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Email lists for sale

Business is all about bringing the right people together—the right customers for the right products and services, and vice versa. Businesses need to connect with the right audience to make them aware of the products and services that may benefit them. And the best way to do that, even in 2023, is through quality email marketing. And if you want to create a successful email marketing strategy, you want to look for the best email lists for sale. Bookyourdata.com has mailing lists for sale that can put your email marketing over the top, with premium data that includes email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and more.

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Yes. In the United States, no specific law prohibits companies from selling email lists. However, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is in place to prevent or regulate spam emails. If a company sells an email list to a third party who uses it for spamming, it may face legal consequences. Additionally, falsely representing the email list also poses legal risks. Therefore, it is essential to check the laws of both the country of origin and the recipient's country to ensure compliance when selling email lists.

In the United States, yes, it is completely legal to buy email lists. Some countries, however, may not allow the sale of email lists. To be safe, it's best to do research and check with your country's laws to ensure it is a legal practice. Similar to the question above regarding selling email lists, those who purchase email lists must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Where Can I Buy Email Lists?

A simple online search will turn up plenty of businesses that offer email lists for sale. But if you're looking to buy email lists that will have a big impact on your business and expand your reach, you want only the best email lists. Do your research because you'll come across quite a few companies that offer cheap opt-in email lists for sale or cheap targeted email lists for sale. Buyer beware! Oftentimes, those business email lists are full of junk email addresses, which means your message goes nowhere. Make sure that you buy email lists from a company known to deliver accurate, updated, and verified email lists—like Bookyourdata.com.


Does BookYourData Sell Opt-In Email and Mailing Lists?

Yes. In fact, we advise that your email lists are always opt-in. This way, you know for sure that the recipients of your emails have agreed to receive emails from your business. Important fact: Cold emailing for business-to-business purposes is considered “opt-in" as long as your business follows the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which requires that all commercial email messages include an opt-out mechanism so customers can unsubscribe if needed. Again, you may find plenty of providers of opt-in email lists for sale—but you must make sure there is an opt-out. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on an email list for sale, only to realize you forgot to add an opt-out. Then you could be facing fines from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Do You Sell Email Lists That Contain Only Verified and Accurate Contact Information?

Absolutely! At Bookyourdata.com, we guarantee accurate, updated, premium contacts in our mailing lists for sale. Our proprietary, innovative, real-time online list-builder tool uses our own data intelligence algorithms and qualified data sources to compile the most accurate email lists for sale. On top of that, we put each of our lists through a rigorous automated and manual verification process, so you know the lead lists for sale on our website are of the highest quality.

To make you even more confident in your decision to purchase email leads from us, BookYourData provides a 95% deliverability guarantee on every email list we sell. We aim to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate data, and there isn't a single company in the world right now that will deliver such qualified data at lower prices than Bookyourdata.com—we know that for a fact!

How Can I Find Business Lists for Sale on Your Website?

If you're in the market for business lists for sale, you're in the right place. Bookyourdata.com makes it simple to find and purchase business email lists. Not only can you create your own customized, filtered business contact list with our list-builder tool, but you can also purchase an email list, which is a ready-to-download directory full of the best contacts in a wide variety of industries.


Do You Offer Business-to-Business (B2B) Email Lists for Sale?

At Bookyourdata.com, we specialize in providing high-quality Business-to-Business (B2B) email lists for sale. Our extensive database includes over 100 million contacts, making it the perfect resource for businesses looking to expand their audience and drive revenue growth. So, whether you're looking to reach new potential customers or connect with key industry professionals, our B2B email lists are an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. So, if you want a reliable and cost-effective way to reach your target audience, check out our B2B email lists for sale today!

Are Marketing Email Lists Available for Purchase?

Of course. Our email address lists for sale can certainly be used for marketing purposes. These lists are designed to help businesses reach their target audience and promote their products or services. Our email lists are carefully curated and updated regularly to ensure that they are accurate and up-to-date. However, as per the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, it is important to include an opt-out mechanism in your marketing emails to ensure that you are in compliance with the law and that your recipients have the ability to unsubscribe from your emails. With our marketing email lists, you can easily reach your target audience and promote your business in a legal and ethical way.

