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Get Free SEO Leads With These 7 Quick Ways

If you have a marketing agency, you are aware of the competitiveness in the SEO industry. But did you know you can generate leads organically without spending much money? Thankfully, the search engine optimization process can become more manageable by getting free SEO leads with the help of a few practical strategies.

In this article, you will learn:

Familiarize yourself with the importance of generating high-quality SEO leads to help your agency achieve scalable results. Discover the best platforms offering valuable solutions and increase lead conversion with effective SEO strategies.

What are SEO Leads?

53% of marketers spend a large sum of their budget on SEO strategies. SEO is one of the most effective strategies in B2B marketing because it helps marketers capture interest through targeted keywords. Therefore, an SEO lead is a business interested in purchasing your company’s SEO services. 

Most potential clients discover your marketing agency through search engines and paid ads. However, some companies reach out to these leads to present and offer their SEO services, such as on-page optimization, link building, creating backlinks, and local SEO.

Why are SEO Leads Important?

The importance of SEO leads lies in their potential to promote business growth and help it rise above the competition. Organic search results show that these prospects are interested in your SEO services and will likely become future buyers. This way, agencies improve their rankings, build a good brand reputation, and gain a fighting chance against industry competitors. 

How to Generate SEO Leads for Free

The lead generation efforts of agencies offering SEO solutions to businesses must include defining the target audience. This is to familiarize themselves with the needs and interests of potential customers. In addition to this crucial tactic, SEO agencies can try the following strategies to improve their business performance and get free SEO leads:

Conduct Outreach

The best way to nurture potential clients and grow your network to enhance future marketing efforts is to conduct outreach during your lead generation campaign. This strategy involves engaging prospects to increase their interest in purchasing your offers and convert them into buyers. 

Dominate Local Search

Only 30% of businesses have a plan to dominate local SEO optimization. To help visitors find your products and services more easily online, you must optimize your website for local lead gen by using relevant keywords, inbound links, and backlinks. This strategy helps businesses with physical locations increase their visibility on search engines like Google and generate free SEO leads.

Offer Freebies

Using lead magnets is a good SEO strategy for acquiring more leads. It involves an agency offering services for free, like promotions, trials, and whitepapers, to website visitors. If you try this method, make sure the freebies are valuable enough to potential clients to encourage them to share their contact information in return.

Create a Referral System

Traditional ways of increasing a customer base include word-of-mouth. If an existing customer is satisfied with your product or service, they will likely refer it to someone interested in purchasing something similar. To attract more referrals, you can offer discounts or free resources matching the needs and interests of potential customers.

Tap Into Your Network

Building valuable relationships with agencies offering similar SEO services as you not only grow your network but also help generate more leads. Cultivate relationships via online engagement and witness reaching broader audiences.

Enable Live Chat

Providing reliable customer service to website visitors can increase your chances of attracting more leads into your sales pipeline. They might be interested in product or service descriptions or recommendations. So, enable a functioning and interactive live chat option on your page to keep leads engaged.

Add More CTAs

Short phrases, including action verbs that link to relevant landing pages, are called CTAs. These are crucial for getting free SEO leads because they encourage viewers to click the links that land them on pages with relevant content to the purchase stage. To increase engagement, you can add calls to action to your blog posts, articles, emails, and landing pages.

How to Contact Qualified SEO Leads

SEO is the highest quality lead source for 60% of marketers. Many practical ways of contacting qualified SEO leads include emails, phone calls, and social media interactions. Here is a short guide to help you avoid common issues while contacting prospects and additional tips to do it right:

Keep Things Concise

Whether you contact qualified SEO leads through email, phone, or social media, get straight to the point and avoid including irrelevant information. For example, a prospect will likely read your short but engaging email and avoid long, improperly structured, confusing messages.

Make It Effortless for Clients to Take the Next Step

When calling or messaging promising leads, try to connect with them personally. Share relatable information, present your offer clearly, and focus on explaining the specifics of your SEO services and how they would benefit from them. 

After your initial interaction, don’t forget to follow up and answer any additional questions they might have before they are ready to buy. This way, you reassure them of your agency’s reliability and create long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with qualified SEO leads.

