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How to Find Someone’s Email on Facebook: Advanced Tactics for Success

In this article, you will learn advanced methods for finding someone's email on Facebook and understand why this is important.

Briefly, there are three methods for finding emails on Facebook:

  • Check the Person's Facebook Profile - About page
  • Ask for Email Directly
  • Use an Email Finder Tool

Additionally, there are four reasons why you should be looking for leads on Facebook:

  • Facebook Is Your Opportunity to Reach Billions of Potential Customers
  • Combining Facebook Ads and Email Marketing
  • Facebook Groups are Hubs of B2B Prospects
  • Facebook Favors Personalized Communication

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By the end of this read, you'll have mastered the art of uncovering email addresses from Facebook, equipped with tried-and-true methods and a deeper understanding of the platform's nuances.

Let’s go ahead and jump right into it!

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The Best Methods to Find Someone’s Email on Facebook

the best methods to find someone's email on facebook

So, how exactly do you go about finding someone’s email through their Facebook profile? The answer may be more simple than you expect. 

There are a few different options and Facebook features that will help you out in this venture.

1. Check the Person’s Facebook Profile — About Page

Finding someone’s email through their Facebook profile “About” section is a quick and easy process. This section is where all of their personal details — often including contact information — are located.

Everyone who has a Facebook account will have an associated email address that is chosen for login purposes and is used for account recovery. However, whether or not you’ll be able to access their email depends on what the user has opted to share.

Let’s go over the steps to take when trying to find an email through someone’s Facebook page.

Step 1: Login and Look Up the Profile

If using your desktop computer or laptop, open Facebook.com in your browser (e.g., Google Chrome), and log in to your account with your email and password. You can also log in on your smartphone app, but it may be easier to import contacts to your email client on your desktop.

Hover your pointer arrow over the search bar in the top-left corner of the home screen (just next to the blue Facebook logo icon), click, and type in the name of the person you’re searching for.

Be sure to type in both their first and last name and verify your search results with the profile’s display picture or location — you don’t want to send an email to the wrong person!

Don’t forget, you can use filters to help you narrow down your search, i.e., searching by city and places, or by friends, education, or work.

Step 2: Look Up Their Information

Once you are on the correct profile, you can access their personal information by clicking the tab on the page menu that says “About”. 

Once you have navigated to this page, click the subheading that says “Contact and basic info” and examine the details there. 

Step 3: Look for Their Email Address

In the “Contact and basic info” section, you should see several headings with their contact information such as websites, mobile phone numbers, and other contact information — This is where you'll be able to retrieve any attached email addresses, even if you initially find them by phone numbers.

Usually, the email is set as the primary contact as it is linked to a profile and is verified by Facebook, and it is displayed under contact info. However, there are instances when this won’t be visible.

Step 4: Copy the Email from the Profile and Paste Into Your Email Client

Now you just have to craft your email or query, and send it!

2. Ask for the Email Directly (If It’s Private/Hidden)

If you have been able to investigate a person’s Facebook profile page but you are not able to see an email listed in their “Contact and basic info” section, this could mean that their email is hidden in privacy settings, is restricted by user preferences, can be accessed by friends only, or is masked for non-friends.

In this instance, you can always send a friend request by clicking the “Add Friend” button. Once your request has been accepted, you will likely be able to see the hidden email. 

If not, you will now be able to use the Facebook message function to ask them for their email address directly by introducing yourself(bear in mind that response time may vary depending on whether their profile is opted for notifications).

There is no way to access an email address on Facebook if the user has elected not to include it on their profile. In this case, sending a private message will be your best option when it comes to locating the email through Facebook.

3. Use an Email Finder Tool

If you can’t find the person you’re looking for, it could be that their profile is not publicly visible or requires mutual connection in order to view (this is updated in account settings).

In these times, you can always use an email finder tool to help you. There are several services, such as Atomic Email Hunter, Bookyourdata, or Facebook Email Extractor, that will scour the internet and locate the email you are searching for.

BookYourData is the #1 rated sales intelligence platform, boasting hundreds of 5-star reviews and a powerful lead generation tool. It uniquely enables you to find and buy email address lists that are not publicly posted on Facebook, thanks to its industry-first real-time email verification function.


Simply search Google for email finder tools, choose a website, and input the information that is required. Often this will be a first and last name along with a website, social media username, or phone number. The more information you have, the higher your chance of success.

From here, the email finder searches the internet, scans through its database, and comes back with the relevant results. However, you should be aware that not all lead generation businesses are equal or offer email verifier services — so your email could still bounce!

Why Look for Leads on Facebook?

why look for leads on facebook?

You may be wondering if there’s any benefit to finding leads through this social media platform? Short answer: absolutely.

Social media platforms can be overlooked when it comes to searching for leads and making professional connections. However, as society becomes more and more centered on technology and the digital space, it is important to explore this avenue when it comes to forming connections and building your branding.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should be using Facebook to find potential leads and promote your company, services, or brand. 

