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Best LinkedIn Email Scraper Tools and How To Use Them (2024)

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with 1 billion users, and as such, it’s an immense database for lead generation. That’s why we compared the best LinkedIn email scraper tools and explained how to use them in 2024, covering every detail and helping you maximize your email marketing success.

Stay with us during this ultimate guide for scraping emails from LinkedIn and get the answers to these questions:

We’ll go through the article's key points and give you simple answers to the most common questions about LinkedIn email scrapers. You’ll significantly improve your email marketing efforts and bring high-quality leads to your email list.

What is a LinkedIn Email Extractor?

A LinkedIn email extractor is a specialized tool that automatically collects emails from LinkedIn. It targets profiles based on required specifics, such as job title, industry, the number of employees, geographic location, etc. LinkedIn email extractors allow companies and marketers to build a high-quality email list in seconds while completely aligning with LinkedIn’s terms of service.

Combining LinkedIn email scrapers with comprehensive data on people’s profiles opens the door for highly personalized content with a high chance for conversions. Marketers can choose the most relevant audience for their email marketing campaign and use the information they are willing to share to create content that perfectly matches their interests, needs, or preferences.

While we discuss the various tools and methods to extract emails from LinkedIn, it's also beneficial to understand the underlying techniques and strategies. For a more in-depth guide on getting emails from the largest professional networking platform, you can explore Bookyourdata’s detailed article on finding emails on LinkedIn.

5 Best LinkedIn Email Scraper Tools

Let’s explore 5 best LinkedIn email scraper tools on the market and analyze their key characteristics so you can find the perfect tool for your company’s specific needs. In this part, we’ll examine the accuracy, top features, prices, flexibility, and reputation of Bookyourdata, Emailsearch.io, Aeroleads, GetProspect, and Skrapp.io. 

1. Bookyourdata

G2: 4.9/5 (281 reviews)

Capterra: 5/5 (19 reviews)


Bookyourdata is a highly accurate LinkedIn email scraper tool that allows precise targeting with flexible payment methods and advanced filtering capabilities. It complies with data privacy laws and regulations, such as CCPA in California or GDPR in the European Union. They provide secure and ethical data handling and fast and accurate service. Thanks to their complex real-time verification feature, users can be sure their leads are relevant, valid, and ready to receive their messages.

Accuracy and Reliability:

The tool guarantees industry-leading 97% accuracy, which puts this complex email marketing platform at the top of the list in delivering valid and active emails. Companies can trust the data they get and significantly lower their bounces and spam flags. Users pay only for valid and deliverable contacts, which further optimizes email marketing campaigns.

Best Features:

  • Users reach new prospects with high accuracy in data extraction in seconds using the Prospector feature.
  • They can filter through over 60,000 web technology data points with Technographics.
  • An industry-leading, real-time email verification benefits engagement and the sender’s reputation.
  • Anyone can instantly find emails by company or URL with the Email Finder feature.

Real-time email verification is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your email marketing efforts. To learn more about how you can verify email addresses without sending an actual email, which enhances your outreach efforts while preserving your sender's reputation, check out our guide on how to verify email addresses without sending an email.

Pricing Structure: 

Bookyourdata is the only LinkedIn email scraper on this list that offers flexible payments without subscriptions and commitments. The pay-as-you-go model allows companies of all sizes to control their marketing funds completely, maximizing the outcome. Here are some of their prices:

  • Get 10 credits for free.
  • Get 250 credits for $99.
  • Get 500 credits for $159.
  • Get 1,000 credits for $299.
  • Get 5,000 credits for $799.
  • Get 10,000 credits for $999.
  • Get in 25,000 credits for $2,099.
  • Get 50,000 credits for $3,699.
Bookyourdata is the only provider with pay-as-you-go


Since Bookyourdata offers a pay-as-you-go model and tiered pricing, companies can purchase the number of credits they need at a specific time. With this comprehensive email marketing tool, there are no obligations, monthly bills, or wasted credits. Bookyourdata allows you to purchase as many credits as you need at a wallet-friendly price, allowing you to grow without wasting money, take care of the sender’s reputation, and boost engagement with verified contacts. Thanks to personalizable pricing models, businesses can count on scalability for various business sizes.


