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It may come as a surprise that, even in 2023, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to expand your business by reaching your target audience. In fact, recent email marketing research shows that email is the preferred channel for 60% of consumers. And the best place to start a successful email marketing campaign is with a targeted email list—a list of email addresses of potential customers and leads. will help you better understand what a targeted email list is, why it's so important for businesses to have, and how to buy a targeted email list to help you achieve your business goals in 2023.


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The Benefits of a Targeted Email List

A targeted email list offers businesses quite a few benefits, such as:

  • Increased open rates: Sending an email to a targeted email list increases the likelihood of individuals opening your email. Why? Because the people on your targeted email list have shown a level of interest in your services or products, which means your open rates will be higher than if you were to send a mass email to random or untargeted individuals.
  • Increased click-through rates: Getting a potential customer to open your emails is a great first step. But once you start increasing those open rates, the next goal is to increase click-through rates, where customers take some type of action within your email. Using a targeted email list can help you increase click-through rates because the individuals on a targeted email list are likely interested in what your business offers.
  • Better ROI: As we mentioned, a targeted email list helps you reach an audience who is already interested in your business. By increasing open rates as well as click-through rates, you're increasing your chances of converting a sale, which provides a better return on investment (ROI) for your email marketing campaigns. In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, marketers can enjoy ROI increases of up to 760% when they send targeted, segmented campaigns.

How to Buy a Targeted Email List

Buying a targeted email list is easy, and there are a variety of options available when you're ready to make the purchase:

  • Buy from a list broker: These are companies (like BookYourData), often referred to as email list providers or brokers, that specialize in selling targeted email address lists that match your target audience based on personal and company information, including name, title, job details, technographic, LinkedIn profile, and more.
  • Rent a list: You can actually rent targeted email lists for a specified period of time. This option may be appealing if you are just getting started in email marketing and don't want to invest a lot of money in a purchased list just yet.
  • Build your own list: You can also choose to build your own targeted email list by using a list-builder tool such as this one from When you build your own list with our list-builder tool, you're able to customize your list by company, job title, profession, location, and more, so you know you're reaching your target audience.


What to Look for When Buying a Targeted Email List

Buying a targeted email list can be a great investment…if you buy the right email list. Many brokers and providers out there sell email lists, but they're not all of the same quality. If you're considering very inexpensive email lists, buyer beware—you often get what you pay for, which is inaccurate, outdated email addresses. Here's what you should look for when buying a targeted email list:

  • Your Ideal Client: A critical component to targeted email marketing is identifying your ideal client--a potential customer who would likely show interest in your product or service. To do so requires you to identify specific business characteristics and personal traits of those to whom you want to market. Conversely, it's also a worthwhile exercise to determine who your less-than-ideal customer is, so you can avoid reaching out to them. Once you identify these characteristics, you'll develop a better feel for who your ideal client really is.
  • Relevance: Spending money on a random email list is usually not the best investment—and it certainly will not bring a high return on your investment. Make sure the email list you're looking to buy is relevant to your target audience. For example, if your business specializes in restaurant and foodservice products, you'd want to buy an email address list that is full of individuals in the restaurant/foodservice industry. At, you can buy a targeted email list by industry to ensure you're reaching the right audience.
  • Quality: As we alluded to, you don't want to waste your hard-earned money on email lists that are inaccurate or outdated. Make sure you're buying an email list that is regularly verified and always up to date. At BookYourData, our email lists are both automatically and manually verified to ensure accuracy.
  • Cost: Price is relative in most cases. You can buy inexpensive email lists, but they probably won't be very reliable. That said, you can also buy expensive email lists that don't offer a great return on investment, either. Just make sure that, if you're going to invest good money in a targeted email list, it will reach your desired audience.

Why Is a Targeted Email List Important for My Business?

A targeted email address list helps your business reach an interested audience of email subscribers, resulting in increased open rates, higher click-through rates, improved sales, and better ROI for your email marketing campaigns. And that's the whole purpose of targeted email marketing—finding the right audience, enticing them to engage with your email, getting them to convert, and then providing them with a memorable experience that builds customer loyalty and repeat business.

Do Targeted Email Campaigns Work?

Yes, targeted email marketing campaigns can be quite successful when executed well. Consider these statistics:

Can I Build My Own Targeted Email List?

Absolutely. When you build a targeted email list at, you can truly target your audience through a number of customizable filters that allow you to zero in on who you want to see your emails. Our database offers more than 1 million business contacts and allows you to search by location, company, industry, job level, job function, and more. Through targeted email list building, you reach potential customers who are more likely to open your emails.

How Can I Ensure the Targeted Email List I Buy Is High Quality?

A high-quality targeted email list is one that is up-to-date and accurate. Of course, most email list providers selling B2B email lists will tell you that they're of the highest quality. That's why it's important to do some research on user reviews and testimonials to see if customers are happy with the email leads. You should also check to see how email list brokers verify their lists or if they even have an email list verification process. At BookYourData, we work with ISPs and ESPs to keep our email databases up to date. We also use both automated and manual processes to ensure the accuracy of our human-verified lists. We're so confident in the accuracy of our targeted email lists that we back it up with a 95% Deliverability Guarantee.

Is It More Cost-Effective to Rent a Targeted Email List or to Purchase One?

Renting a targeted email list might work for some businesses. However, purchasing a targeted email list from is actually much more cost-effective. Why? Because when you buy an email list from us, you own it with unlimited usage rights. That isn't the case when you rent an email list. For less money, you can own one of our high-quality email lists and have the freedom to use it as much as your business needs.

How Much Does a Targeted Email List Cost?

Again, this depends on where you purchase targeted email lists and the size of the targeted email list, among other considerations. You may be able to buy lists for less than 10 cents per contact—but chances are these lists are going to be loaded with junk email addresses that have not been verified or updated. And that means your emails are just sent into the abyss, never reaching your desired audience. At, our targeted email list prices start as low as $89 for 250 accurate, verified contacts that will see your emails.

Yes, it is 100% legal to buy email lists.


Fact: Successful email marketing campaigns use targeted email lists because targeted email lists help businesses increase open rates, click-through rates, and ROI by reaching an audience you know is interested in your services or products. Just be sure that, when purchasing targeted email lists, the contacts are up to date, accurate, and relevant…or else it's just a waste of money. Whether you decide to rent, purchase, or build your own targeted email leads, put in the research so you know that the list you're receiving will guide you toward your marketing goals.