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Email Searches by Name Simplified: Find Anyone’s Email Address with Proven Techniques

Mastering email searches by name is crucial for efficient lead generation and reconnecting with old contacts. This guide offers direct strategies to find anyone’s email address, ensuring your outreach doesn't hit dead ends with outdated or invalid contacts. Learn to validate and update your email lists effectively, saving time and enhancing the accuracy of your campaigns.

In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know to search for emails by name.

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Upon completing this article, you'll master the techniques of conducting precise email searches by name and uncovering anyone's email address, equipping you with the skills to enhance your outreach and connection efforts efficiently.

Let’s dive in!

4 Steps for Conducting an Email Search by Name

4 steps for conducting an email search by name

Now you have some solid information on which to base your search, you can get to actually conducting it and then segmenting your email lists.

Step 1: Determine the Appropriate Search Engine

While you could go off and hunt through endless pages on Google or Firefox in an attempt to find your target emails, it’s really like finding a needle in a haystack.

Instead, a range of email search engines are specifically designed to make finding email addresses easier. 

What sets them apart is that they are each designed to search specifically for information that is part of an email address, and these search engines source that information from a very specific set of locations.

This gives you a tool specifically designed for finding something in the place that something is most likely to be.



Standing out as a premier choice, Bookyourdata allows users to search for direct, verified email addresses by name effortlessly. Its standout features include real-time email verification and access to a comprehensive database, ensuring high accuracy and reliability. Whether for professional networking, re-establishing old connections, or spearheading marketing campaigns, Bookyourdata provides a robust, efficient, and user-centric platform.



Emailsearch.io sources its data from Linkedin, allowing you to find business email addresses that can be found on that site as well as other social media pages.

It runs its email search through this data to find professional email addresses as well as personal emails; however, because the dataset is primarily drawn from professional sources, you are more likely to land on professional addresses.


Skrapp is a Chrome extension or a dedicated app that directly scrapes data for email dresses from Linkedin. 

You can export your data into spreadsheets, ready to upload into your emails. It also has an attached email verifier to ensure you send messages to real, working email addresses. Skrapp works only with Linkedin.


FindThatLead is a cheaper program that can also run as a Chrome extension or web app that can search through multiple URLs to find verified email addresses. 

It has an email verifier to ensure you’re working with valid addresses and has options for multiple users.

Step 2: Use Exact Phrases or Wildcard Characters in Your Query

Simply punching a general question into a search engine isn’t going to deliver particularly accurate results!

Because search engines often work by matching keywords and phrases, the less specificity in your query, the more generally related results you will find.

When you’re looking for specific results, you need to search specifically. The more things you can exclude from your search, the better as you’ll be able to focus the power of the search engine towards actual and useful information. 

Using complete and exact phrases will help you find the exact things you’re looking for. Moreover, leveraging a B2B database can refine your search for business contacts.

Wildcard characters can help you narrow down your search. These special characters have unique functions and execute searches differently.

While comprehensive lists of wildcard characters can be found online, some key ones that are particularly valuable include:

  • ?

Matches particular words in particular orders

  • *

Matches strings of characters

  • #

Finds numbers.

Step 3: Refine Your Results With Advanced Search Operators and Special Characters

Once you narrow in on search results, you can refine your searches by using special characters in your search engine. Like wildcard characters, special characters can help execute specific functions within your search.

Advanced search operators are another step to refine your searches. You can use special operators to avoid specific domains, keywords, or types of information to find recently cached versions of the information and particular file types.

These refinements help you to exclude examples that aren’t helpful to your search, as well as find particular expressions or file types you want. Purchasing an email list might be a viable option for those looking for a more direct approach.

Step 4: Filter the Results Based on Relevance and Other Criteria

You can organize and filter your results based on a range of criteria. If you’re searching for an email address, then an mp3 file isn’t particularly relevant. So, you could filter it!

Similarly, an email listed in 2008 may well be long dead, so you could filter for a time range of results to have as current and up-to-date information as possible.

Filtering results is a great way to take all the information you’ve taken from your searches and put them into a functional layout and range.


9 Pieces of Information You Need to Perform An Email Search By Name

9 pieces of information you need to perform, an email search by name

Finding verified email addresses requires good foundational information. 

Like any investigation, the more you have the better, and whatever you can collect from various blogs, websites, databases, accounts, or previous communications will serve you well in getting an accurate email address.


You need to have the name of the person you’re attempting to reach. This might be part of their email address, or it could lead you to public-facing profiles that will help you find further details to aid you in your search.

Domain Name

Further, finding a domain name will help you deduce the rest of the email information. 

Domain names are often linked to an email platform (eg, Gmail), and many business accounts have an email domain that includes their business name.

Username or Alias

Online screen names are a good piece of information to have. They might be used in the actual email address or linked to contact information on the pages they are on. 