Bookyourdata’s qualities are clearly visible in its reviews and testimonials. G2 recognized this email marketing platform as the industry's best, with an average rating of 4.9 from 281 reviews. 

Their perfect 5-star score on Capterra from 19 reviews shows continuous improvement based on user feedback. Bookyourdata is the most accurate and trusted LinkedIn email scraper on this list, and it’s equally suitable for both small and big users. Regular updates and maintenance keep Bookyourdata working well and in line with the latest digital marketing standards.

Why Choose Bookyourdata as a LinkedIn Scraper?

This platform is the most accurate on the market, offers flexible payment methods, and provides verified addresses and numerous search filters.

Bookyourdata has robust prospects who are ready to buy today

2. Emailsearch.io

Trustpilot: 3.7/5 (12 reviews)


This tool allows you to find personal and business email addresses and export them without visiting profiles, all through a Chrome extension. It advertises a high accuracy rate and integrates with your CRM for efficient data management. Integration with CRM systems speeds up operations and makes data more useful.

Accuracy and Reliability: 

Emailsearch.io claims that 81% of the emails it delivers are valid. If this is true, you can be optimistic that it is a decent source of information for your business needs.

Best Features:

  • A personal email finder can help you find someone's contact information.
  • A LinkedIn email extractor lets you get emails straight from LinkedIn.
  • A domain email extractor lets you get emails linked to specific addresses.
  • With drip email campaigns, you can keep leads interested through automatic processes.
  • With B2B company data, you can get comprehensive company information.
  • Use the data enrichment API to add more information to your data sets.

Pricing Structure: 

The platform offers only subscription-based pricing. Here are subscription plans found on their official website:

  • Basic: starting from $29/month
  • Pro: starting from $49/month
  • Expert: starting from $99/month
  • Agency: starting from $279/month


Emailsearch.io is flexible and works well for both new and established businesses. It can handle both individual and bulk email searching. As your business grows, it has multiple plans to meet new needs.

Reputation and Reviews: 

We couldn’t find any reviews on platforms like G2 and Capterra. However, they have an average rating of 3.7 with only 12 reviews on Trustpilot. Most of those rates are one or five stars, so even though they promise high accuracy and fast scraping speed, you should be careful with this tool and research before you decide to opt for a plan.

Why Choose Emailsearch as a LinkedIn Scraper?

Emailsearch.io offers smooth CRM integrations and many valuable email marketing features.

3. Aeroleads

G2: 4.0/5 (61 reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5 (38 reviews)


Aeroleads is an advanced platform that improves lead generation and contact verification for organizations of any size. All of its functions are designed to make the collected contact information more precise and useful.

Accuracy and Reliability: 

Aeroleads collects phone numbers and locates verified emails in real time to provide complete contact information, improving the quality and value of the information gathered. They didn’t provide explicit details about the tool’s accuracy on their website.

In addition to finding email addresses, collecting phone numbers can also be vital for comprehensive contact strategies. For those interested in how these details can further enhance lead generation, you can learn about finding emails by phone number to see how this information can power your marketing strategies.

Best Features:

Their subscribers can enjoy many features, including the following:

  • Search over 750M contacts.
  • Find emails from LinkedIn.
  • Upload employee or LinkedIn URL data.
  • Verify single or bulk emails.
  • Use a Chrome verification plugin on any website.

Pricing Structure: 

Aeroleads is another tool that offers only subscription models. Here are your options if you want to use its services:

  • Take Off: $19/month with 24,000 credits per year.
  • Climb: $49/month with 60,000 credits per year.
  • Cruise: $79/month with 120,000 credits per year.
  • Enterprise: $199/month with 240,000 credits per year.


