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5 Best Email Permutator Tools To Find Anyone's Email in 2024

Learn everything about the best email permutator tools that can help you find email addresses that belong to your prospects! These software pieces can be real game changers in email marketing campaigns. We’ll give you insights into the 5 popular permutators in this article, helping you pick the best one for your special needs.

This guide will help you make the most of your email marketing efforts, for example: 

By the end of this expert guide, you’ll become proficient in picking the right tool for your needs, understanding completely how permutators work and how to maximize their efficiency.

What is an Email Permutator?

An email permutator is a tool that creates possible email addresses from information like a person’s first name, last name, and domain. After you provide these pieces of information, email permutators can create various permutations or combinations, such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and similar ones. The goal is to guess someone’s email address if it is not available, and it is commonly used for marketing and sales purposes.

Fun Fact: Email permutations are based on the work of Rob Ousbey. He made the first email permutator in Google Sheets. Rob wanted to help people send direct emails instead of using contact forms. This is an active tool; you need a Gmail account, the Rapportive plugin, and access to the permutator spreadsheet to use it.

How Email Permutators Work

Email permutations are efficient and simple tools. These programs use contact information like the individual’s first name, last name, and company domain name to “guess” that person's email address or suggest possible variations (permutations). They can significantly simplify the process of finding prospective emails. 

What’s the difference between email finder tools and email permutators?

Email finders find valid email addresses from different online sources like websites and social media, while email permutators provide a list of possible email addresses based on the available information.

Top Email Permutator Tools

Let’s compare 5 best tools on the market so you can choose the perfect one. Grow your subscribers and learn the tricks to place your messages in your audience’s inbox. 

Make sure your team has a perfect tool to promote the company name and logo across relevant mailboxes. Advanced tools can help you maximize your email marketing ROI by delivering your content and newsletters to the right addresses. 

Equip yourself and your employees with a powerful online tool that can spread your word to the most relevant people from your industry or your valuable prospects, protecting your reputation as a sender and respecting people’s privacy rights.

We’ll now compare the most popular email permutators!

1. Bookyourdata

G2 Score: 4.9

Bookyourdata email permutator

Key Features:

Bookyourdata is a comprehensive email marketing tool that offers various services, such as: 

  1. Email Extraction
  2. Email Validation
  3. Email Permutation

It is an industry leader with a remarkable 97% accuracy guarantee. Whether you use this complex tool as an extractor or permutator, you can expect highly accurate results and payment options that allow you to control your investment completely. 

This platform ensures that all addresses are validated and ready to use by integrating an 8-step email verification process into every email. However, if you need to go a step further, Bookyourdata offers excellent email permutator services, allowing you to reach prospective contacts even when their email addresses are not publicly available. Thanks to their email verification feature, you can pick the valid ones and add valuable contacts to your email list.

These are their top features:

  • Built-in real-time email verification
  • Custom email lists are available in seconds
  • Sales services like Prospector and Bulk Lookup
  • Access to more than a hundred data characteristics
  • Mobile direct dials
  • Credits that never expire
  • More than 100 filters for lead discovery


  • Access to an immense email database of verified addresses
  • Industry-leading 97% accuracy in B2B prospecting
  • Users can get direct CRM integrations, API, and bulk lookups for free
  • Quick access to complex data that includes personal addresses, work emails, and mobile dials
  • Their email database is completely GDPR and CCPA-compliant
  • You can get 10 leads for free without a credit card


  • We’d love to see more integrations with email marketing tools

Payment Options

Bookyourdata offers revolutionary payment methods that let users pay only for verified leads and avoid subscription plans and contracts. Their pay-as-you-go model and tiered pricing allow customers to maximize their campaigns' efficiency, preventing unnecessary costs, wasted credits, and bounces. This is a breath of fresh air in the industry since most other tools offer subscriptions and expiring credits.

Learn more about Bookyourdata’s groundbreaking pricing models that give you complete control over your investment.

Concluding Remarks:

Bookyourdata is a great choice if you need an email permutator because of its incredibly high accuracy and complex features. You can be sure your contacts are valid, and you will use the full potential of your funds. 

This user-friendly platform offers an intuitive interface for marketers of all skill levels and experience. It is GDPR and CCPA-friendly and protects people with shared contacts and platform users. 

Bookyourdata’s users can connect with customer relationship management (CRM) systems to acquire new prospective clients quickly. The tool soon creates permutations without duplicate or uncommon combinations.

In conclusion, this exceptional email permutator is an excellent choice for small and big users because of its high accuracy, groundbreaking payment options, simple permutation procedure, and customization features.