It’s a good idea to remember that screen names are often attached to private emails and not business ones, so be sure your email is appropriate if you use an alias as part of your search.


Knowing where your potential lead is located geographically will help you narrow down your search, especially if you’re using a social media platform that allows you to search by location (e.g. Facebook) to try and find their details.


If you know that your potential lead is affiliated with any business, club, society, or more, then you can use that information to search for their contact details. In other words, the more you know about your lead, the better!

Social Media Handles

Social media handles are often attached to valuable contact information or real names and locations. Following social media, breadcrumbs can help you locate the appropriate contact information.

Websites or Blogs

Websites and blogs can be a good place to find contact information, whether it’s actual direct contact channels or more personal info you can use to narrow your search. 

Don’t forget that websites and blogs often have contact forms you may be able to use to reach out!

Known Associates

If you know of any colleagues or friends, it can be worth exploring their online profiles to see if they have any public-facing communication or posts with your prospect. 

You can also reach out for an introduction, which could help cut your search short.

Previous Email Patterns

If you have any prior email information, using that to work out as much as possible is an excellent method. Even if it means you know the likely layout of an email address, it could be a great help.

What Is Email Search?

what is email search?

Email search is a method of finding verified email addresses using the information you have on hand or whatever you can find. 

It’s always better to start from a verified email list if you can help it. To understand this better, explore our article on the value of email lists, but sometimes all you’ll have are some patchy contact details – maybe a phone number, job title, company or organization, or department! 

While you won’t be able to find all your customers at various companies this way, you can find someone who could lead you to further resources.

How Does Email Search Work?

Email search works by using as much information as possible to find email addresses online. 

Addresses might be listed on a social media profile, similar platforms, or in a newsletter, so finding the appropriate information to search with is key.

Why Conduct Email Searches by Name?

There are plenty of reasons you might need to search for email addresses by name, both professional and personal:

Reconnecting With Old Contacts

Friends or former co-workers, former clients, or anyone else you may have lost touch with are viable targets for an email search. You might already have enough details to know where they work or other clues.

Professional Networking

Expanding your network is a great reason to search out email addresses. You might want some guidance, need to reach out for services, or want to offer your own skills to a prospect or particular job.

Verifying Identity

Verified email addresses are a crucial point in your marketing framework. If the emails aren’t verified, you may as well be sending messages out into the void with no hope of a reply. 

Luckily, verified email lists are available to purchase to eliminate guesswork. However, in other cases, you may need to type someone’s name into the search bar to ensure you’re on the right track.

Marketing and Sales

Using email search methods to find prospective clients to meet your marketing goals can be great leverage for a strong marketing strategy and should be included in your sales team’s duties.


Finding the right people for the right role can be as easy as checking LinkedIn, but other times it can require an email search through dedicated email lookup tools. 

Knowing how to use those tools can help you find the perfect recruit!

Research and Surveys

Customer or client feedback and reviews are precious for assessing how your work is perceived and whether you’re getting the results you need. 

Making sure you have the right email addresses saves you from sending your questions and surveys where they won’t do any good.


Sending out invitations to offer membership to a new promotion or to gain members joining your community can be an excellent use for email searches by name.

Alumni Associations 

Alum associations can have difficulty finding members, so knowing how to search online for emails can be a great tool.

FAQs About Finding Emails by Name

How accurate are email searches by name?

How accurate email searches are by name depends on the search engine you use, the techniques you employ, and the information you have. Your results will be accurate if you have the right data, a good search engine, and use good search techniques.

What are common mistakes to avoid?

Common mistakes to avoid include using the right tools for the job. If you’re searching for email addresses, use the right search engine for your needs. Avoid using non-specific language for distinct and accurate results.

Can I find any email address just by knowing a person’s name?

If all you know is a person’s name, then being able to find their email address may be a little tricky. However, with the right skills and tools, you can find the email address if it is available online.

Can I find email addresses by name and company?

The easiest and quickest way to find someone's email by name and company is to use Google query or search via email finder tools. These tools are designed to give you an in-depth search of email addresses in real time by any category.

Recap: Essential Points to Remember About Email Searches by Name

If you’re looking for a lead with limited information, then operating an email search by name is one way to find their contact details potentially.

Whatever information you have – extensive or partial affiliations or mutual contacts – could help you find that lead.

Once you’re ready to search, use your search engine’s full capabilities to filter and narrow down your results to only relevant and current information.

In instances where manual searches are proving too complex or time-consuming or when the information at hand is exceedingly limited, turning to a dedicated platform like Bookyourdata can be a game-changer. 

With its comprehensive database and real-time email verification, Bookyourdata not only simplifies the search process but also enhances the accuracy of the results you receive, making your B2B prospecting more efficient and effective.

Sign up now to get 10 free leads with Bookyourdata.



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