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With email still the dominant and most effective marketing strategy, it's critically important for businesses to have a comprehensive, accurate email contact list to maximize marketing efforts. An email contact list is a list of email contacts businesses use to reach their target audience about their products and services. An email contact database is a wise investment for any business that wants to create a strong network of clients, reach potential customers, and spread awareness about your company. So, where should you start? Here's a step-by-step look at what you need to consider when purchasing contact lists and databases

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How to Buy Contact Lists and B2B Contact Databases

If you search online, you can find plenty of places to buy email contact lists and databases—directly from an email list provider ( like or data broker, online marketplaces, and even from industry associations.


What to Look for When Buying Contact Lists and B2B Databases

As when you're shopping for anything else, there are many factors to consider when purchasing contact lists and B2B databases.

  • Accuracy of information: This is arguably the most important thing to consider when buying a B2B contact list. Without an accurate database of email contacts, you simply won't reach your target audience. Make sure that any email list you buy is accurate and verified; otherwise, you may be wasting your money.
  • Quality of data: Similarly, you want the data within the contact list to be complete, consistent, and relevant to your business needs.
  • Freshness of data: Outdated information might as well be no information. Ensure the prospecting list is fresh, recent, and updated within the past six to 12 months.
  • Data sources: Where the data comes from is important because an email list that's been created from unreliable sources may wind up being a complete waste of money. Be sure that the email databases you're purchasing come from trustworthy sources because the chances of the information being of higher quality are much greater.
  • Target audience: When buying B2B contacts database, you want information about people who would likely be interested in what your business has to offer, whether that's by industry, job level, location, or other criteria. For example, if your business wants to reach those in the hospitality industry, personnel in the medical field, chief financial officers, legal professionals, or chief executives, a specific database is a good investment.
  • Industry: Contacts in specific industries may be very important for your business to establish, which is why an industry-specific contacts database may be perfect. If you do business with education professionals, a college-universities contact database would be extremely helpful. If you work with builders, consider a construction contacts database. When you're doing business with drug companies, a pharmaceutical contacts database is a great investment.
  • Job title: When you're trying to target a specific group of professionals, make sure your contact information contains accurate job titles so your message is received by the right audience.
  • Geographical location: If your business plans to focus on a specific region, you'll definitely want an email database by geographical location. At, you can connect with American businesses with our U.S. contacts database. Reach your audience across the pond with our U.K. contacts database. Or market your business across the globe with our international contacts database.
  • Customization: This allows you to target specific demographics, regions, industries, job levels, and more. If this is an important feature for your business, make sure the contact lists and databases you're looking at offer customization.
  • Cost: As with any purchase, the cost is a significant consideration when contemplating which contact list or B2B database to buy. While saving money is important for every business, it's important to remember that the cheapest email lists are likely not the best. Shop around until you find a high-quality database that fits your needs at a reasonable price…like BookYourData.

How to Choose the Best B2B Contact Database Provider?

When you're searching for the best B2B contact data provider, one of the most important things to look for is the quality of the B2B contact lists.

But there are a few other criteria to consider so you get the best database possible for your money:

  1. Reputation of the provider: Just as you wouldn't purchase a car from a dealer with negative reviews or customer experiences, you shouldn't purchase a B2B contact database from a provider with a bad reputation. Look for customer ratings and reviews to see which email list providers are the best-rated and most reliable.
  2. Data privacy and compliance: The protection and security of a customer's personal data should be of the utmost importance to the business selling B2B contacts. Make sure the email list broker takes data review and privacy seriously. Additionally, check to see whether the contact list provider is compliant with all email rules and laws, such as GDPR and the CAN-SPAM Act.
  3. Customer support: Once you purchase a B2B database from a provider, the relationship shouldn't end at that point. Make sure the provider is there to offer customer support and help whenever you need it.

We'll save you time and tell you that is the best B2B data provider out there. Our reputation precedes us, not only because of the high quality of our B2B contact databases but also because of our customer service, our serious commitment to data privacy, our full compliance with email laws and regulations, and our affordable prices.

Benefits of Buying Contact Lists and Databases

Buying contact lists and databases can be quite beneficial to a business looking to expand its marketing reach. Here are some reasons why purchasing verified email lists and databases are considered a great investment:

  • Time and effort savings: Ever tried to build a good contact list from scratch? It's quite laborious. When you purchase a contact database that's already been created, you quickly expand your potential leads, which saves time and effort that you can spend growing your business.
  • Cold emailing: Cold email is when a business sends unsolicited emails to potential customers to inform them about their products or services. By having an accurate and thorough contact database, businesses can increase the chances of reaching their target audience through cold email, which potentially improves open and click-through rates.
  • Wider audience: With a high-quality database or contact information, you have the ability to reach a much larger audience and, most importantly, potential new customers, business partners, and networks. This can lead to increased sales and revenue, as well as new opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • Improved conversions: When you can reach a larger audience with a high-quality database, you increase your chances of reaching the right audience. And when you do that with relevant and targeted messages, you greatly increase your opportunities for more conversions and sales.
  • Keep up with competitors: Having an expansive network of contacts is critical when it comes to keeping up with—and moving past—your competition. Purchasing an email contact list or database helps you move ahead of your competitors and stay there.
  • Lead generation: Lead generation is the process of identifying and nurturing potential customers for your business. With an accurate, up-to-date contact list, you have access to a much more significant pool of possible leads to whom you can target your marketing campaigns and potentially create a new customer base.
  • Customer loyalty: Having a database or contact list not only allows you to reach potential customers but also lets you build relationships with those customers by establishing trust through positive experiences, promotions, and incentives. This, in turn, creates customer loyalty, which leads to repeat business and recommendations.

How Can I Ensure the Accuracy of the Contact Database I Purchase?

You can verify the accuracy of an email list with email verification software by asking the provider for a sample email list that you can check.

When you purchase a contact database from, you can be confident in the accuracy of our lists since we perform real-time email verification. We also offer a 95% Deliverability Guarantee on the accuracy of our business contact database—if you encounter an email deliverability level lower than 95%, just send us the report showing the hard-bounce rate of the email list purchased, and we will provide free data credits until our deliverability promise is satisfied.

How Do I Create a Contact Database?

BookYourData's online prospects list-builder tool makes it practically effortless to create your contact database. Our innovative tool allows you to choose your target audience through a variety of criteria, such as company name, job title, location, industry, and many more.

Creating a contact database with lets you target the right people in the right industries in the right location, so you reach the desired audience for your business. A contact database from is an effective B2B prospecting tool, whether you're building a smaller database focused on your region or you're creating an international contacts database. No matter the size, it's a worthwhile investment to build your own prospect list with BookYourData.


What Is the Cost of Purchasing a Contact List or Database?

The cost of a contact database or contact list depends on a few things, like the size of the list as well as who's selling it. You can find very inexpensive contact information, some as cheap as a few cents per contact. But chances are those contact lists will be full of outdated information and won't be very effective for your business.

Other providers sell contact lists for anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. At, our high-quality, verified contact lists start as low as $89 for 250 contacts.

Yes, it is legal to buy contact lists and databases. Just make sure the information was obtained legally and ethically, is not protected by privacy laws, and is in compliance with all privacy regulations.


No matter the size of your business, buying a contact list or database can be a smart investment. Just be sure to do some research on how accurate, relevant, and affordable the contact database is. Customization is also important, as you'll want to be able to create a targeted email list to reach your desired audience. And when you're able to reach that audience, you increase your chances of improving open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Stay ahead of the competition with a high-quality, accurate, verified contact database from Build your own list or sort through more than 170 million contacts to create the perfect list for your business.