Exploring various email lookup tools is essential for professionals looking to broaden their toolkit beyond email permutations. Discover our comprehensive list of the 35 best email lookup tools for B2B sales, a perfect complement to enhance your outreach strategy.


2. Findymail

G2 Score: 4.7

Findymail email permutator

Key Features:

This is a pretty accurate email finder and email checker. Findymail can deliver and validate email address combinations so you can find your desired email address that is verified and active. Key features include:

  • Highly accurate email finder, verifier, and permutator
  • User-friendly interface
  • Useful data analysis options


  • Accurate data that makes this tool one of the best in the industry
  • A simple email permutation procedure 
  • Offers free credits so users can test the service before subscribing


  • Limited integration options with CRMs and email marketing tools
  • Subscription model with a predetermined number of credits and expirations
  • Advanced packages are expensive, especially for startups and small consumers

Payment Options:

Findymail offers three subscription models: Basic ($49), Starter ($99), and Business ($249)

Concluding Remarks:

Findymail could be a good choice for marketers and businesses who value accuracy because this tool promises 95% accuracy as an email finder. It is easy to use, and you can test it before subscribing. However, the lack of flexible payment options and pricy subscriptions are unsuitable for small businesses and occasional users.

3. Metric Sparrow Email Permutator+

G2 Score: Unknown

Metric Sparrow email permutator

Key Features:

Metric Sparrow’s Email Permutator+ is a simple email permutator famous for its straightforward permutation procedure and many possible combinations. Its main features include:

  • It can generate as many as 46 different email combinations.
  • Straightforward process.
  • Offers limitless searches at no cost. 


  • It is completely free, which means anyone can use it
  • The permutation process is quite simple
  • The tool offers many combinations of possible email addresses


  • It doesn’t have built-in email verification, which means you have to use other tools to validate your possible emails
  • Each search requires manual input, which can be time-wasting
  • It doesn’t offer many options for integration with other tools and CRMs

Payment Options:

Metric Sparrow’s Email Permutator+ is a free tool. This is, without a doubt, their number one quality.

Concluding Remarks:

This permutator should be the first choice for people seeking free solutions. However, this tool will not give you valid email addresses, and you’ll need to take an additional step before you include your newly discovered contacts in your business email list. 

Despite these limitations, we must give them credit for allowing everyone to use this platform without a subscription or payment. In case you run a small business or already have a subscription with your favorite email verifier, Email Permutator + is a solid option.

4. Voila Norbert – Email Finder

G2 Score: 4.6

Voila Norbert email permutator

Key Features:

This platform delivers highly accurate results as an email finder and validator. You can perform large-scale tasks by importing lists or do individual searches by entering names and domains. This tool can customize your outreach beyond email since it syncs with social media profiles. These are some of the Email Finder’s best features:

  • Highly accurate email verification and validation.
  • Bulk search capability
  • Email permutation.
  • Integration with popular CRM and marketing tools.


  • One of the most accurate tools on the market
  • Offers free searches, which allows users to test it before buying
  • Very intuitive and easy to use


  • The price is high for frequent and big users
  • Domain lookup could be improved and more precisely adjusted

Payment Options:

Voila Norbert’s Email Finder offers four monthly subscription plans: Valet ($49), Butler ($99), Advisor ($249), and Counselor ($499).

Concluding Remarks:

High accuracy and user-friendly design are the strongest points of this popular email permutator. It offers various services besides email permutation, which adds to its overall value. Similarly to most other tools on the market, this one offers a subscription model, which limits marketers’ possibilities and brings wasted credits and wasted money. However, Email Finder offers integrations with popular email marketing tools, which is a plus.

5. UpLead

G2 Score: 4.7

Uplead email permutator

Key Features:

UpLead is an accurate email finding and verification tool with a 95% accuracy guarantee. When accessible, UpLead can locate comprehensive professional profiles that include not just demographics and technographic data but also profile images and social media accounts. Its top features include:

  • Email finder with real-time verification
  • Integrations with major CRM systems
  • Technographic data


  • User-friendly design
  • 95% accuracy
  • Lead generation and market research tools


  • Only 5 credits in a free trial
  • Lack of flexible payment options
  • Untransparent price of a Professional subscription plan

Payment Options:

There are 4 subscription plans available with UpLead: a free trial that lasts 7 days and includes 5 credits, Essentials ($99), Plus ($199), and Professional, where price is available upon request.

