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12 Best Cold Outreach Email Templates 

Prospects are overwhelmed by getting cold calls regularly. Also, they can likely notice which email templates in their inboxes are reused, negatively affecting the sender's credibility. Luckily, cold outreach email templates can make you stand out and win the prospects’ attention.

This article discusses:

Discover the crucial elements of a converting cold outreach email template and best practices for businesses running these campaigns. Learn how to tailor email layouts to suit your business objectives and appeal better to prospects to increase sales and enhance engagement.

What Constitutes a Cold Outreach Email Template?

80% of leads prefer being contacted via email than receiving cold calls. For this reason, it’s crucial to create a winning cold outreach email template that constitutes all the necessary elements and drives conversions:

  • Engaging Subject Lines: An email subject line is the most essential part of a cold email because it’s the first thing recipients see before they open the message. It should be short, straight to the point, and personalized.
  • Value Proposition: Identify your potential customers’ pain points and pitch them the value of your offer in the opening line. In the email body, explain how your company’s product or service will solve their problems or challenges.
  • Call To Action (CTA): A short phrase with an action verb elevates response quality and guides readers on what to do. The goal is for them to click on the CTA link and move further into the sales funnel, potentially becoming buyers.
  • Follow-Up Formula: Cold emails often get lost or in spam folders. Thus, sales reps must develop and automate a follow-up plan and use flattery. This approach enhances response rates and creates more opportunities for discussion.

The Role of Cold Emails in Business Communication

Over 40% of people working in sales departments consider email the best form of communication with prospects. Technology has made cold email outreach easier for companies, allowing them to personalize sales email templates and write engaging messages that result in more replies.

However, they need industry-relevant email lists with accurate addresses to message prospects likely to respond. Businesses can buy a customizable email list from Bookyourdata, a platform guaranteeing 97% accuracy in B2B prospecting and a pay-as-you-go model.

Salespeople can send numerous emails to potential clients this way, increasing the demand for the company’s offers. Although the initial goal of outreach emails is not to sell, it can lead to closing more deals in the long run, thanks to the following advantages:

  • Reaching a Wider Audience: A salesperson can use cold emails to introduce offerings to contacts who might have never heard of the company name. Then, the teams can measure the open and response rates to determine which recipients in their list qualify as leads and are worth establishing valuable connections with.
  • Time and Money-Saving Benefits: Prospecting and sales processes require investing dozens of resources to stand a chance against competitors. However, cold emails are cost-effective ways of engaging in conversations with prospects.
  • Building a Loyal Customer Base: Generating business interest among readers is one of the most essential factors of cold emailing. This marketing strategy helps brands compellingly present their story, intrigue customers, and earn their trust.

12 Best Cold Email Templates for Various Scenarios

An audience-tailored template enhances email performance by engaging readers and persuading them to take a desired action. Consider the following cold email examples and use an appropriate one to reach your objectives based on the particular scenario:

1. Template for Guest Post Outreach

Getting leads to enter your pipeline with cold emails is challenging. Many of them get negative responses, or recipients completely disregard them. However, here is an example of how you can improve your guest post outreach:

Subject: Exactly what you need for your blog

Hi {{First Name}},

I’ve just read your content about {{TOPIC}}, and I must admit that you nailed it, especially with [something specific about his content]

Since I have been researching and writing about it a lot recently, I thought that I could bring some extra value to your readers when I saw that you don’t have an article about {{yourDesiredTopic}}

If you’re interested, I can write one high-quality and actionable guest blog post for {{theirWebsite}}.

I bet it will be a considerable value asset for your audience ;)

Let me know what you think. As soon as I get back from you, I will prepare an outline to follow the same line.



2. Press Outreach Email Format

Companies releasing new products need proper media coverage to reach a wider audience. They can successfully accomplish this by following a press outreach email template such as this one:

Subject: [Company] donating to charity for every purchase - relevant to you?

Hi {{First Name}},

As you’ve written extensively about [Topic] for {{company.name}}, I thought you’d be interested in this new launch.

[Company] has just released [Product Name], and we’re donating (pricing) from every purchase to charity.

We’re launching this initiative on [Date]. Here’s a Dropbox folder with more details on the launch: [link] 

You can reach me at this email address if you have any questions.

Would your readers be interested in it?



3. Link Building Outreach Template

How do you request backlinks and skyrocket your SEO business strategy properly? Below, you can find a link-building outreach template that can help you improve the outcome of your link-building campaign:

Subject: Get Early Access Today

Hey {{Name}}

I've been reading your coverage of the Facebook vs. Instagram comparison. This week, we're releasing new data about Facebook ad usage.

