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How to Find Someone’s Email Address: Effective Ways

When you are prospecting, the first thing you need is an email contact. That contact will lead you to your prospects inbox. However, finding that email can be challenging. You start your browser, staring at the search engine, thinking where to start and how to find someone's email. Let's discuss that right now in this article.

If you're at least curious about the question of finding someone's email, we've got a list of 11 ways to do so. However, it's more than discovering an email address. It's about finding the correct one. We'll delve into the structure of email addresses, the importance of accuracy, and how to find the correct email for effective blogger outreach for those interested in specifics.

What is the Typical Email Address Structure?

An email address is a unique sequence of characters that determines the specific email box where you send messages. In the outreach industry, those characters are what sets communication in motion.Having the wrong string means losing time and reputation. So, let's look at the structure of an email address:

  • Username - Identifies a specific person or address within a particular domain (for example, first. andlastname)
  • @ symbol - Separates the username from the domain name and routes emails to the correct domain.
  • Domain name - These are determined by the email account host (for example, gmail.com or company name in professional accounts)

Speaking of the latter, the Domain Name System (DNS) is like a digital phonebook. It translates the numerical IP addresses computers need into the easy-to-remember domain names we use. It has a hierarchy of three components:

Top-Level Domain (TLD) - Known as domain endings, they represent the highest level of name resolution in the domain system hierarchy and appear as the last part of a web address (for example, .com, .org)

Second-Level Domain (SLD) - This is the part that comes before TLD and uses the unique name of a company (for example, google.com)

Sub-Domain - The additional sections within domain names allow you to organize content. It appears before SLD and is separated by dots (for example, blog.google.com)

Why is It Important to Find the Right Email Address?

There are hundreds of reasons and ways to find an email on the Internet. You see one on the company website, copy it into an email client, craft the message, click Send, and rely on luck. That would be simple enough if it weren't for external variations beyond your control. Those variations can be anything from outdated contact information to complete misspelling of the email address. 

That said, invalid email addresses lead to bounced emails. The higher the bounce rate, the more harm it does to your email reputation and affects deliverability. The same goes for spam folders. If you have an incorrect address, your email message can end up in the spam folder in the blink of an eye.

In the end, what matters most is for your message to reach the right recipient and the correct email inbox. Engaging with the right recipient increases the chance that you will get the desired response and increases conversion rates. Whatever your message, remove luck from the equation and make sure you have accurate email addresses.

How to Find an Email Address

Finding someone's email address can be similar to a strategic game that combines research and clever tactics. That's why many people refer to finding email addresses as "elusive." However, we have compiled a list of 11 methods and tips for finding someone's email ID.

Use an Email Lookup Tool

Using email lookup tools and services is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to access contacts from social media profiles, databases, and public directories. What you may have done for hours manually will be performed in seconds by the tool. Even with paid services, you gain much more than doing the task the harder way. 

The lookup tool is designed as a browser extension or a software solution to locate an email address online. There are multiple filters that you can use to specify which persons or companies you are seeking. It searches the Web for proper email format and extracts the information found into the dashboard. Some tools have an email permutator, which means they do the guesswork for you—making combinations to create possible email addresses. 

Once you decide to save the email list, the tool will automatically verify the export information. In other words, all the data is authenticated in real-time, which helps you reduce bounce rates, increase deliverability, and save your sender's reputation. You can download it in bulk (depending on the provider's free plan) to your computer as an Excel file or directly to your CRM. 

How to Find Someone's Email Address for Free

It's understandable to have reservations about free email finder tools, as we often associate high quality with a pricing plan listed on the tool's website. However, many renowned platforms now offer a free version, which implies that you can try different platforms and their functionalities.

BookYourData, for example, has a Pay-as-You-Go pricing plan, which means there are no subscriptions, even for the free version. The best part is that credits never expire, and you can use them at leisure. You get ten free leads to try out all the features a tool has to offer in the enterprise version:


  • 97% data accuracy
  • Proprietary database of 500M+ profiles
  • Data attributes 
  • Data scale and coverage
  • Real-time email verification
  • Global reach
  • API Access
  • CRM integration
  • Data enrichment
  • Unlimited employees accounts

Use Twitter

Twitter or X handle is one of the options for finding email addresses. Like any other social media network, people leave their professional email addresses for contact. Although most write contact information in the Bio section, some leave emails in their posts. 

How to Check Old Tweets From Anyone

For social media-savvy users, searching through tweets is easy. However, for others, it might get confusing where to start. There's a way to utilize old tweets to uncover email addresses. For example, some platforms help you see a person's old messages. You can use find or search to type in the keyword "email." Many people write the phrase before the address itself to indicate where they receive business messages.

Subscribe to Your Prospects Email List

If you have ever searched the prospect's website, chances are you came across a subscription form. It may be subscribing to newsletters or blogs. Either way, signing up means getting on their email list. Although most newsletters are sent from generic addresses, if you reply, there's a good chance that you will get a response from their personal email. Subscribing to your prospect's email list is a great way to establish a connection and start a meaningful conversation. 

