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21 Best B2B Lead Generation Companies & Services

Busy companies often need help improving ROI and promoting growth. Thankfully, they can rely on B2B lead generation companies to help them scale their business by filling their pipeline with qualified leads and increasing conversions.

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Learn what B2B lead generation companies are and what they do to aid businesses in reaching their professional goals. Find more than 20 services offering value and automated features and discover how to choose the most suitable one for your specific needs.

What is a B2B Lead Generation Company?

A B2B lead generation agency deals with data collection to help businesses generate new leads and bring them into their sales pipeline. They focus on list segmentation and categorization to provide clients with accurate contact information to improve prospecting.

These companies use various sources and advanced technology tools to find business contacts' emails and phone numbers. This enhances a client’s database accuracy and helps sales teams find more buyers.

The lead generation solution industry may reach over $9 billion in the next few years. These services are in high demand, and businesses often look for trustworthy B2B lead generation companies to save time on marketing strategies and efforts like research, advertising, cold calling, SEO, and social media.

What Do B2B Lead Generation Companies Do?

B2B lead generation companies use data to refine targeting strategies and leverage technology for lead tracking. They use specific lead generation techniques to support sales teams with qualified leads and offer consulting on lead generation strategies.

The roles and responsibilities of these services include:

  1. Market Research and Analysis: they utilize automation tools for efficiency, conduct market research for client insights, and identify potential customer segments.
  2. Lead Identification and Prospecting: they find potential leads matching the client's ideal customer profile using social media.
  3. Data Management and CRM Integration: they maintain, organize, and update lead databases and provide CRM integration services.
  4. Outreach and Communication: they execute email marketing campaigns, communicate and follow-up with leads to nurture them through the sales funnel.
  5. Lead Qualification: they offer solutions for lead qualification and score leads based on predetermined criteria.
  6. Content Marketing and Campaign Management: they create and manage marketing campaigns and develop content for lead nurturing.
  7. Performance Tracking and Reporting: they measure performance for ROI optimization, prepare detailed reports, and suggest improvements based on data-driven insight into buyer behavior.
  8. Compliance and Ethical Practices: they adhere to data protection regulations and obtain consent for communication.

Best B2B Lead Generation Agencies

An agency with expertise in B2B markets and the ability to generate high-quality leads is ideal for businesses looking for an innovative approach to lead generation. It must also demonstrate knowledge of multiple industries and focus on ROI to help the company achieve success.

Here are the best B2B lead generation agencies showing dedication to continuous improvement:

1. BookYourData


Bookyourdata is a list-building software company with a commitment to data privacy and global outreach capabilities. This platform is a leading data provider in the B2B market, guaranteeing 97% accuracy and offering healthcare, real estate, and various business contacts.


  • It integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce and Hubspot
  • It has access to over 250 million B2B contacts
  • It utilizes more than 100 filters for lead qualification
  • It offers real-time email verification
  • It provides technographics


  • Experience with various CRM platforms
  • Emphasis on technology-driven solutions
  • Utilization of advanced analytics
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Validity and accuracy guarantee


  • It requires more AI-featured implementation
  • The dashboard can be more mobile-friendly


  • Bookyourdata offers a pay-as-you-go model without requiring a subscription. It provides ten free leads, and the pricing plans start at $99.00 without hidden fees.

Why Choose BookYourData as a Lead Generation Service?

Bookyourdata is one of the most cost-effective and scalable lead generation solutions.


2. Belkins


Belkins is a B2B lead generation agency that provides high-quality leads in e-learning, construction, consulting, and healthcare. Its strategic use of content marketing eases businesses' lead generation processes.


  • It performs lead research through various sources
  • It provides CRM consulting services
  • It performs cold email outreach
  • It aims to facilitate appointment setting processes


  • It helps increase a business’s revenue
  • It demonstrates proficiency in LinkedIn marketing
  • It improves cold email open and reply rates


  • Their collaborative partnership model requires refinement.
  • Some companies find their pricing plans costly


  • Companies can request quotes to reveal Belkins’ pricing plans based on the specific services they need, including appointment setting, sales enablement, and CRM consulting options.

