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Find Email Address by Phone Number: 13 Best Practices Revealed

While having a phone number for a business or other contact is convenient, in this day and age it is often useful to have access to an email address instead! This is particularly true when you want to communicate information from a large file or send it through a piece of digital media. But how exactly do you find an email address using a phone number? As it turns out, finding email addresses using phone numbers is something that the internet can be extremely useful for!

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In this article, we’ll explore a variety of ways you can find an email address using a phone number.

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  4. FAQs About Finding Email Address by Phone Number
  5. In Summary: Key Insights About Finding Email Address by Phones

By the end of this guide, you'll master strategies to uncover emails by phone number, tapping into a vast network of potential leads and connections.

Let’s get into it!

13 Useful Methods To Find an Email Address by Phone Number

When you are trying to find new customers, partnership prospects, or leads as a B2B marketer, it’s important to be able to access the decision-makers in your desired field of inquiry.

Finding the right email is a key step in this process.

1. Use an Email Finder Tool

There are a variety of email finder tools available on the internet to help you locate emails with or without a phone number.

These platforms can also ensure that you get access to a variety of leads if you are looking for potential new B2B clients, and in general, will ensure you the best chance of finding an email given a phone number or any other information.

Find email address by phone number on Bookyourdata

Email finder tools include a variety of services, such as Lusha, Zoominfo, and Bookyourdata that allow you to buy email lists in just seconds.

BookYourData is particularly attractive to others due to its included pay-as-you-go model pricing and short free trial period – making it ideal for those only looking to find just ten email addresses, and names for free, as well as those looking to act on a larger scale!


Additionally, some of these tools offer API integration for more seamless email address retrieval.

2. Try Google

Google is a great first place to go to determine an email address based on a phone number. 

If you need information in a hurry, try googling the phone number; if it’s one that a business has listed on their website or that is connected to a Google Maps entry, then more often than not they will also have listed an email address.

This can provide a quick and easy resolution to your problem. You can also Google the phone number, find a relevant business or organization, and browse their website for the information that you need.

However, you’ll need to double-check that you are using (for example) the correct country code in your search, to avoid finding the right phone number in the wrong country!

Additionally, if you are trying to contact a specific person in a business (or even a particular department), any listed emails may not necessarily direct you to the right place.

Finally, the Google search results are not guaranteed to find your desired email address. After all, if it is not on a scrapable website, Google will likely not have access to it!

3. Search the Company Website

If you know which company the phone number you have is linked to, you can browse the company website for more information (as we alluded to in the section above).

In order to uncover the email address you are looking for, look through the website to find the “contacts” section. 

Some companies might not have this in the main navigation bar (top or left-hand side); in this case, you should try looking in the footer of the web page, right at the bottom.

Companies often link their contacts page here to discourage spammers from emailing them.

If you can’t find any contact details on the page (or contact details that are relevant for you), try adding “/contacts” or something similar such as “/contact-us”, “/people”, “/staff”, and so on to the end of the root domain name (typically “www.company.com”).

This might allow you to access a contacts page that would otherwise be hard to find. However, this is definitely a last-resort option and is not guaranteed to be successful.

4. Check Social Media

Using social media profiles such as Instagram pages, locating contact details on companies’ information pages, and accessing contact databases can all be effective ways to find the email you want to target.

If you know who your phone number is for, check to see if they have any public social media profiles. 

Social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are good places to check for alternatives in case someone has listed their contact email address in their bio or profile.

Particularly, finding an email address on LinkedIn can be a useful practice, as profiles often include professional contact information.

It can be hard to find social media profiles; however, you can use your knowledge of the person’s phone number to your advantage!  

If you know the country code, you can immediately refine your search to profiles in a certain country. If you know their full name, this will also accelerate the process.

5. Find the Contact or About Us Page

As we’ve discussed earlier, finding a company’s Contact or About Us page is one great way to figure out the email address that is connected to the phone number you have.

The link to this is typically either in the main navigation menu on the website or located in the footer of the website at the bottom of the page.  

You can also try googling “<Company name> Contact” or “<Company name> About Us” to find the page directly.

6. Use a Reverse Phone Lookup

There are a variety of “reverse phone lookup” services – including people search engines – that allow you to access specialized databases of phone numbers and who they belong to.  

From there, you can use this information to find someone’s email address.

Some examples of reverse phone lookup services include Truecaller and Tellows.  

These allow you to find phone numbers for free online, although their service and usefulness may vary depending on which country you are in and which country the phone number you’re looking for is in.

7. Try Email Permutation

Email permutation is one way to try and determine somebody’s email.

If you know their name and/or company position (likely after finding information about them from their phone number using one of the methods discussed above), you can try various logical combinations of these to determine their email address.

For example, say you know that the person’s name is Akram and that he holds the title of Production Manager at Iron Ingot Co. in Algeria (for the sake of argument, let’s suppose that we don’t know his last name/it’s not necessary).  

Some logical permutations to try would be:

While you can certainly try to generate all these permutations by hand, it can be time-consuming. Fortunately, there are some services online such as Mailmeteor that can do this task for you!

8. Reach Out to Admin or Support Staff

Sometimes, being direct is the best approach. 

If you can’t find a website that can provide you with a relevant email address, reaching out to someone in the support team is a good idea as they will often be able to assist. While reaching them, you can use our email templates to schedule meetings as well.