Aeroleads can be used for both cold email campaigns and cold calls, allowing users to choose the most effective approach that brings better results. The smallest package is quite affordable, which means it’s suitable for small organizations. Three more subscription models are designed to follow your growth, adding additional features and credits.

Reputation and Reviews: 

Aeroleads has a 4.0 rating on G2 with 61 reviews and a 4.6 rating on Capterra with 38 reviews. Its high ratings on both platforms tell us that Aeroleads is a reliable tool, even though it doesn’t provide precise information about its accuracy.

Why Choose Aeroleads as a LinkedIn Scraper?

It’s affordable for occasional users and small firms. Aeroleads is an appreciated and accurate tool.

4. GetProspect

G2: 4/5 (38 reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (91 reviews)


GetProspect is a capable tool with reliable performance consistency that boasts an email validation accuracy of 95%. It is designed for business-to-business (B2B) sales, recruiting, and marketing initiatives. Offering a free plan among its several membership subscriptions, it is suitable for both one-time consumers and established companies.

Accuracy and Reliability: 

GetProspects promises 95% accuracy and will refund your credits if you don’t provide 95% valid emails. Email marketing highly appreciates high accuracy since it sets a strong base for high engagement rates.

Best Features:

  • GetProspect is a powerful lead-finding tool with over 17 search filters, including name, job title, company, and location.
  • You can save and organize search results into files and lists.
  • It provides real-time data retrieval that ensures your marketing choices are based on the most up-to-date data.
  • It comes with global coverage of prospects.
  • There’s a bulk email saving feature for quick and efficient data collection.

Pricing Structure: 

GetProspect offers a free plan, which is quite convenient for occasional users and small businesses, and two more subscription plans:

  • The Free Plan ($0/month) includes 50 valid emails, 100 verifications, and key features like email tracking and API access.
  • The Starter Plan ($49/month) includes 1,000 valid emails, 2,000 verifications, and 5 phone numbers, plus enhancements like unlimited email accounts and advanced integration options.
  • The $99 Monthly Plan includes 5,000 valid emails, 10,000 verifications, and 5 phone numbers, and it offers extended features like A/B testing and credit sharing.


The tool is designed to manage B2B sales, recruitment, and marketing campaigns simultaneously, showing that it can be used for several business tasks. As such, it can be customized according to your needs and growth.

Reputation and Reviews: 

GetProspect has good reviews on all major platforms. For example, 38 reviews on G2 gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and 91 reviews on Capterra gave it an even higher, 4.5 out of 5 stars. Based on these reviews, it looks like users are very happy with its features and speed.

Why Choose GetProspect as a LinkedIn Scraper?

You should choose GetProspect as a LinkedIn scraper because it offers a free basic plan, positive reviews, and 17 search filters.

5. Skrapp.io

G2: 3.9/5 (101 reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5 (56 reviews)


Accuracy and Reliability: 

Skrapp has an 80% success rate and uses real-time email checking to make sure that the email addresses collected are actually valid and active. Accurate contacts could make outreach efforts more effective.

Best Features:

  • The email finder makes it easy to find specific emails.
  • You can use a large database to look for a lot of leads.
  • The company search feature helps you find detailed information regarding a business and people to reach.
  • A bulk email search collects a lot of emails at once.
  • With LinkedIn email finder, you can get emails straight from LinkedIn listings.
  • Website email finder gets emails from specific websites.
  • Email verification ensures that email addresses are correct and valid.

Pricing Structure: 

Skrapp offers monthly plans billed yearly:

  • Free Plan: $0/month for 100 email searches and 200 verifications.
  • Starter Plan: $30/month for 1k email searches and 2k verifications, plus CRM integration.
  • Seeker Plan: $75/month for 5k email searches and 10k verifications, with dedicated account manager support.
  • Enterprise Plan: $140/month for 20k email searches and 40k verifications.
  • Global Plan: $225/month for 50k email searches and 100k verifications, including extensive sales intelligence features.