Why Choose Belkins as a Lead Generation Service?

Belkins is a trustworthy lead generator providing qualified lead lists.



CIENCE combines a human research approach with AI assistance to generate leads for companies in need. This agency offers B2B lead generation services using advanced analytics.


  • It uses personalized outbound strategies
  • It focuses on data-driven lead qualification
  • It analyzes performance and ROI
  • It performs multi-channel outreach campaigns


  • It promotes rapid sales growth
  • It adjusts strategies based on industry trends
  • It helps businesses set up quality meetings


  • Lack of collaboration
  • Their data is not always accurate


  • Working with this platform can give clients ten free leads. However, if they want to discover their pricing plans, they must contact a sales representative and get a custom offer.

Why Choose CIENCE as a Lead Generation Service?

CIENCE enriches your database and helps you find potential leads.

4. D7 Lead Finder

D7 Lead Finder

D7 Lead Finder is an ideal lead-generation platform for companies working in different regions and categories, from roofing to real estate leads. Their software tool provides leads for businesses with AI-integrated capabilities.


  • Bulk Search
  • Keyword-based Research
  • Filtering for Accuracy
  • List creation in minutes


  • It’s easy to use
  • The system is optimized
  • It has the capacity for large-scale lead management


  • Poor customer service
  • Data inaccuracy problems


  • This platform offers pricing plans ranging from $44.99 to $119.99 per month, depending on the company’s daily search volume requirements.

Why Choose D7 Lead Finder as a Lead Generation Service?

Discover B2B leads from different countries and niches with D7 Lead Finder.

5. Abstrakt


Businesses needing to schedule more sales meetings can rely on Abstrakt's credibility and advanced tools. This B2B lead generation service provides leads in numerous industries, including accounting, insurance, and finance.


  • B2B Meeting scheduling tools
  • Inbound Lead generation solutions
  • Effective CRM integration
  • Proficiency in digital marketing


  • Possession of a diverse tool kit
  • Worldwide sales outsourcing
  • Seamless lead generation campaign management


  • Users reported inadequate results from using this platform
  • Issues with lead quality


  • The Abstrakt pricing plans depend on the number of leads businesses need.

Why Choose Abstrakt as a Lead Generation Service?

Abstrakt is an ideal lead generation service for businesses looking to fill their pipeline with more leads.

6. Sapper Consulting

Sapper Consulting

Among the numerous multi-channel lead generation services that exist, Sapper Consulting stands out as one of the best. It helps businesses generate more leads and quickly introduce them into their pipeline.


  • Appointment-setting
  • Sales consulting
  • Personalized lead-generation solutions
  • ROI-focused approach


  • It helps marketing and sales teams with lead generation efforts
  • It offers custom business strategies
  • It secures high-quality meetings with clients


  • It doesn’t guarantee a return on investment
  • Their communication is insufficient


  • Clients who want to obtain Sapper Consulting’s pricing plans must contact them directly.

Why Choose Sapper Consulting as a Lead Generation Service?

Sapper Consulting schedules sales meetings quickly and easily for businesses aiming to increase revenue.

7. demandDrive


For businesses looking for custom solutions and lead generation consultations, demandDrive can be a suitable B2B agency. They effectively generate and score leads and bring them into a business’s sales funnel.


  • Enhancing outbound and inbound lead generation efforts
  • Engaging in content syndication
  • Providing account-based intelligence
  • Offering custom sales development strategies


  • Affordable services
  • Access to responsive sales representatives
  • Handling multiple aspects of the lead generation process


  • The lead generation process doesn’t happen on the platform
  • There are not many online reviews for this agency


  • Users must contact the agency for pricing information for sales, marketing, and revenue operations services.

