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For businesses to stay in touch with customers and prospects, email lists are quite valuable tools, as they can assist you in creating relationships and boosting sales. Not all email lists are created equal, however. Only high-quality business email lists will allow you to expand your business, and at Bookyourdata.com we offer comprehensive, targeted email lists for business tailored to your specific needs so that you can easily reach your target audience. Let's take a look at business email lists in more detail.


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What Is a Business Email List?

A business email list is a compilation of email addresses of people who work for businesses or organizations (also known as B2B email lists), and these email lists are often used for marketing products or services to those people working for businesses. There are several ways to compile business email listings, such as gathering email addresses via online searches and company directories or by simply asking people to provide their email addresses.

What Is a Business Mailing List?

A business mailing list is a compilation of the names and addresses of businesses that is used to send messages to a group of people. For example, many companies use business mailing lists to send messages to customers, employees, and business partners.

Can I Buy a Business Email List?

Absolutely. But if you buy business email lists, make sure they are high-quality business mailing lists to make it worth the investment.

Why Should I Buy a Business Email List from Bookyourdata.com?

You want your business to connect with as many potential customers and leads as possible, making a list of emails of companies a vital tool. But only if the business lists for sale are worthwhile--after all, you don't want to buy business lists full of junk email addresses. At Bookyourdata.com, our high-quality mailing lists for business are updated on a regular basis, ensuring your contacts are always relevant. Plus, our lists are affordable, and we provide a contact list-builder tool that's intuitive and easy to use. And then there are our 95% deliverability, bounce-back, and best-price guarantees! So, the question should probably be, why shouldn't you buy business mail lists from Bookyourdata.com?

What Types of Business Email Lists and Mailing Lists Do You Offer?

Bookyourdata.com offers a wide variety of business email lists and mailing lists types, including options for both B2B and B2C companies. We can provide a list of industry-specific email addresses, geographically specific email addresses, and even customer-specific email address lists. And because we are always updating our companies email address list, you know you'll reach the audience you need to reach. No matter what type of business contact list you need, whether it's a small business email list, an industry email list, or a role-specific business email database, Bookyourdata.com can deliver it.

Our ready-made lists of business email addresses, full of the most useful contacts in many types of industries, are among our most popular because we make it simple for you to choose a target group filtered by job level, job title, job function, industry, country, and state. No matter how specific a company mailing list you're looking for, we offer a wide range of accurate, verified lists that will help you reach your target audience.

Taking a deeper dive into our ready-made company email lists, there are some of the most popular for your marketing strategy:

Do You Provide Premade Business Email and Contact Lists?

Yes! As mentioned above, our premade business email and contact lists are ready to use right away, with comprehensive lists of business contacts by industry, job level/title/function, and more. Simply choose your list, download, and you're ready to start connecting!


How Many Business Contacts Are in Your Database? Are They Verified?

Bookyourdata.com currently offers more that 100 million Business Contacts from more than 170 countries in our companies email database. We know we're not the only data-seller out there, but we stand out because of our quality and our aim is to provide clean, verified, and extremely qualified business contact lists. And because that's our goal, we use both automated and manual processes to ensure the accuracy of our human-verified lists.

How Accurate Are Your Business Email Contact Lists?

As accurate as they get! We update our business email contact lists on a weekly basis, and we stand by our accuracy with our 95% Deliverability Guarantee. If you come across a deliverability level lower than 95%, send us the report showing the hard-bounce rate of the list of business emails purchased and we will provide free data credits until our 95% email deliverability promise is satisfied for your marketing campaign!

What Information Is Included in Your Business Email List?

Bookyourdata.com provides detailed, specific information you can use to create future business contacts. Information in our b2b email list for business includes:

  • Direct Email addresses
  • Contact Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Postal addresses
  • Job levels
  • Job titles
  • Job departments
  • Company name
  • Industry information
  • Fax numbers
  • Revenue
  • Employee information
  • Company types
  • Founded years
  • Technographics


What Information Can I Add to My List? Can I Preview a Sample Before Purchasing?