Among other insights, we found that a surprising number of brands and publishers that regularly advertise and publish on this platform have started transitioning to Instagram, where they achieve higher ad clickthrough rates.

I'd be happy to give you exclusive early access to our full report so you can be the first to write about it on the blog this week. What do you think?



4. Influencer Collaboration Email Framework

Approaching influencers and convincing them to promote your products and services on social media takes work. But, companies can now personalize their messages and offer value to influencers by following this type of template:

Subject: Fun Content Creation Ideas 

Hi {{first name}},

My name is [Name], and I’m contacting you on behalf of [Brand Name].

We’re looking for some awesome creators to collaborate with on a paid project, and we think your content is perfect for it!

We need [X deliverables] posted on [social channels], and we’re good to go.

If you’re interested, reply, and I’ll send you our casting form.

I can’t wait to hear back from you and hopefully work together!



5. Sales-Oriented Cold Email Template

Relying on cold calling to increase sales is a thing of the past in the B2B world. Personalized cold emails work better for this purpose because they give sales prospects more time to grasp the offer's benefits and determine if it’s right for them.

Subject Line: How [product/service] can transform your [specific benefit]

Hi [Prospect's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I recently came across [ event or mutual connection] and wanted to reach out. As an expert in [your area of expertise], I've helped [similar companies/individuals] achieve remarkable results.

Here's how [product/service] can benefit you:




Would you be available for a brief call to explore this further? I'd love to discuss how we can achieve [specific objective].

I am looking forward to connecting!

Best regards, 

[Your Name] 

[Your Title] 

[Your Company] 

[Your Contact Information]

6. 'Do Me a Favor' Email Strategy

Asking someone to do something for you may be uncomfortable, especially when it involves contacting industry professionals. However, you can clearly outline what they get in return for the offer by following this template:

Subject: [Name], can we feature you?

Hi [Name],

I am [Name], the host of [podcast].

I have followed your work for [X] years. Your first caught my attention when [discuss what turned you into a fan]. 

As a leader on [topic], you could add value to our podcast.

Every week, we interview industry experts and talk to them for 30 minutes to get their take on [topic]. I’d love to have you as a guest. 

Here’s an episode of ours where we interviewed [name of your most well-known guest]: [Link].

We only need 30 minutes of your time over Zoom. You can pick a day/time that works well for you from a list of available options, and I'll send the discussion points the week before.

In exchange for your time, you’ll get [list what they get in return, i.e., a link to their website, promotion with your X subscribers, etc.]. 

Are you interested?

[Email signature]

7. Template for Link Reclamation

When someone mentions your brand in their content, you will likely want them to link the source, leading readers to your website. You can politely request this with a cold email template for link reclamation, such as this one:

Subject: Thanks for mentioning my site in your article

Hello (prospect.first_name),

First, thank you for mentioning (my site) in your article on (topic+link).

It was great to see that our (site+URL) was of interest to someone. However, is adding a link to our page possible? It would let your readers view the original data and give us full credit for our work.

Please get back to me if that’s something you would do.

Thank you,


8. Requesting Testimonials Through Email

Adding positive reviews from existing clients on your website or social media can grow your business and convince readers of your credibility. Here is how you can request testimonials from clients with this cold email template:

Subject: Your Thoughts Are Valuable To Us


As a gift this holiday season, [COMPANY] offers a 50% discount on your January [PRODUCT/SERVICE] subscription.

You can submit a written or video testimonial about why you love using [PRODUCT] here.

It should take just 15 minutes, and your discount will be applied as soon as you submit your testimonial. Let me know if you have any questions about this promotion!

Happy Holidays,


9. Collaboration Proposal Email Template

Collaborating with a company specializing in niches similar to yours can bring mutual benefits. But how can you convince another company that you are a good collaborator? Help yourself with this email template:

Subject: Innovative Collaboration Opportunity with [Your Company’s Name]

Hello [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I’m [Your Name], the [Your Position] at [Your Company]. We’ve been following [Recipient’s Company] closely and are impressed with your [specific aspect about their company].

At [Your Company], we specialize in [describe your product/service briefly]. Collaboration between our companies could be highly synergistic, particularly in [mention a specific area of overlap or opportunity, e.g., integrating our services for a comprehensive solution].

Our platform could enhance your [specific service they offer], providing [mention specific benefits]. Moreover, a partnership could open up new markets for both of us, expanding our reach and impact.

We would love to discuss this further. Are you available for a brief call next week?

I am looking forward to the possibility of working together.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

10. Customer Referral Program Email Model

Referred customers are cost-effective for businesses and have an excellent potential for remaining loyal in the long run. Companies can request referrals for their program from current customers with this cold email template:

Subject line: Thank you for trusting us.