Facebook Is Your Opportunity to Reach Billions of Potential Customers

Reaching out to someone through their email is one of the fastest and most direct methods of contact. This avenue of communication is professional, straightforward, and will likely be viewed in a timely manner. The only problem? Not all potential clients or customers have their email address displayed on their website. That’s where Facebook comes in.

Using the information from a person’s Facebook profile can often allow you to quickly and easily locate their email address. Simply searching the platform for a first and last name can lead you to a direct means of contact.

The sheer size and power of Facebook cannot be overstated — it allows you to reach people all over the world, no matter where your own location is. 

Almost every person with any form of online presence is associated with a Facebook profile. This means that this platform is a hidden gem when it comes to outreach and can help you generate and convert more leads.

By joining Facebook groups or pages, networking with other users, and utilizing the website’s promotional services, you are able to reach billions of potential customers, companies, and industry professionals with the press of a button. 

In this highly digital generation, the use of social media platforms for business growth is becoming increasingly effective.

Combine Facebook Ads and Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to create new connections and have a direct method of contact with clients and customers, but Facebook’s ad services are a fresh way to reach even more people in the online space. 

With Facebook, you can promote your products or services in a range of different categories, reaching potential customers or partners in your field, and with so many users on the platform, Facebook ads are bound to get noticed. 

Not only that, Facebook ads are known to be personalized and curated to fit the user's interests and professions. This means that these ads are more likely to be noticed and discovered by the right people. 

Facebook Groups are Hubs of B2B Prospects

Unlike other platforms such as LinkedIn or Instagram, there is an excellent service and experience on Facebook in the form of groups. You can suppose these groups as alternative ways of finding someone’s email on LinkedIn.

Facebook groups are increasingly being utilized to form high-value communities, boost B2B prospects, increase sales, and make valuable connections. These groups are highly customizable and can be public or private, depending on your needs. 

Imagine a huge email chain that includes all of your best connections and clients, where new members can be added in bulk at any time, you can probe them directly for market research analytics, and everyone can share text posts, images, messages, or website links in seconds. 

This is essentially what you’ll get with a Facebook group used for boosting B2B prospects

Facebook Favors Personalized Communication

Everything about the way Facebook functions is highly personalized: the groups, promotional ads, and messenger services. This is great news when it comes to gaining professional contacts, as you will be making quality connections to those in your field. 

Your ads will be targeted and therefore will reach a relevant audience, your Facebook groups will be advertised to others who would be a great fit, and crucial information such as email addresses are simple to locate. 

Online platforms and digital communication always run the risk of feeling distant and impersonal. However, with Facebook, private groups and targeted advertisements ensure that you are reaching relevant category audiences, and having your voice heard by those who are interested in what you have to say.

What Is Facebook?

what is facebook?

If you’ve spent any time on computers and the internet, chances are you’ve at least heard of Facebook — you likely even have a Facebook profile yourself. 

Created by owner Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook quickly skyrocketed in popularity and is currently one of the largest social media platforms on the internet. 

Facebook is a great place for keeping in touch with friends and family, sharing life updates, and staying up to date with news and entertainment. What people often don’t realize, however, is that Facebook can be a wealth of information when it comes to leads and contacts.

A Facebook profile can contain all the details you need to get in touch with potential future clients, customers, or collaborators. 

What Is Email?

what is email?

An email is a form of electronic mail — a point of contact between you and another person on the Internet. Emails are an excellent method of contact as they are private, professional, and can contain a large word count along with file or image attachments.

There are several different email providers, with some of the most popular ones being Gmail and Outlook.

The great thing about email communication is that you don’t have to use the same email providers in order to contact someone else via email. This makes it an effective way to reach out to many different people through one email account.

FAQs About Finding Someone’s Email on Facebook

How to find someone’s email address on Facebook if it’s private?

While you aren’t able to uncover a private email address on Facebook, you can utilize the messenger function to contact the user directly and request their email address. You can also use other methods, such as an online email finder, to locate this information. 

Can I get an email address from a Facebook URL?

Yes, there are many online email-finding services that will be able to locate email addresses from just Facebook profile URLs. Simply locate an email finder that advertises this service, paste it into the Facebook URL, and wait for the finder to pull up the email address. 

Is it possible to find an email address from a Facebook profile?

It is possible to find an email address from Facebook profiles. If not listed on the profile itself, you can reach out to the user through Facebook messenger service to enquire about it or paste their Facebook URL into an email finder to find this information.

Find Someone’s Email on Facebook Faster and More Efficiently

Facebook can be a hidden gem when it comes to making professional connections and locating contact information. Finding an email address through Facebook is incredibly simple, and the platform can also provide a range of other benefits.

In this digital age, keeping up with social media platforms and using them to boost your company and personal branding can be endlessly helpful. By utilizing Facebook to find email addresses, joining relevant groups to boost B2B prospects, and advertising your brand, you are establishing yourself in the online space and by extension reaching clients all over the world.

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