Why Choose demandDrive as a Lead Generation Service?

demandDrive develops scalable lead generation programs to help businesses achieve their objectives.

8. Martal Group

Martal Group

Martal Group is a B2B lead generation agency for companies aiming to generate SaaS leads. It provides full access to trained sales representatives to guide clients through each step of the lead generation process.


  • It generates an ideal customer profile for businesses
  • It helps users write questions and scripts for sales teams
  • It builds targeted sales leads
  • It aids in marketing campaign creation


  • Focused lead gen approach
  • Suitable for technology companies
  • High level of expertise in B2B lead generation


  • Poor lead quality
  • Costly services


  • They offer a flat-fee-per-month pricing model and a monthly subscription based on the number of leads a business requests.

Why Choose Martal Group as a Lead Generation Service?

Tech companies can benefit from Martal Group’s sales outsourcing services.

9. OutboundView


OutboundView is a relatively new but stable B2B lead generation company that offers businesses the opportunity to generate qualified leads monthly.


  • Appointment setting
  • B2B lead generation
  • Lead qualification
  • Advanced data research


  • It guarantees scheduling 10-20 appointments each month
  • It helps businesses move verified leads through their sales funnel
  • It generates and qualifies leads effectively


  • Unreliable services
  • Not enough user reviews


  • Their pricing plans differ depending on the solution. Thus, interested clients must contact the agency and find more details.

Why Choose OutboundView as a Lead Generation Service?

OutboundView is ideal for small businesses aiming to jumpstart their lead gen process.

10. OnBrand24


Unlike the previous lead gen agency on this list, OnBrand24 has existed for over 30 years and specializes in B2B sales and marketing. It offers verified leads in numerous industries, including healthcare and e-commerce.


  • Inbound and outbound call centers
  • Multi-channel lead generation
  • BPO outsourcing
  • Database scrubbing


  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Accurate and fast market research
  • Scalability enhancement


  • Expensive monthly payment
  • It requires clients to pay a monthly minimum amount


  • This agency’s pricing plans start at $2.500 per month. 

Why Choose OnBrand24 as a Lead Generation Service?

Large corporations with big budget allowances should invest in OnBrand24’s valuable features.

11. LeadGeneration.com


LeadGeneration.com is an online platform that helps B2B organizations improve the results of their lead generation strategies by using various channels.


  • Landing page creation
  • Appointment setting
  • Content marketing proficiency
  • SEO optimization


  • They use a multi-channel approach to optimize campaigns
  • Their methods include inbound and outbound lead generation
  • They help businesses drive organic website traffic


  • Expensive services
  • Not the easiest platform to use


  • This platform offers a free consultation, after which each client can request a quote to discover their customized pricing plans.

Why Choose LeadGeneration.com as a Lead Generation Service?

This platform offers various sales and marketing solutions for businesses aiming to improve their lead generation campaign.

12. SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads

Many businesses find it challenging to generate SaaS leads. Luckily, SalesPro Leads is here to help by offering leads in many industries, including SaaS and telemarketing.


  • Custom B2B lead generation 
  • A go-to-market approach
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Appointment setting


  • It helps with lead nurturing
  • It expedites the sales cycle
  • It increases the number of conversions


  • Slow loading speed
  • It lacks email-tracking features


  • This agency doesn’t provide a free trial or consultation, but clients who have contacted them claim that the services are affordable.

Why Choose SalesPro Leads as a Lead Generation Service?

SalesPro Leads lets businesses generate quality leads quickly and efficiently.

13. Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon Leads is a lead generation service that provides sustainable growth for businesses. It helps them achieve their long-term goals and build valuable relationships with qualified prospects.


  • B2B lead generation outsourcing
  • Appointment Setting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Podcast Outreach


  • It helps businesses deliver a good ROI
  • It aids sales teams in crafting good cold email copy
  • It leverages the power of LinkedIn for lead generation


  • The services are more costly than the average
  • Inability to target the right market during lead generation


  • They have a cost-per-lead pricing model, and clients can book a call to discuss pricing plans that fit their needs.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Leads as a Lead Generation Service?

