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Successful businesses usually have successful email marketing strategies that rely on accurate business contacts. There's no point in email marketing if your messages wind up in junk email folders or bounce back as undeliverable. Instead, smart B2B email marketing strategies use reliable email lists from reputable email list providers and put them to work to spread the word about their business. However, it's important to know what you're looking for when buying an email list for marketing. This guide will provide you with tips and advice on how to buy a reliable email marketing list.

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What Is an Email List, and Why Is It Important for Marketing?

An email list is a collection of email addresses that businesses use in their B2B email marketing efforts to reach prospective clients or customers. Even in 2023, email marketing remains an incredibly efficient and effective B2B prospecting tool that delivers an amazing return on investment (ROI). It's why, even in today's social media-dominant landscape, email marketing is the most popular marketing tactic.

Email lists for marketing can be purchased from a variety of sources and targeted to ensure you reach an audience who will be interested in your products or services.

How Do I Get a List of Emails for Marketing?

The best approach is a simple one—shop around online. There is no shortage of options for purchasing an email marketing list. But proceed with caution and do your homework—not all email list brokers offer the same quality of business contacts. Make sure you research the reputation of the company you're considering, their prices, and what past customers had to say about their experience.

One company that checks all the boxes is! At BookYourData, we offer only the highest-quality email marketing lists that are accurate and verified, so you know you're reaching the right audience.


What Types of Email Lists Does BookYourData Provide? offers business contacts and email lists for a huge selection of categories, such as job title and function, industry, and location, to name a few. This allows you to target the important decision-makers for your business needs. Our innovative online list-builder tools offer millions of verified, accurate business contacts from which to build your own email list for marketing. Say you're trying to reach the top executive—create or buy a CEO email list. Or you need to contact the financial decision-makers of businesses—we sell CFO email lists. Maybe your business relies upon connections with human resources—try an HR email list. In the medical field? Network with doctors with our physician's email list. And these are literally just a few of the dozens of verified email lists you can buy from


How Much Does It Cost to Buy an Email List for Marketing?

The price of an email marketing list depends on a number of factors. For example, the number of contacts, how specifically the list is targeted, and how reliable the information is. Some email list brokers offer contacts for less than 10 cents apiece—but you might not know what you're getting. Lists can range from $50 to several thousand dollars, depending on all the criteria mentioned above. At, the cost of an email list starts as low as $89 for 250 verified, accurate email contacts!

15 Benefits of Buying an Email List for Marketing

There are quite a few benefits to buying a high-quality email list for marketing.

  1. Quick access to a large pool of potential customers: When you purchase a B2B database, you gain instant access to a large number of potential customers so you can get your message out right away.
  2. Ability to reach a targeted audience: Reaching your target audience increases the likelihood of engagement with your business. Buying an email list allows you to choose the contacts to whom you want to market your products or services.
  3. Better ROI than other marketing channels: As we mentioned, B2B email marketing offers an incredible ROI, much higher than other marketing channels like advertising or direct mail.
  4. Scalable marketing efforts as your business grows: Email marketing can grow your business, but your business likely won't outgrow email marketing. That's because buying an email marketing list allows you to scale your marketing efforts to a broader range of people as your business grows.
  5. Personalized and targeted messaging: Effective email marketing includes a fair amount of personalization—and customers love receiving personalized emails. Purchasing an email list allows you to personalize your messages to customers and create valuable relationships.
  6. Increased chances of audience engagement: When you target and personalize messages to your audience, they're far more likely to engage with your business, which can lead to increased sales.
  7. Audience segmentation for more targeted messaging: When you segment your B2B email marketing lists, you can then send targeted messages to certain groups or customers within your audience, which can increase your results across the board.
  8. Target-specific demographics and industries: A major benefit of buying an email list for marketing is that you can tailor it to the exact demographics and industries that are ideal for your business. An industry-specific email list allows you to craft the perfect message, which can lead to increased click-through rates and conversions. For example, maybe your company sells building supplies and materials; a construction email list would be a great investment. If you need to get your message to medical professionals or drug companies, a pharmaceutical email list can be of great service. Same with a manufacturing email list if that's your business.
  9. Track and analyze results for continuous improvement: When you use an email list for marketing, you can easily track results to see what's working. From there, you can alter your strategy and/or customize your email list to keep improving your marketing campaigns.
  10. Save time compared to building an email list from scratch: It takes a long time to put together an email list from scratch. Buying an email list saves a ton of time and allows you to get your marketing campaign moving expeditiously.
  11. Cost-effective compared to other forms of marketing: Compared to other types of marketing, email marketing is reasonably cheap…and we already discussed how impressive the ROI on email marketing is. Plus, when you purchase an email list, you're saving time and money you'd otherwise be spending on building an email list from scratch.
  12. Reach a global audience: Email marketing is essentially unlimited. With an email list, your business can literally reach your target audience in any country, allowing you to expand your company's global reach.
  13. Test different marketing strategies: Buying an email list provides your business with the luxury of trying out different marketing strategies to see what works best or produces optimal results.
  14. Improved lead generation: B2B Email marketing is a fantastic way to help businesses generate new leads and drive more sales.
  15. Launch targeted campaigns for different products and services: Purchasing an email list gives you the freedom to launch targeted campaigns for a variety of products and services by reaching the audience that would be most interested.