You can change subscription plans while growing, which makes Skrapp interesting for companies of all kinds, from small to big. It has several plans, from free ones for basic needs to more complex ones that let you do up to 50,000 email searches and 100,000 verifications per month so you can keep up with demand as your business grows.

Reputation and Reviews: 

Users have given Skrapp decent marks. For example, 101 reviews on G2 gave it 3.9 out of 5 stars, and 56 reviews on Capterra gave it an outstanding 4.6 out of 5 stars. These scores show it is reliable and good at meeting users' needs for finding and verifying emails.

Why Choose Skrapp.io as a LinkedIn Scraper?

This tool provides 100 email searches and 200 verifications as a part of a basic, free plan. It has good reviews and complex features.

How to Scrape Emails from LinkedIn

Scraping emails from LinkedIn is a simple process. We provided detailed, step-by-step instructions to make extracting emails easy. There are 3 simple steps in getting emails from LinkedIn using relevant tools:

1. Import Your Leads Database

You should first import your current leads’ database into your chosen email scraper software. Usually, this step involves submitting a file with your gathered leads data, such as an Excel or CSV file. Most popular tools have a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use "Import" feature that allows you to choose and upload a file from your PC. 

To make the scraper tool analyze and classify your data effectively, make sure it is well-organized with clear titles for each column, including name, current position, company details, and contact information. The best tools feature efficient data sorting and organization, making handling and utilizing massive amounts of leads easier.

2. Enrich Your Leads Automatically

Next, you should automatically enrich your leads. Your software will improve the lead data when you import it. This step might include: 

  1. Getting up-to-date contact information
  2. Adding missing information, such as phone numbers and social media accounts
  3. Ranking leads according to how relevant they are to your company's needs

Improve the precision and value of your database by looking for scraper software that includes functions like data enrichment and validation. These programs often cross-reference and validate data using sophisticated algorithms to provide the most up-to-date and thorough information possible.

3. Create Your Multichannel Sequence

After importing your leads and letting your tool enrich them, it’s time to connect your email scraper with other platforms to boost our outreach. Creating your multichannel sequence includes the following:

  • Start an email marketing campaign, creating personalized content for your new contacts. Relevant and comprehensive information about your contacts allows you to segment your audience according to common characteristics. Custom-tailored content for each group will give you higher chances for more conversions.
  • You can use some of your new contacts for cold calling or direct messaging on LinkedIn. 
  • The information you get can be used for social media targeting. Of course, your ads should be personalized to offer solutions to recipients’ problems or promote something they’re interested in.

Email marketing, cold calling, direct messaging, and social media marketing can significantly increase the chances of higher engagement and conversions.

Why Should You Use an Email Scraper Tool?

Email scrapers can significantly improve every company’s productivity and outreach. They are effective tools for quickly collecting information from LinkedIn. There are many benefits of using these platforms, with the following 6 being the most significant:

1. Saves Time

Email collectors can save time thanks to their automated process of scraping email addresses from many sources, including LinkedIn. People simply don’t have to search for contact information manually, spending time and wasting resources. These tools allow marketers to focus more on marketing strategies, segment the audience, create personalized content, and use it through multiple channels. Users leverage automated data collection functionality to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their lead generation.

2. Searches in Bulk

Bulk data collecting is one of the main advantages of email scrapers. These technologies can handle large volumes of data from many sources at once, greatly increasing productivity. This feature saves time and guarantees a bigger pool of prospects to interact with, strengthening and broadening your marketing campaigns. Robust error handling and recovery processes keep the service running even when bulk data scraping jobs are being done.

3. Bypasses Invitation Limit

LinkedIn doesn’t allow users to send unlimited connection requests. There’s a limit that can affect the size of your audience if you want to find emails manually. Email scrapers can find potential contacts' emails, bypassing these limits and facilitating unrestricted outreach. This way around invitation limits allows users to connect with a broader audience without waiting for permission to send more invites.