Ask via a Generic Email Address or Contact Form

Contact forms are likely to contain generic email, much like subscription forms. Many people think it's the end of the line, but it's not. You can use the form to contact the person in charge, who is most likely the website administrator. You can also send an introduction mail and ask for the email address of the person you need.

Check Out the Contact & About Us Pages

The most probable places on the company website to find email addresses are the Contact and About Us pages. There is a good chance that you will find the email address of the person you are looking for. Contact pages usually have specific departments or people in charge of communication. About Us, pages are slightly different and include the email addresses of the decision-makers or teams at the company.

Check Out the Author's Pages

The pages we neglect are the authors' pages. Each company publishes blog posts or other publications. Among all of these are authors' pages. If you look, you will see that they are usually the company's decision-makers. Hence, before you give up on searching the company's website, check the texts and their authors. 

Check WHOIS Records

WHOIS is a platform that offers registrant and registration data. The platform will provide the contact details of the person who purchased the domain. However, the website owner and the person who bought the domain are often not the same person. 

Use Google (and Search Operators)

There is always the old way of searching for someone's contact information—Google it. Whatever data you have, such as name, company, or role, you can use a search engine to find that person's email. 

Use Facebook

Social media networks are created to stay in touch, so Facebook has a separate section for contact information. The email address is found under the About tab. It's always wise to check Facebook business pages, where you will likely find the contact you need. If all else fails, you can try direct messaging.

Check Your Email List

If you have been in the prospecting industry for some time, there is a chance that the person you are trying to target is already on your email list. It's common sense to start checking the list for the people you are searching for. Not only will it cut your search time, but it could also potentially get you to the email address you are looking for.

Export your LinkedIn Connections

Like with your email lists, you can check your LinkedIn account. Your prospects are likely among your LinkedIn connections. You can download the list directly from the platform to your computer. 

However, it does not support all characters, and you won't be able to download contacts in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Another caution is that you won't be able to download contacts that have not allowed others to see their email address. 

How to Export LinkedIn Connections

Exporting the list in LinkedIn might take a few more clicks than an email finder tool, but it's still worth trying. Your icon with Me below is at the top of the LinkedIn homepage. In the dropdown menu, you have to choose Data Privacy. 

There's a section "How LinkedIn uses your data." Clicking the Get a copy option will offer you an additional "Want something in particular" that gives you an opportunity to select the data you are most interested in. Naturally, you will choose Connections and request an archive. All you have to do now is type in your password and click Done. The platform will send the link from where you can download your list of connections. 

How to Find Email Addresses at Scale for Blogger Outreach

Despite the hype around AI-generated content and its number, many marketers still value human-written content. Building relationships with bloggers and influencers through email is essential in marketing campaigns. Building authority and credibility takes time and effort but is worth it in the long run. However, the hardest part is finding the blogger's email address. Let's look at some ways you can see their email address.

#1. Email Finder! Email finder tools are designed to search all parts of the Web for an email address. Use the tool to uncover their contact details. 

#2. Google it! - You heard that before, but whatever information you might have on the blogger or their website is worth investigating. For example, if you know the website URL, paste it into Google search and add "email" and "name" keywords. See what comes up. 

#3. Ask them! - If you find a phone number on a website or social media profile, ask them politely for their email address.

#4. Old Posts! There is a good chance that you can find the authors' contact details in their old posts. If not on their website, many of them have guest posts elsewhere, where there is a short bio and email address.

#5. Social Media! - If you find their social media profile, most of them have contact details in the About section. Checking professional profiles is especially important as these are most likely to contain contact data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Find Email Addresses for Free?

Yes, it is possible to find email addresses for free. There are numerous ways to do it, from using email lookup tools, google, social media profiles, and posts, to searching the websites.

How Can I Verify the Validity of an Email Address I Find?

There are a few ways to verify the validity of an email address you find. You can either use an email finder tool with a verifier, check the email syntax, search on a Google search engine, or try it out in Gmail. 

How Accurate are Email Finder Tools?

Email finder tools accurately find the correct email of the person you need within seconds. However, none is 100% accurate because of the external variables. It's wise to decide on a tool with over 95% accuracy and a built-in email verifier to achieve the best results.

Don't Wander - Connect with the Right People

Connecting with the right people matters, and finding the email address is the first step to establishing a meaningful connection. We have listed ways to find someone's email address and touched upon the proper structure so you can better understand the technical side of things. 

Finally, the easiest way to find anyone's email contact is to use email finder tools to help you quickly find what you seek. BookYourData is a powerful tool trusted by millions worldwide. It's an efficient way to consolidate data from various sources and verify each address to provide you with market-leading 97% accuracy. With BookYourData, you can reach the intended recipient promptly and increase your chances of success. So, don't wander - connect with the right people.



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