Throughout COVID-19, Bookyourdata has been helping our customers stay on track for their growth goals by providing custom-built data lists backed by a 95% deliverability guarantee. Your best leads are in front of their computer now more than ever, making email marketing the most powerful tool for acquiring new customers.

With people no longer in office, it is more difficult than ever to catch people on the phone and close a deal. Telemarketers everywhere are running into voicemails and phone trees with no success in having a conversation with their leads. Direct mail is another channel that has been severely impacted by Coronavirus because people are worried about spreading the disease through physical mail pieces. So where does that leave us?

Email marketing is now at the forefront of your lead generation efforts. Prospects that used to never work from home are now social distancing and working in a remote environment. This has forced the majority of the world to communicate through virtual channels, such as email. That being said, if you are not yet using email to get in front of potential customers, Bookyourdata is here to help.

Here is how:

  1. Live support for people who have never built an email list before!
  2. Protecting our customers from bad data by proving a 95% deliverability guarantee.
  3. If you have a bounce rate >5% we will credit your account to replace the bad contacts with good ones.

Coronavirus should not prevent you from growing your business! If you are using email marketing, you can increase your reach outside of your typical prospects. With the help of the Bookyourdata team, you can educate, nurture, and most importantly close new business. If you know the criteria for the leads you would like to reach, click here to be directed to our online tool.

If you would like some assistance in building out a custom list, feel free to use the online chat feature, which is managed by a live representative or give us a call at 800-340-9790.

Bookyourdata wishes everyone the best in life, health, and business during these times.

Miranda Powell

Sales Director