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Pulling accurate contact information can be a time-consuming task for many sales teams and representatives, requiring hours of investment that translate to a lot of money being used just to gather potential leads. Then, cutting down that list to only focus on relevant contacts that only matter to your business can take many more hours.

How to Pull Accurate Lists: Possible Strategies

If you need to find business email addresses, there are several different strategies for doing so. You could pull inaccurate data from other sources, requiring a large investment of man-hours from your employees and a large sum of money. You could adopt a different mentality that assumes that your customers will come to you, creating an online form for them to provide their own emails or taking down their information at some other juncture. This is not as effective, often fails, and doesn't help start-ups or those businesses looking to reach a new B2B audience quickly. The other option is to request referrals, which has been historically the most difficult part of any sales operation and can provide mixed results.

Buying a Mailing List: The Obvious Choice

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