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Commercial Cleaning Leads: Guide to Securing Quality Contacts

Every cleaning company needs high-quality leads to improve and grow. Luckily, these services can effectively generate and secure commercial cleaning leads, helping them stand out against industry competitors.

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Get valuable insights into commercial cleaning leads and types. Find the best tips on increasing sales for your cleaning business and generating qualified leads quickly and efficiently. Learn how engaging prospects with tailored solutions can result in significant business growth.

What Are Commercial Cleaning Leads?

The fast-growing commercial cleaning industry is worth around $78 billion. Commercial cleaning businesses look for people or organizations who are interested in their services and have the potential to become loyal, long-term customers to make more money. 

In addition to providing exceptional cleaning services to ensure satisfaction, companies must also find their ideal leads. They qualify prospects based on cold, warm, and hot categories. The lead qualification process depends on the leads’ willingness to purchase, and businesses tailor the engagement approach to their interests.

Commercial cleaning leads need janitorial or carpet cleaning services for their offices. They usually include business decision-makers or commercial property owners who aim to keep their work areas spotless and more visually appealing for employees and visiting clients.

How are commercial cleaning leads qualified?

Commercial cleaning companies must determine what types of leads they are looking for. They must also decide if the leads are qualified enough to be worth investing time and resources into nurturing and engagement. The commercial lead qualification process involves the following steps:

  1. Identifying an Ideal Customer Persona (ICP): Cleaning companies must identify an ICP before determining whether their lead lists are filled with qualified contacts. Every lead might have different qualities and preferences but similar needs.
  2. Matching the Problem with a Solution: Most cleaning leads are concerned with maintaining the cleanliness in their commercial spaces. However, they might have extremely high expectations or equipment requirements. So, cleaning companies must ensure they provide those exact services that can solve specific problems before qualifying a lead.
  3. Estimating Costs for Commercial Cleaning Services: Commercial cleaning leads research different service prices before signing contracts. Offering competitive pricing for cleaning services is expected. But, being transparent about costs with leads from the start helps companies determine which contacts are willing to pay for cleaning within the estimated price range.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Leads

Businesses can offer many types of commercial cleaning services. However, they need to distinguish between different kinds of commercial cleaning leads to attract the right ones who are the most likely to convert. 

Verified B2B Leads

Contacts sharing their correct email addresses and phone numbers are verified business-to-business (B2B) leads. They are high-quality prospects because they have demonstrated genuine interest and preparedness to buy.

  • Office: Office buildings comprise 31% of commercial cleaning contracts in the industry. Office leads include property managers or business owners searching for office cleaning services. Verified office leads research everything about the cleaning service before scheduling an appointment because they want to make sure they choose the most suitable one based on experience.
  • Medical: Positive patient perception is vital for a medical building's reputation. Thus, managers want to retain the property’s image by controlling indoor cleanliness with the help of cleaning services.
  • Industrial Cleaning: Facilities like warehouses and factories have hazardous areas that require professional, deep cleaning with the right machinery. Thus, owners look for janitors who are specifically trained to handle heavy equipment and properly sanitize industrial areas. Roofing contractors may also need cleaning services to remove debris, prepare surfaces, and maintain a clean working environment.


Specialized Leads

Individuals who are field experts also need commercial cleaning services for various purposes. Thus, cleaning companies can use specialized lead generation strategies to attract the following lead types:

  • Real Estate: Real estate agents often showcase properties to anyone interested in purchasing. They make appointments with cleaning services beforehand to present the property in the best possible way.
  • Travel: Specialized travel commercial cleaning leads refer to potential business opportunities or contacts within the travel and hospitality industry that require cleaning services. They include vacation homeowners and travel agency representatives.
  • Franchise: Franchise commercial cleaning leads are interested in purchasing a commercial cleaning franchise or require commercial cleaning services from an established franchise. These leads can be investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives willing to run franchise businesses. 
  • Mortgage: Mortgage commercial cleaning leads are contacts within the mortgage industry that require commercial cleaning services. These leads include mortgage brokers, investors, and lenders. They need specialized cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of properties involved in the mortgage process, such as foreclosed homes, bank-owned properties, and other assets. 
  • Auto Cleaning Services: Car dealerships, car rental agencies, vehicle repair shops, car wash businesses, and automotive showrooms need commercial cleaning services to keep their premises spotless for clients.