Hello [Customer name],

I'm so glad you're happy with the results of working with [Your company name] so far. I knew we could help, and I'm pleased you're seeing results so quickly.

Since things are going so well, do you have colleagues at similar companies who would benefit from our [product/service]? I would love to help them achieve similar growth.


[Your name]

11. Following Up: Email Template and Tips

You had a conversation with your prospect, and it went well. So, now what? How do you retain that connection and convert it into customers for your company? Maintain a friendly tone, personalize your message, and boost conversion rates with this follow-up email template:

Subject line: Thanks for our chat at {{EventName}}!

Hey {{firstName}},

Discussing {{topic}} with you during the conference was excellent.

Returning to the office, this video will be interesting for you to dive even deeper into the subject since it highlights how {{solution}}.

What do you think?

Talk soon,


12. Advanced Strategies for Cold Email Outreach

AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) is an advanced strategy for lead nurturing during cold email campaigns. It creates intrigue among readers, persuading them to take a desired action. Here is an example of this strategy you can use for your cold email outreach:

Hi {first name},

What if a {product/service} could help you {solve a problem}?

In one year, we helped {company name} achieve an {x%} increase in sales after implementing {your product name}.

In addition to an increase in sales, {your product name} helped {company name} improve their overall workflow, increase efficiency, reduce response rate time, and improve customer satisfaction from {A% to B%}.

I’d love to discuss how {your product name} could help your company increase sales and improve workflow. Do you have time to connect this week?

{insert email signature here}

What are Essential Elements in Cold Email Writing?

Only 8.5% of recipients respond to cold emails. However, businesses can increase their response rates by learning how to write cold emails and which elements they should include to drive more conversions. 

Identify Recipient's Pain Points

Whether it’s an organization decision-maker or a startup representative, research their social media profiles, like LinkedIn, to gain insights into their work and industry expertise and identify their pain points. This helps businesses establish a good rapport with recipients and create an ideal customer persona.

Craft a Concise Introduction

A convincing and clear introduction increases click-through rates and encourages prospects to keep reading. Write a short and concise paragraph introducing the purpose of your outreach. Use this section to propose the value of your solution to increase the opportunity for a partnership.

Personalize Your Pitch Effectively

No one wants to read messages composed following a generic email template, and nothing more than an impersonal writing style chases recipients away. Thus, adding that personalized touch to the email content results in better business outcomes and amplifies outreach impact.

Define a Clear Value Proposition

Presented value in messages elevates email effectiveness and creates a sense of company credibility among readers. Offer prospects a solution for something they might struggle with by including details connected to their pain points.

Create Engaging Subject Lines

One of the most important steps when drafting a cold email is putting effort into writing a compelling subject line. An attention-grabbing sentence boosts open rates and places your email at the top of the priority scale.

Email Format: Ensuring Clarity and Impact

Reading long emails is just another task for already busy prospects. They receive tons of cold emails daily, so they need to read something a lot shorter to maintain their attention span. For this reason, easily skimmable emails with bullet points and shorter sentences tend to perform better than others.

Incorporate a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

Every professional cold email should include CTAs. These links can lead to a company site’s landing page, case study, eBooks, webinars, or any other tool that increases website traffic, offers industry news, or encourages them to schedule meetings.

End with a Professional Email Signature

Before hitting the “send” button, don’t forget to include your professional signature containing your name and job title by the end of the email. This practice creates a sense of trust among recipients, mainly if you include links to social media profiles and a direct contact number.

Key Considerations for Cold Outreach Email Templates

A well-structured and results-driven cold email template maximizes engagement and improves outreach success. Businesses can customize these templates for various objectives and reach the target audience with personalized messages that generate more responses.

They can contact everyone on their lead list and modify the email copy to align with each person's needs and interest areas. But how can they be sure that someone will be interested in the business's features or products?

Bookyourdata helps businesses construct customized lists and provides contact information, like direct work and personal emails, for potential leads. Their purpose is to provide real-time email verification during campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Personalize a Cold Email Without Being Intrusive?

Refer to prospects by their first name and mention previous interactions in the cold email to refresh their memory and get them interested without sounding intrusive. You can also compliment and thank them in a friendly tone to improve personalization.

What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid in Cold Emailing?

Misleading subject lines, spam words, and a lack of personalization can derail your cold email outreach campaign. Some senders also tend to avoid prospect segmentation and template customization, which negatively affects the success of their strategy.

How Can I Measure the Success of My Cold Outreach Campaign?

Open, click-through, and conversion rates are essential metrics for evaluating the success of any cold outreach campaign. You can also perform A/B testing to determine whether prospects find your cold emails response-worthy.



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