

What Makes a Cold Email Subject Line Effective?

Cold emails must have effective subject lines to catch the readers’ attention. This strategy also helps marketers structure emails for follow-ups better to get more replies. The effectiveness of an email subject line depends on personalization, concise messages, and calls to action. This approach creates a sense of importance and invokes urgency among email recipients. They are encouraged to click on your message rather than the one from your competitors. Effective cold email subject lines are clear and memorable and, due to their credibility, are less likely to end up in spam filters.

Key Metrics for Measuring Subject Line Performance

Businesses can measure specific metrics to determine if an email campaign is successful and well-performing. These evaluations help companies understand which type of subject line resonates with the audience, piques curiosity, and sparks interest for readers.

  • Open Rate: Testing the performance of cold email subject lines based on open rate includes measuring the percentage of recipients who open the messages. High subject line open rates indicate the content is engaging enough. Businesses can increase their open rates by prioritizing personalization. They can also experiment with action-oriented words in their emails.
  • Click-through Rate: Besides knowing how many people opened their messages, businesses want to get insights into the percentage of readers who clicked on the provided links. Measuring the click-through rates helps them determine the relevance of the CTAs.
  • Conversion Rate: This metric calculates the number of people who have taken a particular action, like purchasing your offer, after opening and reading your email. Businesses can boost their conversion rates by offering freebies and making content that prompts curiosity.

Baselines for Assessing Subject Line Effectiveness

If businesses aim to evaluate the current effectiveness of their cold email campaign, they can assess specific baselines. They can achieve this by using analytics tools or simply following the best practices guaranteeing success:

  • Email List Segmentation: Divide your email contacts into separate groups based on location, behaviors, and preferences. Tailor your messages to resonate with each segment and test their performance.
  • A/B Testing: One of the best ways to assess subject line effectiveness is to use A/B testing techniques. Compare two separate emails with different subject lines and determine which improves open, click-through, and conversion rates.
  • Competitor Performance Analysis: Every business uses different email marketing tactics when designing unique subject lines. So, it’s a good idea to analyze their subject lines to see if yours needs improvements or edits.

Exploring Sender and Pre-header Dynamics

Email preheaders are text lines that appear after the subject line in the recipient’s inbox. The sender’s presented offer depends on how recipients view the pre-header to ensure the most direct and professional approach.

In addition to potential customers reading a company's offer, the pre-header gives them a message preview to determine if the context is relevant to their needs and worth reading.

How to Craft the Best Subject Line

Many sales emails go into spam folders because they lack the elements effective headlines require. Thus, salespeople face a lot of challenges in getting a reply or improving the performance of email campaigns 

Every business’s goal is to perform efficient outreach by having informative conversations with someone potentially interested in purchasing their offers. Thanks to the following tips, companies can increase revenue, ROI, and response rates:

Prioritize Descriptiveness

Trendy slogans millennials use are fun to read, but they lack descriptiveness. So, companies must formulate a subject line that reflects the content of their message. This way, they establish good communication and trustworthy relationships with everyone who comes across their email.

Use Emojis

A fun email subject line emoji promotes humor and creativity, feeds intrigue among recipients, and increases the chances of them opening and reading the message. However, businesses shouldn’t overuse emojis. They should have a limit of one emoji per subject line for the best results.

Limit Punctuation

Spammy emails are characterized by having too many punctuation marks. To avoid this problem, businesses should use 2-3 punctuation marks in their subject lines without adding special characters like an asterisk, percentage symbol, or equal sign.

Present Offer Benefits

If a company has something to promote, like a product or a service, it should find an angle to compose a subject line that implies a benefit of its offers. The business must provide details like the product name, company story, and industry goals in the subject line to make sure its message offers a solution to a specific problem the recipients might be dealing with.

The company must also provide proof of the advantages it claims its offers provide. It should convince anyone reading that the organization has no secrets or hidden interests and that its offers are not clickbait.

Write Short Subject Lines

The length of a cold email subject line is one of the most essential elements driving conversions. Keep in mind that recipients see the message on different devices. They use anything from computers, tablets, and smartphones. So, 60 characters is enough to include a company name and targeted keywords and represent value for the purpose of brand promotion.