How to Leverage SEO for Leads

Regardless of the quality of your products or services, there is no guarantee that interested people will discover them quickly. For this reason, you need to take the following steps to establish online recognition and acquire customers through search engine optimization:

Optimize Your Homepage and Inner Content

A homepage that includes details about an agency’s product or service ranks well in search engines. To optimize your homepage, find keywords that best describe your offers. You can also attract target audiences with optimized web content containing title tags, meta descriptions, and information that matches the search intent.

Use Local SEO Strategies

To increase the possibility of Google ranking your website high and attracting more leads, you can implement local SEO in your lead generation strategy. Identify local keywords, optimize your Google Business Profile, and create a strategic local SEO report to measure KPIs.

Build an Active Blog and Optimize Your Blog Posts

An agency can attract prospects with valuable content posted on its blog. However, marketing teams must keep the blog active by posting regularly to help their authentic topics stay relevant. They should also optimize their blog posts with engaging headings, titles, and proper keyword implementation.

Guest Posting

Agencies that analyze web traffic for lead generation opportunities can write guest posts for other websites. This strategy helps them share information about a company’s offerings to wider audiences, increasing brand awareness and generating SEO leads.

Use Alt Tags for Your Images

If you include images in your written content, use alt tags or texts. This gives context to the image and ranks your website higher on Google. Alt image tags also describe the type of content on the page to search engines.

Improve Your Website Speed

With SEO, agencies can improve site usability to retain visitor interest. This tactic includes page optimization through image compression, increased responsiveness, and reduced HTTP requests. 

Be Active on Social Media

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter help agencies enhance online presence to attract more leads. They help increase website traffic and get valuable backlinks with every reshare of an agency’s social media post by users.

Use Google Ads

Agencies can also get more backlinks and increase website visibility with advertising campaigns. Google Ads helps you target qualified leads and get instant results during the lead generation campaign.

5 Websites to Buy SEO Leads

Do you need help finding the contact information to reach out to potential leads and converting them into buyers? The following cost-effective platforms and tools are great SEO lead-providing options offering ready-to-use lists with phone numbers and email addresses of prospects interested in your SEO services.

1. BookYourData


Bookyourdata is a B2B SEO lead provider that uses pre-made email lists to help agencies reach millions of business contacts. This platform guarantees the most accurate data to speed up the outreach process and increase sales.


  • It filters data to identify ideal customers based on location, industry, and company size. 
  • It seamlessly integrates with CRMs and sales tools to provide the best experience for clients.
  • It provides expert sales and marketing insights to help improve a company’s lead-generation efforts.


  • Their data is extensive and precise.
  • The platform helps agencies avoid the struggle of contacting uninterested prospects and witnessing their sales process get slower.
  • This platform offers a flexible, pay-as-you-go model that businesses with various budgets can afford.


  • Apart from lacking AI-powered features, reviews show that users of this platform haven’t found major disadvantages in their services.


  • Free 10 Credits
  • 250 Credits: $99/month

Reviews Rating: 

G2 Score: 4.9/5 (280 Reviews)

Capterra Score: 5/5 (19 Reviews)

Why Should We Buy SEO Leads from Bookyourdata?

This platform offers accurate data that SEO agencies can use to increase their sales funnel.

Reach prospects who are ready to buy

2. UpLead


Another website offering a high percentage of accuracy for lead generation is UpLead. It gives clients access to prospects’ email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles.


  • Uplead provides accurate lead sources for social media and email marketing campaigns.
  • It analyzes lead data to confirm and verify contacts.
  • It offers an easy-to-use interface.


  • Their high-quality data helps agencies easily and quickly reach prospects and move them through the various stages of the buyer journey. 
  • UpLead offers multiple pricing plans, from basic to professional, to suit diverse agencies' budgets.
  • It enriches the database with valuable information.


  • Lack of customer support visibility.
  • There is no refund policy.
  • Lack of some data points
  • Expensive than others


  • Free 5 Credits
  • 170 Credits: $99/month

Reviews Rating: 

G2 Score: 4.7/5 (755 Reviews)

Capterra Score: 4.6/5 (76 Reviews)

Why Should We Buy SEO Leads from Uplead?

