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How to Find Hiring Manager’s Email: What You Need to Know

When you say looking for any email, it's one thing. However, it becomes another situation when searching for a specific person on the Internet, like hiring managers and recruiters. Sometimes, it gets hard to find their email addresses. What should be a simple task of crafting an email you will send directly to them becomes a question of how to find hiring manager email.

Suppose you are applying for a job and finding it challenging to find the right email address; read to the end of this article. We will look at what these addresses look like, tips on finding them in different ways, how to reach out to the hiring manager, and finally, what to actually write in the email.

What Should You Look for in a Hiring Manager's Email?

How many times have you done a job search, sent a resume, and come up empty-handed? Hiring managers play an important role in the recruiting process. That said when they list a job position on any job posting platform, hundreds of people will apply for the same role. The hiring team sometimes breezes through all the applications, which means there is a chance you get skipped. 

But if you send them a direct email applying for the job, they may consider you a valuable candidate since your genuine interest stands out from the crowd. It would help if you looked for their email address in the first place because it allows you to craft a personalized message directing it to a person you researched. That alone can increase your chances of being invited to that interview you hoped for. 

To increase your chances of getting noticed, you need to research a hiring manager before sending that email. You are looking for information that can give you a hint of what they value and what they are looking for in candidates. Now comes the harder part: how to find the hiring manager's email online.

How to Find a Recruiter's Email - 6 Steps to Uncover Email Address

There are several methods for finding recruiters' emails. Let's look at how to search for their email.

1. Use an Email Finder Tool

An email finder tool is the easiest and most efficient way to find email addresses. Many options with different features are on the market, including web browser extensions. However, you need an email lookup tool like BookYourData to search, verify, and provide accurate contact information in real-time. 

BookYourData’s email finder tool searches through various sources and retrieves contact details for recruiters and hiring managers in a single click. With its efficiency and accuracy, there is no chance of getting the wrong address. Additionally, you save time, as the tool only takes a few moments to uncover the address. 

2. Check the Company's Website

There is always a chance that the job postings do not provide an email address. That said, the best way to identify the hiring manager's name is to visit the company's website. There is a good chance that you will find team member bios and contact information on the Our Team or About Us pages. If you search through company websites, you can come across additional publications. For example, you can consult company press materials for relevant contacts.

3. Search Social Media

The majority of professionals have social media profiles for networking, especially LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. That's assuming you know their name, which means you can search using their full name and adding the keyword for social media networks. If you cannot find the contact information, consider sending a concise and compelling message. Make clear your intentions, as nobody likes an outsider asking them for their email address.

4. Try Using a Google Search

Searching Google is one of the first things that comes to mind when looking for anyone's contact. Realistically speaking, you will investigate the company anyway. There are hundreds of ways to get results on Google. But the most common way is to type in:

  • [Recruiters full name] site: [Company website]
  • [Recruiters full name] email
  • [Company name] recruiter (or another job title)

You can do the same type of search with any information you have, such as location, department, or something else that will give you a starting point to search on.

5. Find a Co-Worker

The oldest trick in the book is to work with what you have. This means that if you find an email of their co-worker, you can uncover the email contact of the recruiter. That said, you have two options: either send a message to a co-worker and ask for the recruiter's email or guess the recruiter's email like an email permutator does, based on the structure of their colleagues' contact. 

6. Call the Organization

The old-school way of communicating is always a good start to finding out what you need. That means finding the company's phone number on Google or its website. Once you do, all you need to do is call the organization and politely ask the employees for a specific department or to provide you with the recruiters' emails.

Tips for Contacting Hiring Managers

You must have had a hard time finding the hiring manager's email address in the job application. However difficult it may have been, now comes the moment when you need to make a great first impression. It's easier said than done, but there are always ways to tell someone that you are the one for the job without being blunt. 

Sending a message to hiring managers is similar to emailing the CEO. They are people with very little time, so remember that you need to respect their hours. That said, whether you are applying for the job via platform or email, there are some things hiring managers will always pay attention to:

  • Your digital identity across platforms
  • Your attention to the job description
  • Your knowledge of the company's needs
  • Your honesty in addressing the job position
  • Your accessibility or your contact information
  • How your skills and experience transfer to their needs
  • Concrete examples of your previous projects/job position/success
  • Your self-development and flexibility 

You may be wondering what that has to do with your introduction email. It's simple: if you can keep your message short while providing sufficient information about how you can help the company with your skills or experience, it is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd of applicants. Although the email you send into hiring managers' inboxes will not guarantee that you will gain an interview or a job, it increases your chances of not being among the hundreds of applicants they have to review.

Best Practices When Reaching Out to a Hiring Manager

In the same way, you would start a conversation with someone in person, the email and the first impression it leaves on the connections matter the most. Maintaining your email at a certain level is a way to ensure that the hiring manager takes you specifically into consideration for that job position. How you start that email is up to you. 

For example, research on the psychology of email says that people respond best to starting emails with questions, followed by the reason why you are contacting them. Additionally, you should consider some points in the email before sending the message. It's not about waving a hand at the recruiter; it's about making an impression that will make them take your application above others because you are resourceful. That said, there are some best practices to use as steps, so make sure you consider everything in your email.

Keep it Short and Clear.

So, what is the most important thing when sending an email to a hiring manager? Keep your message brief, professional, and easily digestible. Most of them scan through the emails and applications, so be respectful of their time. That's your chance to leave a great first impression, so address them directly. Be clear about your message and empathetic, and thank them for their time. 

It's a great idea to keep your message short and easy to skim through, using bullet points and separate paragraphs. However, don't forget about your objective, which should include your value proposition. In other words, state your experience, qualifications, and how your skills can help their company.

Attach the Right Documents

The most important part of your email is providing relevant information. Therefore, you can make it a little easier for them by including relevant documents such as a cover letter, portfolio, and resume. Provide a link or attach the documents to your mail. That said, don't forget to tell them that the documents are in the attachment. 

Review the Message

Although the previous two points are important, nothing leaves an impression like a clean and error-free message. You might not know that most hiring managers will look at the message with analytical eyes. They won't waste time reading awkward wording, misspellings, and grammar errors. So before you call and send the message, read it, check it, and double-check it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Social Media Platforms to Find a Hiring Manager's Email?

You can use social media platforms to find the hiring manager's email address. Most people have professional profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter which you can explore. Contact information is always in the bio section, or you can use direct messaging.

How Can I Ensure My Email to the Hiring Manager Stands Out?

You can ensure that your email to the hiring manager stands out by writing a brief, compelling, and concise message directly to them. That allows you to stand out from other applicants, showing that you have tried to find their email addresses and compose the message. 

Should I Follow Up If I Don't Receive a Response from the Hiring Manager?

You should follow up on hiring managers only if a week has passed since your last email. You can send them a short, polite reminder.

Tips and Tools for Finding Hiring Manager’s Email

Searching for a hiring manager's email can increase your chances of being noticed by a potential employer. You can find their email address by checking the company's website, searching social media, using a Google search, finding a co-worker, calling the organization, or utilizing an email finder tool. 

Speaking of the latter, BookYourData is an email finder tool that can help you extract the email address you need by searching the Internet, social media, and public databases. With 97% accuracy and real-time verification, you can be confident that your message will land in the hiring manager's inbox.



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