Top 100 Proven Email Subject Lines for Immediate Use

A salesperson understands customers' needs and offers solutions using specific email templates. However, the lead’s inboxes might be filled with similar proposals from competitors. For this reason, businesses can use the following subject line examples and stand out:

10 Sales Email Subject lines

Sales messages aim to promote a business’s product or service in the email body. However, the subject line must create exclusivity and contain captivating CTAs for readers to click and purchase.

  1. No one should pass up this empowering opportunity.
  2. Let us help your LinkedIn accounts grow.
  3. Inspirative brands need these collaboration strategies.
  4. Improve your blog post engagement with this tool.
  5. Schedule more meetings with help from experts.
  6. Bring in the thousands of customers into your sales funnel with these resources.
  7. Recommendations for organizing better events.
  8. Need help with writing your case study?
  9. 10 steps to achieve better conference results.
  10. How can we help you improve your networking efforts?

10 Personalized Email Subject lines

Using a friendly tone is crucial to personalize email subject lines. These sentences can also contain the recipient’s name to sound more personal. Here are a few examples of personalized email subject lines to use today:

  1. Sarah, check out these hand-picked courses.
  2. Increase the revenue amount with these ideas.
  3. Enhance fashion tricks with these types of looks.
  4. Quick favor? We need your opinions!
  5. Thanks for helping; we appreciate your connections.
  6. Exciting news for your team!
  7. Limited-time deal for your referrals.
  8. Your opinion changes everything!
  9. Customized menu for your restaurant.
  10. Discount code for world-class executives!

10 Funny Email Subject lines

If a business knows its target audience well, it can make them laugh by including a catchy joke in the email subject lines. However, the subject line must be relevant and light-hearted to match their needs, encouraging them to open and read the message.

  1. You matter! Have a glass of wine! (Sent at 6 am on a random Tuesday.)
  2. Looking at your phone has never been more life-changing!
  3. Deals We Desire (Unlike Our Ex).
  4. We Like Providing Familiarity to Strangers.
  5. Write more than your names in your homework.
  6. Reach far to touch this level of emotion.
  7. Need an activity-filled day? Just refer to these principles.
  8. Hello, beautiful humans! Let’s get started.”
  9. Try To Avoid These 20 Situations On Christmas Day.
  10. Yes, I’m Fat. You Can Stop Staring At My Body Now.

10 Straightforward Email Subject lines

What may sound like a boring email subject line to some may be what others need. Many customers like the direct approach companies tend to take. Straightforward subject lines will likely convert if they offer value and proper word placement.

  1. Our Sales & Marketing Newsletter.
  2. Keep a close Eye on the Us - Update.
  3. Things We Love: Staff Funny Moments.
  4. The Release of Our Newest Bulletin!
  5. The Times Newsletter – February 2005.
  6. Reasons Why We Invite You!
  7. Happy Holidays from Your Best Friend!
  8. Invitation from Top-Notch Professionals.
  9. Hi, this is a fundraising email.
  10. Hey, nice to meet you!

10 Newsletter Email Subject lines

Businesses can update their newsletter subscribers with regular and relatable messages in their inboxes. These emails’ effectiveness increases thanks to short but informative subject lines just like these:

  1. Stay updated: Our monthly newsletter has arrived!
  2. 10 must-read articles for this month.
  3. New product launch: Facts & Common Answers.
  4. Your regular dose of inspiration and motivation.
  5. Exclusive for you: Subscribe and access our studies.
  6. Are you stressed at work? Here’s advice from our managers.
  7. This provocative story will help you beat the odds!
  8. 5 ways to avoid feeling stressed this Christmas season.
  9. Feel confident with these job position insights.
  10. Here’s how to find similar profiles to yours.

10 Greedy Email Subject lines

Whether they want to admit it or not, customers love deals and discounts. Businesses can present their special offers in the email subject lines to target “greedy” consumers in the following ways:

  1. Familiarize yourself with new shoes!
  2. Don’t look average this summer.
  3. Nothing beats a flash sale alert.
  4. New must-haves for your outdoor space.
  5. A new product you don’t want to miss.
  6. 25% off your parts.
  7. Two for two.
  8. It's a subtle luxury at a great price.
  9. Purchase these gift wraps and amuse others.
  10. Get priority access.