Cons of Buying an Email List for Marketing

As beneficial as email lists can be for a business, there are also a few downsides to buying a B2B contact database.

  • Quality and accuracy of the list: This doesn't have to be a negative, but it certainly can be if you purchase an email list from the wrong provider. Make sure you buy your list from a reputable broker, or else you run the risk of receiving a list full of inaccurate and outdated email addresses and contact information.
  • Lack of engagement: When you buy an email list targeted to the audience you want to reach, engagement tends to be high. However, if you purchase any random email list, it might contain a number of contacts who have not expressed any interest in your products—and this can lead to low open and click-through rates, not to mention spam complaints. When you build a targeted email list with's online tool, you know you're getting a list of interested contacts, as they're all opt-in and ready to engage.
  • Legal and ethical considerations: If you're using email addresses that aren't opt-in, you're not only opening the door to ethical questions, but your business may be in violation of email marketing rules and regulations such as the CAN-SPAM Act. Always buy your email lists from a trusted source, such as BookYourData.

Best Practices for Buying an Email List for Marketing

Once you decide to buy an email list for marketing, it's wise to follow these best practices to ensure success for your business.

  • Research the email list provider: Not all email list providers sell the same quality of lists. Do research, look at customer reviews, and take a look at their sample email lists to determine whether they're a trustworthy broker.
  • Inquire about email list customization: Creating a targeted email list is the name of the game, so be sure to ask business lead providers whether you can customize a contact list for your business needs. For example, check to see if they have a list-building tool as does.
  • Verify the quality of the email lists: You can verify the accuracy of an email list with email verification software; just ask the provider for a sample email list that you can then check. Or you could get your email lists from, where we perform real-time email verification and offer a 95% Deliverability Guarantee on the accuracy of our business contacts! That means if you come across a deliverability level lower than 95%, send us the report showing the hard-bounce rate of the email list purchased, and we will provide free data credits until our 95% deliverability promise is satisfied!
  • Look for opt-in lists: This is important, as opt-in contacts are individuals who have clearly agreed to receive emails from you. If you send emails to those who haven't opted in, you could be facing violations of email rules and regulations. Plus, opt-in contacts are usually much more engaged with the message you're sending.
  • Ask about the source of the list: Cover yourself and your business by asking where an email list provider gets their lists to ensure they comply with email laws.

Yes, it is legal to purchase an email list for marketing. Just be sure the lists are compliant with applicable laws and rules. For example, you could use your email list for cold email and email marketing campaigns.

Email is an effective tool for digital marketing as it has a broad reach. However, there is a difference between cold email and email marketing. Cold emailing involves reaching out to potential customers with whom the business has no previous contact, aiming to initiate a business relationship. Email marketing targets subscribers interested in the brand, providing valuable information to keep them engaged and eventually converting them into paying customers. It's crucial to recognize the distinctions between the two strategies and use them appropriately to accomplish your marketing objectives.

Can I Buy an Email List for Marketing from Any Vendor?

Technically, yes. But this isn't recommended or advisable. Take time to do research and find an email list vendor that has a good reputation and happy customers. This will help ensure you're buying email lists for marketing that are high quality, accurate, and reliable—and will reduce your risk of violating any laws.

Can I Use the Email List for Any Purpose?

No, you must use an email list for its intended purpose—in most cases, marketing. If you use the list for other purposes, including selling, renting, or otherwise distributing, you may be breaking the law and exposing yourself to legal trouble.

Is Buying an Email List for Marketing Effective?

It absolutely can be—but the effectiveness will depend on the type of email list you buy, its quality and relevance, and how engaged those on the list might be. Keep in mind—you can purchase an enormous email list for a great price, but that does not guarantee any level of engagement. That's where list quality comes in. If you purchase what you know is a high-quality business contact list full of email addresses that are accurate, verified, and targeted to your specific audience, you should have success with your email marketing campaign.


Purchasing an email list for marketing can be highly effective and efficient as long as you're buying a list that is trustworthy and high in quality. With a reliable email list, your business can quickly reach a wider audience of interested sales leads. Just remember to do your homework and purchase your email list from a reputable provider…otherwise, you're rolling the dice.

And once you have your email list, follow the best practices outlined above, use your lists ethically and properly, and reap the rewards of a successful email marketing strategy. If you have any questions about purchasing email lists or how to maximize your email marketing efforts, contact BookYourData today!