Concluding Remarks:

UpLead is a decent solution for users searching for relatively high accuracy and large email databases. It is easy to use and offers integration options. Still, it doesn’t offer flexible payment methods, and the only way to use this tool is through a monthly subscription. UpLead doesn’t provide a transparent price for its top subscription model, which is another drawback. Despite these minor issues, UpLead is still a respectable tool, considering its high accuracy and complex features.

How to Use an Email Permutator

You know how difficult it can be to find somebody’s email address without complete contact details. High-quality email permutations solve this issue in seconds. These tools are irreplaceable for people in marketing, sales, and human resources. If you work in one of these fields or just want to boost your knowledge in email marketing, stay with us and go through this concise and comprehensive guide on using email permutators. 

These are 3 easy steps of using email permutators:

1. Get Your Contact Details

The first thing you should do is collect relevant contact details. Here’s the data you'll need:

Name: Try to get everything you can, including first, middle, and last names.

Domain: The company domain is another essential piece of information you’ll need.

2. Copy-Paste Collected Information in Your Email Permutator

After gathering the required information, the next step is to transfer it into your chosen tool. Your permutator will create possible email addresses using the provided data in multiple combinations. For example, if the name is “John Smith” and the company domain is “permutator.com,” you’ll get dozens of combinations that look like this:

3. Verify Your Email Address

Now that you have many combinations, you’re about to do the final, most important step of this process. You’ll have to use an email verification tool to find valid and active addresses among many combinations. You’ll need a reliable and effective email validator to get trustworthy results.

A bulk email verifier can save you time if you need to verify a large email list. You can insert all your data and wait for the results. The tool will extract valid addresses using many different filters and procedures, and the best tools on the market, such as Bookyourdata, usually deliver fast and dependable results.

Bookyourdata has robust prospects who are ready to buy today

Mastering email permutators is just the beginning. For more strategies on reaching your ideal contacts, delve into our guide on effective ways to find someone’s email address, enhancing your outreach efforts with precision and confidence.

Think about how your prospects interact with their emails while you're making follow-ups. One way to make your message stand out is to use a nickname you found on social media, offer incentives, or provide a link to a blog or a YouTube video that matches their interests. Avoid using the same patterns for all the recipients.

Free vs. Paid Email Permutators

The main difference between free and paid email permutators is their effectiveness. They can both be useful, but they are very different. We’ll have to go through the main characteristics of free and paid email permutators so you can spot things that make them unique and decide which type of tool you need.

Free Email Permutators

Free permutators are easily accessible and offer the basic service of generating possible email addresses. Small businesses and individuals with tight budgets usually choose one of these tools. They are often simple and easy to use; you just input the required information, and almost instantly, you’ll get a list of possible combinations.

Of course, there are many downsides regarding these tools. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Accuracy: Free permutators rely on simple algorithms without accuracy guarantees.
  • Integrations: There are typically no available CRM integrations with free tools.
  • Real-time verification: You won’t find this crucial feature that brings accuracy and helps you smartly use your funds with free tools.
  • Bulk processing: This feature will often be unavailable with free email permutations.

Paid Email Permutators

On the other hand, paid email permutators bring accuracy and efficiency. Depending on the service provider, some of these tools often offer real-time email validation in addition to email permutations. This feature is crucial because it allows users immediate access to valid and active email addresses, eliminating the need for third-party tools. 

You can expect regular updates and better customer support with paid tools, which bring higher accuracy and effectiveness.

Here are some other features often available with paid permutators that free tools don’t provide:

  • Comprehensive features that boost efficiency
  • Integrations with custom CRMs and email marketing tools
  • Bulk email processing
  • Detailed analytics on engagement and deliverability

In addition to permutators, leveraging the right tools to extract emails online can significantly amplify your email marketing campaigns. Learn how to maximize your marketing efforts with this in-depth look at email extractors, a key resource for building a robust contact list.

Choosing the Right Tool

While free permutators can be useful for individuals, businesses that take their email marketing seriously must invest in the efficiency and accuracy that come with paid tools. Finding relevant and valid email addresses is the foundation of every campaign and is crucial for its outcome. 

High accuracy leads to lower bounce rates, higher engagement, open, click-through, and conversion rates, protecting the sender’s reputation. You can use free tools for private purposes and small tasks, but consider investing in high-quality leads when it comes to your business.

When to Consider Paid Email Permutator Solutions

You should consider paid email permutator solutions if you require some of these advanced features:

  • Email verification with high accuracy 
  • Advanced analytics that provides specifics about email deliverability, open, and engagement rates.
  • API integrations into your projects
  • Regular updates that lead to effectiveness with email server protocols and compliance regulations
  • Customer support, including guidance by professionals in tool operations and fixing problems
  • Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Customizable templates that help you send messages to multiple recipients

Paid email permutators come with a complex email marketing toolkit that allows users smooth communication and, more importantly, effective email marketing campaigns. Compared to their free substitutes, these premium solutions include more capabilities useful for extensive email outreach and higher accuracy and efficiency. 