10 Retargeting Email Subject lines

Prospects that have completed some steps in a business’s sales process and failed to take the following action that brings them closer to purchasing need retargeting. Here is how companies can remind them of their offers and spark a new, refreshing interest:

  1. We Help You Afford Your First Readers (closing tonight)
  2. Hey, still here? We have 20% off deals!
  3. The price numbers dropped this month!
  4. Mary, your account is on hold!
  5. We are deleting your existing account.
  6. Here is my personal email.
  7. Don’t miss out on some of these new features!
  8. Good News: Prices are dropping fast!
  9. No Rules: This service opens an account for you!
  10. We are not giving up on you just yet!

10 FOMO Email Subject lines

Some people fear missing out when a product or service they are interested in is limited in availability or stock. Businesses can present limited-time offers in their email subject lines to create urgency.

  1. Tick-tock: Expiry date is approaching!
  2. Don’t miss out on points.
  3. [URGENT] You’ve got 24 hours left to watch this…
  4. Your plan process goes bye-bye at midnight…
  5. [WEEKEND ONLY] None will be available tomorrow
  6. Mary, Earn more points today!
  7. Tonight only: A fashion lover’s dream
  8. There are just a few remaining!
  9. Only a few left!
  10. Attention: Almost sold out!

10 Holiday Email Subject lines

Companies selling products or services often offer discounts or banger deals during the holiday season. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s, Black Friday, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, they can customize their email subject lines to appeal to recipients during their days off work.

  1. Save more this holiday season!
  2. Celebrate the Festive Season with Our Deals.
  3. Uncover Holiday Delights and Deal Instances.
  4. Get in the Holiday Mood with Our Exclusive Options.
  5. Unwrap the Holiday Magic with Us.
  6. Congrats! Enjoy These Savings!
  7. Season's Greetings! Try Special Holiday Deals.
  8. Shop Smart this Holiday Season: Great Deals Await!
  9. Spread the Holiday Fun with Our Best Discounts.
  10. Holiday Joy Starts Here: Explore Our Offers.

10 Customer Pain Point Email Subject lines

A good email subject line highlights a pain point and encourages readers to click. Businesses with an identified target persona can quickly discover common pain points and include them in email subject lines to offer a solution for specific problems.

  1. Feed your guests on a budget.
  2. Deal with your car issues today.
  3. Get more room space with these easy fixes.
  4. Stop wasting money on the same things.
  5. Your beauty concerns are addressed.
  6. We can’t all win the lottery…
  7. How to Survive Your Next Trip.
  8. Wanted: Cute and cost-effective pieces.
  9. Stop wasting time on pointless tasks.
  10. Learn different sentences of a new language every day.

The Importance of Businesses Crafting Compelling Email Subject Lines

An appealing email subject line captures attention, promises value, and engages the reader until they become a company’s loyal customers. It also demonstrates relevance, conveys clarity, and encourages action to improve conversion rates and increase business revenue.

Before learning how to develop a targeted and persuasive cold email subject line, businesses should build email lists with relevant prospects who are likely interested in their products or services. Luckily, they don’t have to do this alone. There are alternative options that can help them generate qualified leads.

Bookyourdata is a leading email list provider that guarantees 97% accuracy and real-time email verification. It imports contacts from global databases into company CRMs and helps sales reps generate more responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Components of a High-Converting Cold Email Subject Line?

A high-converting cold email subject line must be short, creative, and contain relevant information for the target readers. Also, it should sound intriguing without revealing too much information to encourage recipients to open the message and learn more.

How Can You Measure the Effectiveness of Your Subject Lines?

A/B testing tools and measuring open, click-through, and conversion rates can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your cold email subject lines. You can also perform keyword research to identify which phrases do best.

What Are Some Innovative Approaches to Cold Email Subject Lines?

Numerous online tools allow you to personalize your cold email subject lines to better resonate with the target audience. Creating a sense of urgency and addressing pain points are also innovative ways to adapt and refine these components and achieve scalable results.



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