This industry award-winning B2B lead gen service exceeds every business’s expectations.

14. Rev Partners

Rev Partners

Rev Partners is the ideal choice for companies using Hubspot for their lead generation efforts because it specializes in this specific type of CRM system.


  • CRM implementation
  • Marketing automation
  • Data-driven process
  • Hubspot outsourcing


  • Guaranteed 15% of the increase in profitability
  • Sustainable growth
  • Access to sales experts for lead generation assistance


  • It doesn’t implement lead scoring systems
  • It can’t handle complete lead gen processes


  • In addition to Rev Partners requiring clients to pay fees, their pricing plans start from $1,500 per month.

Why Choose Rev Partners as a Lead Generation Service?

Rev Partners is an ideal solution for businesses aiming to achieve significant growth and profitability.

15. LeadGenius


Among numerous SaaS tools, LeadGenius stands out as one of the best options for businesses aiming to generate and attract verified leads.


  • Access to vertical-specific data
  • Creating targeted lead lists
  • Running A/B testing
  • Streamlined operations


  • It enriches lead lists
  • It offers various types of data
  • It creates customized lead gen strategies


  • High pricing
  • Lack of customer reviews


  • Clients are required to contact LeadGenius’s team to get a detailed quote and discover their pricing plans.

Why Choose LeadGenius as a Lead Generation Service?

LeadGenius provides precise data businesses can use to enhance the accuracy of their lead lists.

16. Operatix


Operatix offers highly trained sales development teams to help businesses generate more leads for their pipeline and increase their revenue.


  • Outbound sales development
  • Inbound lead qualification
  • Channel acceleration
  • Marketing acceleration


  • Expertise in international markets
  • Comprehensive service offering
  • Effective pipeline generation


  • Slow process
  • Lead quality needs improvement


  • They offer a free pipeline assessment and tailor their pricing plans based on the client’s requirements.

Why Choose Operatix as a Lead Generation Service?

Operatix helps B2B organizations improve their strategy and create a more effective campaign.

17. RocketReach


RocketReach is a B2B software company helping businesses find accurate and relevant emails, and phone numbers for easy lead generation.


  • Automated Prospect Lists
  • Intent Data
  • AI-powered Recommendations
  • Seamless CM integration


  • Global contact information coverage
  • Excellent data quality
  • Easy to use


  • Only the most expensive pricing plan allows API access
  • Some of the contact information they provide is outdated


  • RocketReach’s pricing plans range from $39 to $249 per month based on the features and exports clients need.

Why Choose RocketReach as a Lead Generation Service?

RocketReach helps businesses connect with prospects and convert them into buyers quickly.

18. Cleverly


Cleverly is a B2B service helping businesses scale their LinkedIn lead generation efforts and enhance lead nurturing.


  • Process Automation
  • Cold Outreach Sequences
  • Candidate list-building services
  • Zapier Integration


  • It connects businesses with relevant LinkedIn prospects
  • It automatically generates leads with the help of AI
  • It performs A/B testing for cold email copy


  • Lack of personalization features
  • Absence of optimization


  • Cleverly’s pricing plans for lead generation services start at $397 monthly. 

Why Choose Cleverly as a Lead Generation Service?

Cleverly uses suitable tools to ease a business’s LinkedIn lead generation process.

19. Apollo


Apollo is a highly trusted sales intelligence and engagement B2B platform offering effective lead-generation tools to secure campaign success.


  • Contact & account search
  • Inbound optimization
  • Sales automation
  • Deals management


  • It helps improve campaign performance by measuring analytics
  • It aids in lead qualification
  • It streamlines operations


  • Inability to instantly integrate with CRM
  • The analytics are not always precise


  • In addition to the free trial Apollo offers, their basic pricing plan costs $49 per month. This platform provides a professional pricing plan for $79 and an organization-appropriate $119 monthly for large enterprises. 