4. Finds Leads

LinkedIn contact scrapers are especially effective in finding leads. These tools can refine inquiries to collect the contact information of people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. They target particular industries, job titles, company sizes, and regions. This way, marketing resources are concentrated on the most prospective individuals, increasing conversion possibilities.

5. Expands Your Network

The scrapers enhance the growth of your company network by effectively gathering diverse and relevant contact information. Expanding this network can result in more prospects for forming partnerships, generating sales, fostering cooperation, promoting company development, and enhancing visibility within your sector.

6. Finds the Right Talent

Email scrapers are very beneficial in hiring the right people and finding talent. They assist HR departments and recruiters in efficiently collecting contact information of prospective applicants from many channels, including job boards, social media, and professional forums. These tools allow recruiters to expand their reach and find candidates with the precise skills and expertise they seek, simplifying the recruiting process and bringing in the most qualified professionals.

  • Choose a tool that brings instant quality to your marketing efforts without commitments and monthly plans. Access millions of contacts in seconds with 97% accuracy using Bookyourdata’s Prospector.

How Does a LinkedIn Email Scraper Work?

Software specifically created to automate the extraction of email addresses from LinkedIn profiles can be very important for professionals in different departments, as it offers an easy and fast method of collecting contact information. Understanding how these tools function can significantly improve your effectiveness in using LinkedIn for company growth or hiring purposes.

Let’s learn how LinkedIn scrapers work!

Identifying Target Audience

It’s essential to use a LinkedIn email scraper efficiently. The first step is accurately identifying your target group. It is necessary to know your clients, such as their industry, geographic location, job title, the size of their organization, or any other relevant factors. Email scrapers usually offer precise targeting based on the following data:

  • Focusing on specific industries or sectors.
  • Targeting decision-makers by their positions in a company.
  • Finding information about people in the same country, state, province, or area.
  • Searching only for individuals from a specific company.

Precision targeting of relevant profiles ensures that your marketing efforts will reach the most relevant prospects. Knowing your audience will help you get the most from this tool, bringing the right people to your email list.

Setting Up Your Search Parameters

After defining your target audience, the next important step is establishing your search criteria. This means customizing your email scraping tool to look only for profiles that match your previously established standards. This will lead to relevant search results and increase conversions. When setting up your search parameters, think of the following factors:

  • Identify and use keywords your audience uses in their profile descriptions.
  • Consider your prospects' current and past companies, cities, and schools.
  • Automate the process by setting the frequency and scope of searches.

Extracting Emails from Prospect Profiles

We came to the primary goal of a LinkedIn email scraper: to gather email addresses from potential prospects' profiles. The procedure often includes:

  • Scanning through profiles that match your search parameters
  • Finding publically available information about the individual

Effective LinkedIn scraper tools will validate collected email addresses to ensure they are active and deliverable. You should only choose the platforms with integrated, real-time verification features to avoid third-party tools and save time.

Exporting the Data to CSV File

The last step is exporting the collected email addresses to a CSV file. This format is universally compatible with most email marketing and CRM tools, allowing easy data integration into your systems. The standard process usually involves the following steps:

  • You can include various information besides emails, like names, companies, job functions, etc.
  • Then, you can export data with your email scraper by clicking the 'Export' button and choosing 'CSV' as the desired format.
  • After being exported, the CSV file can be imported into different platforms, depending on whether you want to use the data for sales, marketing, or recruiting.
  • Extra Tip: Cloud-based storage and access give you the freedom and flexibility to control your files from anywhere.

Features of a LinkedIn Email Scraper Tool

Although they may seem simple, LinkedIn email scraper tools usually include many features. They all exist to make the networking process simple and easy. In this part of the guide, we’ll cover some of the most common features LinkedIn email collectors have.

Customized Search Filters & Parameters

Flexible search options and comprehensive profile coverage are crucial for properly functioning LinkedIn email scrapers. Users can customize searches based on specific industries, job titles, geographic regions, and other criteria, guaranteeing highly relevant targeted data acquisition. Customizable search parameters increase the value of search results, enhancing the connection with preferred prospects or candidates.