9 Ways to Get Commercial Leads for Cleaning Services

Prospecting for potential commercial cleaning opportunities doesn’t come easy. Companies must use marketing and advertising strategies to secure a niche-specific, relationship-focused approach with promising sales leads.

SIC Code List

Cleaning companies can use specific four-digit numbers, called SIC codes, to track leads in specific industries. This allows them to access business lists with contacts and reach them directly through email or phone calls.

All organizations have a unique SIC code, regardless of type and industry. Companies can obtain lists from reliable data providers to sort and filter information and integrate the SIC code data into a CRM. 

Here is how this method makes it easier for businesses to narrow their search to qualified leads and increase sales:

  • Identify Potential Clients: Knowing the SIC codes relevant to their target industry can help businesses create a list of companies that fall under those codes.
  • Segmenting Markets: They can use SIC codes to segment their market into smaller, more manageable groups. This allows for more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Personalized Outreach: Knowing a business's SIC code allows businesses to personalize their messages to the specific needs and pain points of that industry, increasing the likelihood of engagement.
  • Eliminate Unqualified Leads: Businesses can exclude specific SIC codes to filter out leads that don’t match their ideal customer profile.
  • Sales Territories: They can assign sales tasks based on SIC codes, allowing teams to focus on targeting specific industries.

B2B List Building Software

Reach prospects who are ready to buy

Lead generation is time-sensitive for commercial cleaning companies because the process involves a lot of steps before reaching the potential for increased conversions. For this reason, businesses can rely on B2B list-building software to do the job for them.

Bookyourdata is one of the best lead generation platforms, providing pay-as-you-go model pricing without requiring a subscription. This tool has contacts in over 200 countries and offers businesses cost-effective direct email lists aiming to achieve scalable results.


Satisfied clients of commercial cleaning businesses can recommend the same services to their friends, family members, or work colleagues who need them. To attract more commercial cleaning leads through a referral program, companies can offer the following benefits:

  • Bonuses
  • Discounts
  • Extra points
  • Attentive customer service
  • Loyalty programs
  • Regular maintenance reports
  • Customized cleaning plans

Cold Email

Scheduling cleaning sessions according to client needs is tricky without a personalized cold email campaign. Commercial cleaning businesses can witness positive results using the cold emailing strategy by following these tips:

  1. The subject line of a cold email should immediately convey the value or benefit of opening the email. To make the subject line more personalized, businesses should use the recipient’s business name (e.g., "Improve Cleanliness at [Company Name]").
  2. A personalized greeting makes a cold email more appealing to readers. Companies can address the recipient by first name to make the email more personal.
  3. To provide value, they should highlight the services' specific benefits (e.g., improved health and safety, eco-friendly products, customizable cleaning plans).
  4. CTAs are crucial in every cold email. Businesses must clearly state what they want the recipient to do next (e.g., schedule a consultation or request a quote).
  5. Cleaning businesses should focus on closing deals with effective follow-up strategies. They should devise a follow-up plan and send emails to remind recipients of the offered services and encourage more responses.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Commercial cleaning companies can generate quality leads by advertising their services on social media. Ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram make it easy for businesses to reach the target audience based on demographics. 

Here are some tips for commercial cleaning companies to take full advantage of Facebook and Instagram ads during lead generation:

  • Attract Clients through Aesthetically-Pleasing Ad Content: Companies can use high-quality pictures or videos presenting their cleaning services in action, before-and-after transformations, or include client testimonials.
  • Target Leads Based on Recorded Behaviors: They can also use Facebook and Instagram's targeting options to reach decision-makers and business owners likely to need commercial cleaning services.
  • Track Performance and Optimize Ad Campaigns: Businesses should monitor key metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per lead to evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts. They can use A/B testing to determine what visual elements and copy perform best for their ad campaign.