How Much Is a List of Emails Worth in 2023?

That all depends on what exactly you're looking for in an email list and where you purchase business mailing lists from. If money is the only factor in the decision to buy email lists, there are plenty of companies out there selling email leads for next to nothing. But, as we mentioned, those lists are often loaded with junk email addresses, which means your communication simply gets sent into the ether—not your target audience of verified, accurate contacts. Bookyourdata.com's email lists for sale prices start as low as $89 for 250 high-quality, guaranteed-accurate contacts.

How Do I Find Targeted Email Lists for Sale Using Your Contact List-Building Tool?

Finding targeted email lists for sale on Bookyourdata.com is easy! Our list-builder tool features more than one million contacts from which you can filter and customize your own contact list by job level, job function, company, location, business type, and many more.


Does BookYourData Sell State or ZIP Code-Segmented Email Lists?

Yes! Using our innovative list-builder tool, you can sort and filter mailing lists for sale by state, ZIP code, and even city, county, metro area, area code, and more! This allows you to choose your very own email list for sale by ZIP code.

Do You Sell International Email Lists?

We sure do. You can go through our email lists for sale to find the international markets you want to expand your reach to, then create a mailing list with as many international contacts as you need—our mailing lists for sale span a wide range of countries across the globe.

USA Email Lists

Bookyourdata.com has more than one million business contacts to add to a USA email list for sale on our site. If you're looking to expand your reach in the United States, take a look at our USA email lists for sale!

Canadian Email Lists

If you're looking to expand your business to a Canadian audience, you can purchase Canadian email lists for sale from Bookyourdata.com. We offer more than 800,000 contacts when you're ready to buy a mailing list that's full of high-quality Canadian contacts.

UK Email Lists

Grow your business in the United Kingdom the right way with premium UK email lists for sale. BookYourData's extensive database offers more than one million business leads, so you can expand your business's reach with a custom-made email address list.

Australian Email Lists

With nearly half a million business email contacts in Australia, we make it simple to buy the perfect email lists for sale in Australia. Browse and purchase our Australian email lists to expand your customer base and promote your products or services.


Does BookYourData Offer Profession-Based Email and Mailing Lists for Sale?

Yes! BookYourData's online list-builder tool lets you filter through millions of contacts and purchase profession-based email and mailing lists for sale. You can also buy email lists for sale by job function, job level, and more.

Attorney Email Lists

If your business is looking to connect to a broad audience of attorneys and legal professionals, our attorney email lists for sale will go a long way toward expanding your reach. You can find attorneys from across the world with a lawyer email list from Bookyourdata.com.

Investor Email Lists

Seeking investors for your business? Look no further than our investor email lists for sale! You'll be able to connect with investors around the globe with all their contact information at your fingertips.

Teacher Email Lists

Connect to the education community with ease. BookYourData's teacher email lists for sale provide all the accurate and relevant contacts you need for any location around the world to get your message to teachers, principals, and school administrators.

Real Estate Agent/REALTORⓇ Email Lists

When you need to reach real estate agents and REALTORs, our real estate agent email lists for sale help you get the job done. This type of targeted email list for sale is the ideal way to market your company's services to real estate professionals internationally.

Orthodontist Email Lists

If your business offers a product or service that orthodontists need to see, make a wise investment with an orthodontist email list for sale from Bookyourdata.com.

Dentist Email Lists

Similarly, you can use one of our dentist email lists for sale to market your product or service to dental professionals in just about any country.


Can You Assist Me in Creating a Targeted Mailing List?

Yes, we can assist you in creating a targeted mailing list. Our team can help you find the perfect list for your needs, whether you're looking for a targeted list for your next marketing campaign or a comprehensive contact list for your business. We offer a wide range of email and mailing lists for sale, all containing verified and accurate contact information. In addition, you can tailor our contact lists to meet specific demographic, industry, and professional requirements. So, if you have any questions or need assistance creating a custom list, please get in touch with us.


We also have a free download available to help you maximize your return on prospects by getting their attention, earning their trust, convincing them to purchase, and keeping them coming back—the Step-by-Step Guide to Using Email Marketing for Sales Prospecting.