With our Online List Builder tool, you can add a wide range of criteria filters to your search so you find the exact, most relevant information you need to create the perfect list of company emails. And yes, you can download a sample business contact before you purchase!

build your own business email list

Can I Search for Business Contacts and Build My Own Contact List?

Of course! As we mentioned, our email list building tool allows you to search our expansive business contact database using whatever criteria and advanced search filters you choose. Once you've narrowed your search to your particular target audience--or you've expanded the search to cast a wide net--you can create your own list of business email addresses. Not only can you search for business contacts, but you can also search specifically in the fields of healthcare and real estate.

Can I Narrow Down My Search By Selecting My Desired Countries, Regions, Counties, Cities, or ZIP Codes?

Yes, you can! We offer more than 170 million business contacts in over 170 countries across the globe, and you can filter those contacts by country. Within the U.S., you can narrow your search through filtering by county, city, ZIP code, and more!

What Is the Price of a Business Mailing List?

Our business mailing lists prices vary depending on the number of records you want to purchase. Prices start as low as $89 for 250 contacts, then increase as you purchase more.

In What Format Do the Lists Come?

While some companies only provide contact access through a Web-based application, Bookyourdata.com sells you the actual data files. That means we can provide your company email address list through downloadable formats such as Excel .xlsx or .cvs files. All it takes is a few simple steps, and you'll have targeted email lists ready to be fed into your computer systems and CRM software.

How Long Does It Take to Get My Email List After I Order It Online?

Seconds! You can instantly download your company email database after your order is confirmed.

Business Email Best Practices

Getting the right business email database is obviously a critical component when connecting with the right audience and boosting sales for your business. However, the management of your company emails list is nearly as important. So let's dive into some business email best practices.

1. Make a positive first impression

As with any other interactions in life, first impressions are important. So make it a good one! After all, according to a GetResponse study, the average open rate for welcome emails is 82%. A great first impression can be accomplished by personalizing emails using your subscriber's first name, providing an introduction on your products or services, offering a welcome gift or discount, prompting them to follow your social media accounts (provide links!), and asking them to make sure your email address doesn't find its way into their spam folders. All of these actions can better acclimate your customers or prospects with your brand and encourage them to open and engage with your future emails.

2. Allow your audience to manage their own subscriptions

One sure-fire way to turn off an audience? Send too many emails. It's a fact--email users do not want to be spammed with an overabundance of emails. So, how often should you send your emails? It all depends on your business and what it offers or sells. Some companies email daily (some even multiple times a day!), others space them out on a weekly basis. You may need to just try a cadence and see what works, then adjust from there. But there is a way you can be proactive about how often you're sending emails--subscription preferences.

Subscription preferences are ideal when subscribers:

  • Want fewer emails
  • Get a new email address
  • Aren't sure which type of emails they subscribed to
  • Prefer not to receive emails on certain topics

3. Make your inactive subscribers active again

Subscribers who don't click on links or even open your emails are considered inactive or disengaged. No one likes being ignored, so the solution is to get subscribers engaged with your emails again! How?

  • Catch their attention with something beneficial for them--a coupon or a contest or a discount!
  • Remember when we were discussing first impressions? Nothing makes a better first impression than a catchy, intriguing subject line! It's the first thing subscribers see in their inbox and your chance to get a quick click. If you're not getting the open rates you were hoping for, perhaps it's time to rethink subject line strategy.
  • Give your subscribers a heads up that you're going to unsubscribe them if they don't respond within X amount of time. Yes, you'll lose some subscribers who don't care that they're being unsubscribed--but, really, they're just helping you out because you'd be scrubbing them from your list anyway.
  • Make your campaigns personal by customizing emails to segments of your business email address listings. By speaking specifically to certain groups within your list of company email addresses, you're more likely to re-engage your subscribers.


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