This website provides solid emails and intuitive filters.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If an agency frequently interacts with prospects on social media platforms like LinkedIn, they can get leads from the integrated Sales Navigator solution. 


  • This tool alerts marketers when prospects are ready to engage for better outreach. 
  • It monitors leads’ LinkedIn profiles 
  • It tracks any changes they make to allow agencies to contact only interested prospects.


  • The tool is easy to use.
  • It provides necessary information quickly.
  • It works for cold outreach prospecting.


  • The search results are not always accurate.
  • It lacks good customer service.
  • Limitation with linkedin outreach


  • Free Trial 
  • Core Pricing Plan: $79.99/month
  • Advanced Pricing Plan: $135.00/month

Reviews Rating:

G2 Score: 4.3/5 (1886 Reviews)

Capterra Score: 4.5/5 (144 Reviews)

Why Should We Buy SEO Leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Their features are ideal for SEO agencies looking for new leads. 

4. Hunter.io


For agencies looking for an excellent email-finding tool, Hunter.io might be an ideal choice. Although known for its email verification features, it’s essential to discover if it offers high-quality business data.


  • It identifies target companies based on your agency’s marketing strategy.
  • It browses through domains to find prospects’ email addresses. 
  • It quickly verifies emails.


  • Hunter helps businesses enhance outreach efforts.
  • It offers dual functionality features.
  • It provides users value for the money.


  • This tool doesn’t allow marketing teams to generate leads quickly because it lacks feature variety. 
  • Paying for leads on this website can become expensive, and your investment will be worthwhile only if you increase the number of monthly generated leads.
  • Email verification is expensive than others


  • Free Trial
  • Unlocking New Features: $49/month

Reviews Rating:

G2 Score: 4.4/5 (541 Reviews)

Capterra Score: 4.6/5 (617 Reviews)

Why Should We Buy SEO Leads from Hunter.io?

It is an excellent tool for filling a business database with qualified SEO leads.

5. Lusha


If an agency needs a lead generation tool that easily integrates with CRMs like Salesforce, Lusha is the solution! This platform provides many features that marketing and sales teams can use to improve their outreach efforts.


  • This platform improves lead lists by offering reliable information about prospects that SEO agencies can use to enhance lead-generation efforts. 
  • It also includes a new feature that helps agencies engage with prospects through personalized cold outreach directly from the platform.
  • It has an advanced UI design for better navigation.


  • Lusha uses AI to source data.
  • It offers flexible payment options, from pro to scale, each including differing credits and features.
  • It efficiently connects businesses with decision-makers.


  • LinkedIn lead sources this tool provides may be inaccurate.
  • The prices are competitive.
  • Complicated pricing figures


  • Free Trial
  • 480 credits: $36/month

Reviews Rating:

G2 Score: 4.3/5 (1458 Reviews)

Capterra Score: 4.0/5 (363 Reviews)

Why Should We Buy SEO Leads from Lusha?

This tool provides businesses with email addresses and phone numbers of potential leads.

Helpful Pointers for Agencies to Get Free SEO Leads

While many advertising strategies help promote products and services, agencies can maximize reach through organic search results. Marketers identify potential clients through analytics to simplify the SEO lead-generation process.

They garner attention with high-ranking pages and get more SEO leads thanks to websites offering them for free. Are you interested in implementing this type of lead generation for your agency?

For example, platforms like Bookyourdata play a considerable part in the lead generation process for agencies by providing 97% accuracy and real-time email verification for SEO leads. They also aid in data enrichment for businesses that find filling their lead lists with qualified prospects challenging.

New data provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Social Media Help in Generating Free SEO Leads?

You can engage users through social media integration and obtain leads from SEO-driven traffic. This strategy involves posting engaging content on social media platforms containing valuable information about your products and services.

How Important is Website Optimization for Free SEO Lead Generation?

Marketers can optimize website for better search visibility and more organic traffic engagement. Website optimization helps digital agencies convert visitors into leads with compelling calls-to-action.

How Long Does It Take to Start Generating Free SEO Leads?

The SEO lead-generation process can take weeks or months. However, if you evaluate SEO tactics for continuous improvement and leverage SEO tools for better lead insights, you might start generating free SEO leads sooner than expected.



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