Bulk Email Searches & Extraction

The power to conduct large-scale searches and retrieve numerous email addresses instantly can significantly boost efficiency. This feature helps users to collect large quantities of data in one go, resulting in time and resource savings compared to manual searches. Bulk operations bring benefits to large marketing campaigns or recruiting operations. There are times when speed and volume are crucial, and one simple action can save time and money, improving effectiveness.

Profile URL Generator and Verification System

A profile URL generator helps the scraper find exact LinkedIn profiles, and a verification system makes sure that the email addresses it gets are real and working. These features lower the chance of email campaigns bouncing back and make the data collected more reliable, which is important for keeping marketing and hiring activities professional and effective.

Chrome Extension for Easy Accessibility

Some LinkedIn email scrapers are available as Chrome extensions, allowing users to access and use them right inside their web browser. With this integration, you don't need to use third-party applications. You can activate your email collector while using LinkedIn. This feature is convenient for regular and occasional users because it simplifies email-gathering.

Credits Per Month vs. Emails Per Month Option

Credits Per Month Pros

  • You can use credits for more than just emails.
  • You can adapt your usage to meet your needs.

Credits Per Month Cons

  • Monthly credits can expire.
  • Some services require multiple credits.

Emails Per Month Pros

  • It’s easy to predict costs.
  • It is suitable for users who are interested in emails.

Emails Per Month Cons

  • It offers limited services focused only on emails.
  • Users pay the total price even if they don’t use all monthly emails.

If your needs change often and you like having options, a credit-based plan might be better for you. If, on the other hand, you only want to use email marketing and like knowing how much it will cost, an email-based plan might be better.

Basic Plan vs. Professional Plan Options

Basic Plan Pros

  • It is more affordable and suitable for small businesses.
  • The basic plan offers easy-to-use, essential services.

Basic Plan Cons

  • Businesses need to upgrade their plan as they grow.
  • It doesn’t provide advanced features.

Professional Plan Pros

  • It has all the tools for complex business needs.
  • It’s made to handle the growth and complexity of a business.

Professional Plan Cons

  • More features lead to higher prices.
  • They bring more features, and users need specific knowledge and experience to use the tool properly.

When deciding between a basic and a professional plan, you need to think about both your current needs and your business's possibility for growth in the future. You should also consider your budget and the fact that your business may need more advanced features as it grows.

How to Choose the Right LinkedIn Email Extractor for Your Business

When choosing a LinkedIn email extractor, there are four main things to consider: price, key features, advanced features, and real-time verification. Let’s examine each of these key points.


Try to get all the features you need for your business at the most affordable price. The key is understanding your needs and how often you will use your LinkedIn email extractor. Of course, the most affordable tools will not cover advanced services, while the most powerful ones, especially in professional plans, provide better accuracy and more features. List the services you think you’ll need, find several tools with positive reviews, and compare the prices for similar service packs. 


You should make sure that an email generator's main features meet your business's specific requirements. Some important things to consider are the following: 

  1. How accurate is the data extraction?
  2. How easy is it to use the tool?
  3. How fast is the service?
  4. What advanced features does it offer?
  5. How well does it work with your current CRM and marketing tools? 

The tool should also be able to handle the amount of data your business needs without any significant delays or interruptions, which will keep things running smoothly. Some essential features include data accuracy and integrations with other email marketing tools. Extensive customer support and tutorials and compatibility with various LinkedIn account types are always a plus.

Variety of Additional Features

Beyond its fundamental capabilities, extra features may greatly impact how useful and successful an email extractor is. Some of the most important advanced features are API integration and high-quality customer care. API integration can simplify and automate system data flow, improving productivity and lowering human mistakes. Good customer service is also essential as it guarantees quick problem-solving. These features can have significant long-term advantages, even though they might cost more.