Why Choose Apollo as a Lead Generation Service?

Apollo is an all-in-one platform for achieving better lead-generation results.

20. ZoomInfo


Businesses that need accurate data for sales, marketing, and recruitment can rely on ZoomInfo’s extensive database and expertise in numerous industries.


  • Advanced filtering options
  • Real-time alerts
  • Website visitor tracking
  • CRM integration


  • It offers business insights
  • It has access to intent data
  • It helps businesses search for qualified leads


  • The contact information needs updates
  • The dashboard is incomprehensive


  • Clients must request pricing plan details from ZoomInfo’s team.

Why Choose ZoomInfo as a Lead Generation Service?

ZoomInfo allows businesses to enrich their databases and increase ROI.

21. Leadpages


Businesses spend a lot of money and effort on marketing strategies for lead generation. Leadpages can help them by offering industry expertise and experience


  • Ad campaign optimization
  • Technical and content SEO improvements
  • Landing page editor
  • Automated email sequences


  • It carries out high-performing campaigns
  • It drives more organic traffic
  • It turns leads into sales


  • They require more pricing transparency
  • Their dashboard is cluttered with outdated pages


  • The Leadpages performance marketing services pricing plan starts at $1,999/month. However, they also offer a free trial.

Why Choose Leadpages as a Lead Generation Service?

Leadpages allows businesses to capture qualified leads through automated marketing campaigns.

Key Factors to Choose a Good B2B Lead Generation Service

Nearly 70% of businesses need help with lead generation. Thus, choosing a good B2B lead generation service is crucial. However, you must consider the factors below to ensure the service meets your business needs effectively. 

  • Data Compliance: The lead generation company you choose must comply with laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and other relevant regulations. This protects your business from legal issues and builds trustworthy relationships with potential leads.
  • Data Source: Reliable data sources ensure the accuracy of obtained leads. Knowing the data source helps evaluate the quality of leads and avoid potential data integrity problems.
  • Data Relevance: Relevant data increases the chances of conversion and assures businesses that the leads generated align with their target market.
  • Data Coverage: Comprehensive data coverage ensures access to many potential leads. This is particularly important if your business targets diverse markets and industries or operates in multiple locations.
  • CRM Integrations: CRM integration streamlines lead management, improves data accuracy, and helps marketing and sales teams collaborate better. 
  • Sales Trigger Tracking: A B2B lead generation company with a sales trigger tracking system prioritizes leads based on their conversion potential.
  • Services' Flexibility: This factor ensures that the service can demonstrate adaptability to industry changes and maintain the relevance of inbound and outbound lead generation efforts over time.
  • Pricing: Transparent and reasonable pricing ensures that agencies are worth the investment and use ethical lead generation practices.

The Best Way to Reach Your Lead Gen Goals 

Every business aims to tailor strategies to industry-specific needs and improve scalability. However, they won’t be able to focus their time and efforts on making more sales without choosing suitable lead generation services. 

Instead, they would have to undergo a lengthy and complicated process of performing market research and prioritizing lead nurturing. They would also have to engage in networking for lead discovery and employ SEO strategies to increase visibility.

Platforms like BookYourData specialize in identifying potential clients to help businesses achieve the best lead-generation campaign results. They offer verified lead lists and enhance the user experience with CRM integration features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a B2B Lead Cost?

The cost per lead depends on the marketing channel used for acquisition. For example, event marketing is the most costly option. However, businesses can save money by buying bulk lead lists from lead generation companies.

Is LinkedIn Good for B2B Lead Generation?

LinkedIn allows businesses to connect with verified leads through direct messaging. However, the conversion process may take a lot of time because these prospects require nurturing and engagement before becoming paying customers.

Is Selling Leads a Good Business?

Selling leads might be the way to go if you aim to help marketers generate and qualify leads faster. However, before starting such a business, you must ensure you provide quality and well-sourced contact information to guarantee accuracy for your clients.



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