Consider whether the permutator integrates with LinkedIn for easy access to professional profiles or can permutate based on social media usernames, guaranteeing a variety of possible connections.

5 Best Email Permutator Tools - The Article Highlights

  • Email permutators suggest possible email addresses based on basic information like first name, last name, and company domain. Advanced tools include email verification, which gives users valid and ready-to-use emails.
  • We compared the 5 email permutators: Bookyourdaya, Findymail, Metric Sparrow, Voila Norbert, and UpLead. Bookyourdata delivers the highest accuracy and flexible payment model without a subscription.
  • The advantages of paid permutators compared to free ones are effectiveness, accuracy, advanced analytics, API integrations, bulk processing, regular updates, customer support, CRM integrations, and email templates.
  • Free tools are more suitable for private use, while paid ones provide advanced features crucial for successful email marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Email Permutators Guarantee Accurate Email Addresses?

Email permutations can not guarantee 100% accuracy in delivering email addresses due to many changes that can occur, such as companies changing their emails right before the permutation and validation process. However, some of the most efficient tools deliver high accuracy. The previously mentioned tool Bookyourdata guarantees an astonishing  97% accuracy, while UpLead offers 95%. 

If you want high accuracy in email extraction, pair your email permutator with an email validator. Advanced tools combine these two features, allowing users to simplify the procedure and get valid emails. They use real-time email verification to confirm if those addresses are valid, active, and can receive messages. However, if you’re using free software, you should verify your emails with a third-party tool after you get possible combinations.

To sum up, email permutations suggest possible email addresses, so they can’t guarantee accuracy. However, those platforms that offer comprehensive services, including real-time email verification, provide up to 97% accurate emails.

How Do Email Permutators Differ From Email Verification Tools?

The difference between permutators and verification tools is in their main functions: while email permutators suggest possible email addresses, validators find valid, active emails that can receive messages. 

Email permutators use given information to suggest many possible combinations of email addresses, which are basically useless unless you verify each of them. Email verification is the only way to find a real email that belongs to a specific person. 

Using both tools one after another or an advanced one that combines these two services will lead you to valid and active emails.

What Are the Legal Considerations When Using Email Permutators?

Using email permutations comes with challenges, particularly respecting privacy laws, user consent, and personal data use. Companies and individuals using permutation tools must respect the recipient’s rights to avoid legal repercussions. 

Compliance with Data Protection Laws and Regulations: Different examples of data protection laws exist worldwide. Some familiar ones are GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) in the European Union and CCPA (the California Consumer Privacy Act). These laws control the handling of personal data and require explicit consent before using somebody’s personal information. You must follow these rules when using email permutators, particularly if the addresses you create and use to communicate with others span to other countries.

Avoiding Spam: Using email permutations allows you to guess somebody’s email address, and messaging this person can easily be considered spam. Unwanted or spam messages can lead to damaged sender’s reputation. To protect yourself and your business, make sure to follow relevant anti-spam laws, such as the CAN-SPAM Act in the U.S., the ePrivacy Directive in Europe, CASL in Canada, Spam Act 2003 in Australia, and The Law on Regulation of Transmission of Specified Electronic Mail in Japan, depending on the location. 

There are many similar laws, but something they all require is to provide a clear unsubscribe link. Allow your recipients to easily unsubscribe, and make the link visible in every email.

Obtaining Explicit Consent: Another common request all privacy laws and regulations have is to get straightforward consent before you use someone’s personal information, such as email address, for marketing purposes. You need a legitimate reason to contact someone by email created by a permutator, which usually involves getting their approval.


Marketers and businesses who want to improve their email outreach and beat the competition in 2024 must put this knowledge on email permutators into practice. Studying the unique qualities of the five best email permutations described in this article will help them find the platform perfect for their specific needs and requirements.

Whether you choose free tools because of their simplicity and cost-effectiveness or premium permutation solutions because of their advanced features and accuracy, make sure to understand what each tool can give you and how to use that information in your email marketing campaign.

One thing is essential: if you choose a tool without a real-time email verification service, your job will not be done since you need to verify all those combinations you get from your permutator. 

Bookyourdata gives you valid and active contacts in seconds. Get 10 free leads now, and see how the right contacts can boost your email marketing efforts!



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