LinkedIn Outreach

Contacting leads through phone or email is adequate. However, LinkedIn outreach may also be an excellent outbound lead-generation strategy for commercial cleaning businesses. They can contact potential leads on this platform and offer informative content about their services without sounding too salesy.

They can also share engaging posts on their LinkedIn accounts to successfully present the cleaning company as trustworthy and credible to industry-targeted connections. 


Commercial cleaning services benefit from acquiring new clients through targeted campaigns. PPC (pay-per-click) ads can catch the attention of prospects actively searching for a cleaning service. 

These ads should lead to a company’s landing page and encourage prospects to fill out the provided form with their contact information. 

Companies can keep a record of these details and use them during lead generation efforts by calling the phone number or messaging the email address prospects have provided. These are highly valuable leads because they are likely to convert into buyers.

Partner with Local Businesses

Cleaning companies can also partner with local businesses like restaurants and shopping centers to effectively promote their services. They can also attend local community events and charities to reach a wider audience and attract more leads.

Cross-promotions allow cleaning companies to connect with more people needing janitorial services. Local partnerships allow mutual business features in email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and website or social media posts.

Some examples of this strategy include:

  • Partnership with Office Supply Stores: Cleaning services can offer office supply stores a commission for every client they refer to the cleaning service. To increase brand visibility, cleaning services can also provide flyers or brochures about the services at the office supply store.
  • Collaboration with Property Management Companies: By creating a package that includes both services, they can offer a discount to clients who use both property management and cleaning services.
  • Joint Events with Local Fitness Centers: In return for new leads, cleaning companies can sponsor local fitness centers and present their services to loyal members. They can also collaborate with gyms to educate fitness enthusiasts about the importance of cleanliness in fitness environments through interactive campaigns.

SEO and Content Marketing

Cleaning businesses can create a website and share informational content with targeted keywords to generate commercial cleaning leads. This strategy will help them rank higher on Google and be more visible to searchers. Here is how they can combine SEO and content marketing to scale lead-generation efforts:

  • Local SEO: Cleaning companies can create and optimize a “Google My Business” profile to improve their visibility in local search results. The profile should have accurate business information, images, and client reviews. Local lead generation tactics also include location-based keywords (e.g., "commercial cleaning services in [City]"), which can attract local clients searching for nearby cleaning services.
  • Valuable Resources: Businesses can create comprehensive guides, case studies, checklists, whitepapers, and e-books on topics related to commercial cleaning. These resources are called lead magnets; companies offer them in exchange for contact information, helping them during the lead capture process.

The Best Way To Secure High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Leads

Generating quality leads for commercial cleaning services and securing long-term cleaning contracts takes a lot of work. Commercial lead generation requires targeted B2B, SEO, and email marketing strategies to succeed in converting leads into loyal customers.

Businesses must focus on qualifying leads based on size and cleaning needs to reach their goals and reach the top. However, the lead generation and qualification process is time-consuming for busy companies.

Bookyourdata offers qualified and verified leads for every industry, guaranteeing 97% accuracy during prospecting. This platform also provides potential customers' direct email addresses and phone numbers to help businesses carry out profitable lead-generation campaigns, resulting in more high-converting commercial cleaning contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I generate commercial cleaning leads for free?

Certain lead providers offer commercial cleaning leads for free to convince businesses of their credibility and list accuracy. Commercial cleaning companies can also take advantage of SEO, which is a free-of-charge technique for lead generation.

Are there any specific tools or software recommended for managing commercial cleaning leads?

Sales intelligence software companies like Bookyourdata provide data enrichment services and finder tools to help businesses manage commercial cleaning leads. These platforms also effortlessly capture contacts and help companies close more deals.

How effective is email marketing in generating commercial cleaning leads?

Cold email marketing helps cleaning companies generate more leads by focusing on personalization and message precision. This strategy also allows businesses to highlight their value-driven proposition in emails and increase conversions.



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