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  • 9 Smart Emailing Strategies For 2016

    Photo by Jan Vasek (Jéshoots)Let's peer into our crystal ball and figure out what are some of the most important aspects of email marketing that will come up in 2016. We already can make a fair amount...

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  • Mass Emailing for Startups

    Being a startup founder is hard. There is so much stress in coming up with an innovative product with very, very limited resources. Along with other expenditures, a startup founder must thoughtfully p...

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  • Strategies for Email Marketing

    When it comes to email marketing, the strategies used are really important. The targeting, the technology, using the right templates, and many other aspects should be considered before starting a mark...

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  • Email List Hygiene

    In today's technology-driven world, email marketing is surely one of the most important tools available for marketers. With its precise engagement-tracking ability and its fast, cheap, and easy-to-use...

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  • ​Direct vs Generic Email Addresses in E-Mail Marketing

    Marketers today need to consider and start smart email marketing campaigns. Smart email marketing includes accurately targeting and designing emails to consider customer engagement. In the end, custom...

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  • ​The Importance of B2B email marketing

    Strategy is one of the most important components of any project, but it is especially important for the success of entrepreneurs in the business world. In order to reach a goal, a clear and efficient...

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