Real-time Verification

A LinkedIn email extractor with real-time verification will significantly increase your data quality. This function guarantees that the email addresses collected are correct, active, and deliverable. This feature is mainly responsible for ensuring that messages reach their intended recipients and maintaining high deliverability rates in email marketing efforts. Real-time verification lowers the possibility of spam flags, keeps your database up-to-date, and improves the general efficacy of your outreach activities.

Best LinkedIn Email Scraper Tools - Important Conclusions

  • LinkedIn email extractors automatically collect emails from targeted profiles on LinkedIn.
  • The best LinkedIn email scraper tools are Bookyourdata, Emailsearch, Aeroleads, GetProspect, and Skrapp. Bookyourdata is the most accurate and flexible one.
  • To scrap emails from LinkedIn, upload your current email list, enrich your list automatically using email scraping tools, and use the data for email marketing campaigns, cold calling, direct messaging, or something else.
  • Email scraper tools save time, allow bulk searches, bypass LinkedIn invitation limits, find contacts, expand contact networks, and find the right talents.
  • Email scrapers use the target audience and extract prospects' emails based on your search parameters. At the end of the process, they provide data export options in multiple formats.
  • LinkedIn email scrapers’ common features are customized search filters, searching in bulk, profile URL generator and verification, Chrome extension, as well as integration with other tools. Advanced tools offer detailed data analysis features, extensive database connectivity, and multi-platform compatibility.
  • Choose the right tool for your company’s needs based on the pricing models, features, accuracy, and costs for occasional and regular users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LinkedIn an Effective Tool for My Email Marketing Strategy?

LinkedIn can be a very effective tool for email marketing, including both B2C and B2B communications. The platform has around 1 billion users, and it allows us to find professionals based on their company size, job role, or industry. This can bring highly relevant contacts to an email list and increase engagement.

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn to enhance your email marketing strategy:

  • Make ads more relevant by tailoring them to specific industries.
  • Send emails directly to people in decision-making roles.
  • Adapt your messages to the size of the company.
  • Share content to get relevant people interested.

These are some of the benefits of LinkedIn in email marketing. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform, and as such, it’s a gold mine of opportunities and highly relevant contacts.

Is It Legal to Scrape Emails?

Yes, it is, but only if you use tools compliant with data privacy laws and regulations. Email scraping from LinkedIn or similar sites can lead to ethical and legal problems. It depends on the platform's terms of service and the legislation in your area to see if collecting information is allowed. In their user agreement, LinkedIn clarifies that automatic tools can't be used to scrape emails or other data without permission. It's essential to follow best practices like protecting user privacy, getting permission whenever possible, and following data protection rules to stay out of trouble with the law.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe is one of the laws that protects user data. This regulation clearly states that users agree to their data being processed and sets strict rules for how personal data can be legally handled. If people or groups do scraping without following these rules, somebody could sue them and damage their reputations.

Does LinkedIn Sell Email Addresses?

No, LinkedIn doesn’t sell email addresses. The platform keeps user data and privacy safe. It doesn't sell personal information; instead, it offers ads and hiring services that let companies target LinkedIn users based on job title, industry, and geographic region. Recruiters and advertisers can send ads and messages through LinkedIn's sites without getting users' email addresses. 

Also, LinkedIn follows data security rules like GDPR, which requires permission from users and lawful use of personal data. As a result, the platform allows focused conversation within its network while sticking to user privacy and data security standards. This means that personal contact information is private and not given to third parties.


LinkedIn email scraper tools save time and allow companies to get large quantities of information about their targeted prospects, enhancing marketing campaigns, sales, and recruiting processes. Finding the perfect email scraper tool is essential for companies looking to optimize their marketing and recruiting strategies.

With its flexible pay-as-you-go model, GDPR compliance and privacy adherence, and guaranteed 97% accuracy, Bookyourdata stands out as the best LinkedIn email scraper tool. Not only can it provide real-time verification and accurate targeting, but it can also adjust to different company demands without subscriptions. Bookyourdata delivers customizable solutions for stronger email marketing, lead creation, and customer insights. Get 10 free leads now without a credit card!



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