To find admin or support staff, look on all the company pages as we detailed above. Generally, support email addresses will occupy a prominent place on the contact page of the website.

9. Call the Phone Number And Ask

Sometimes, the most obvious solution is the best~ 

If you’re struggling to find an email address listed anywhere, ring up and ask the person on the other end for their email address!

You will want to introduce yourself and give a little bit of your sales pitch to the person on the other end so that they can decide whether or not to give you their email for further contact.

You could lead with where you found the phone number, as well as why you think it would be beneficial for you to have their email address and how it relates to your sales pitch.

10. Message via LinkedIn and Twitter

If you’ve successfully identified the LinkedIn or Twitter account of the person on the other end of the line, you can use the messaging features of these platforms to contact them.

This can feel better than ringing them as it provides them more space to respond.

You could word your messages along the lines of “Hi!  I have a business offer for you.  <Short elevator pitch>. If you’d like to discuss this more or see my <portfolio/other supporting documents> I would love to get your email address!”

11. Check Their Personal Blog

While not everybody has one, checking someone’s personal blog can provide you with their email address.

Often this will not be their professional email address, so they might be surprised if you send them something here. However, it is a good starting point.

It’s a good idea to use this just like a message on LinkedIn or Twitter, as you don’t know how secure their personal address will be. Once you have their professional email, you can continue the discussion in more detail.

12. Subscribe to their Newsletter

If the person you are trying to contact has an email newsletter, you could try subscribing to it!

Often (and particularly for those with small mailing lists) the writer will list a reply email at the bottom of the newsletter for comments, feedback, or discussion.

This waym you can reply and ask for their full professional email (or just use the listed address if it is clearly one they use for this purpose).

13. Check Gmail

Sometimes, you’ll find that Gmail will autofill an email field if you type in somebody’s name. 

This typically happens if you have sent them an email before or if they are in your company’s email database.

This will obviously get you their email; however, as it typically only happens when you already have access to it, this may not be the best prospect for getting an email address you know you don’t already have!

How to Find an Email Address Online

How to find an email address online

Try a Regular Web Search Engine

You can use Google, Bing, or any other web search engine of your choice to see if you can find an email address online.

Typing in the name of the person you want to know the address of and the phrase “email address” is a great way to get quick results. However, be wary of sites that may provide fake email addresses in order to drive ad traffic to their website!

Check the Domain

You can check the domain that you think the email address will be registered at in order to determine what the address is.

What is an Email Address?

what is an email address?

Email addresses are ubiquitous in the Internet age as a means of formal communication with words, questions, responses, anything related to digital guideliness in mind for anyone. When in past decades you might send a letter to communicate professionally, you now would send an email!

Emails are sent over the internet and allow you to transfer text, digital media attachments (such as videos, audio files, and PDFs), and lots of other things to other users after logging into a secured environment with a password. Just like sending a letter to a regular address, an email is sent to an email address.

People can hold multiple email addresses for their jobs; indeed, many do, with one or more work email accounts and one or more personal email accounts.

Each email address is identified by a unique email ID. These are typically something relevant to the person or business controlling the email account, associated with the domain at which the email is received.

For example, one of the most common email account domains used today is Gmail, an email service provided by Google.  

If someone called Bob Jones was making an email account for personal use, he might designate his username or email account as “[email protected]”; a name, and the domain at which the email will be received.

Companies and businesses often have different email account IDs. If Jane Smith is running a company called Jane’s Auto Repair, she might have her emails directed to the domain “janesautorepair.com”. Therefore, her business email might be “[email protected]”.

What is a Phone Number?

Phone numbers are used to contact people via landline or mobile phone. When using any telephone, you enter a set of numbers into the keypad; this tells your service provider who you want to be connected to.

While in the past people may have used an operator to direct them to their intended call recipient, this is no longer the case. 

Most of the time you will find phone numbers online on company websites, in social media bios (especially sites like LinkedIn), or occasionally in phone books.

Phone numbers tend to look different based on country or phone type. for example, a US landline will look like (+1) (555) 555-1234, while a New Zealand mobile would look like (+64) 21 123-4567. 

There can be a lot of differing factors between phone numbers all over the world, and this can help you identify where they are from.

Arguably the most important part of any phone number when it comes to working out an email address is the country code. This is the “+xx” part at the beginning of the phone number.

Knowing this allows you to determine what country the phone number is located in, which can help you narrow down the company or industry it is related to and spend less effort in your searches in general.

FAQs About Finding Email Address by Phone Number

How can I find email by name?

Google the name of the person you believe is attached to the email address plus the phrase “email address” as a quick start! Something that may give you more success is using a purpose-built email finder tool.

How do I forward an email to a phone number?

You can copy the text of an email and send it as an SMS. This is best done using the mobile app of your email client. You can also occasionally send attachments using an MMS message; however, this can be limited by your access to mobile data.

How to find an email address on LinkedIn?

Depending on how the person in question has decided to list their job address, it may be publicly visible on their LinkedIn page. If this is not the case, you can try messaging them on LinkedIn to ask for it!

In Summary: Key Insights About Finding Email Address by Phones

Finding an email address from a phone number can be done in a variety of ways.

Most of these boil down to using a conventional search engine and doing thorough research, finding a contact page, using a purpose-built email list, or directly contacting the phone number or support staff. 

For a more streamlined and efficient approach, consider leveraging the specialized tools and resources offered by Bookyourdata to discover and pinpoint new tips and techniques.



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